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Kevin McHale teaming up with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett would have been as effective as the Bulls with Jordan, Pippen and Rodman and as potent as Magic, Kareem and Worthy. The Miami threesome would take a backdoor to this alliance.

McHale was freak of nature possessing the longest arms in basketball history. He used that reach to elevate and propel his high arching shot over the outreached arms of forwards and centers. NFL lines

McHale had a lethal medium perimeter game and was unstable in the paint. He was a good free shooter and had an aggressive rebounding style. A gift and attribute that would be on show in a Pierce, Garnett and McHale threesome would be his passing ability. Kevin never received the necessary accolade he deserved for his passing ability and instincts.

McHale was unstoppable on offense and defensively was difficult to score upon. He would sneak up on you and raise those long arms and block your shot or take the ball away from you if you were careless. His rebounding would free up Garnett and allow the Center to handle the ball away from the basket more suited to his Minnesota Timberwolves style. NFL betting lines

Rick Pitino would still be in the NBA coaching today if he could have created a time machine that would have fast forwarded McHale to his Boston team. Well, that is what dreams and movies are for. Kevin McHale was a player for the ages one of the best power forwards in NBA history.

Worthy is overlooked and not fully appreciated for his contributions to the Laker showtime express because of the legend of Magic Johnson and Kareem.

Magic without Worthy would not have been as successful. Worthy was a finisher like no other. He had a lighting quick first step to the basket and an explosive lift and jumping ability that allowed him to slam the ball for numerous dunks.

Worthy had a lethal post up game and could dominate the paint when he desired. On the fast break he was the most potent and was able to outrun and leap his opponents to success. Worthy would be equally and maybe more effective in a Kobe and Shaq 2002 tam because he would benefit from the passing skills of Shaq and Derek Fisher. Also, Worthy one on one skills and inside play actually would be more suited for the Kobe team rather than the Showtime Laker team.

Worthy was also one of the best rebounding power forwards in the game, especially offensive rebounding. His ability to follow-up on his or other initial misses would have benefited Shaq and Kobe in 2002.

Worthy, Garnett and Pierce teamed together would have saved Rick Pitino from such an early return to the collegiate game.

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