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Francisco Liriano was probably having the worst day of his career ever with the seventh inning in yesterday’s play going bust. But the Twins didn’t quite mind and they were very happy to take advantage of Liriano’s bad day by pulling out some quick magic of their own. LIriano was in the dug out for around 30 minutes prior to Adrian Beltre leading off the eighth with a clean single, but he just allowd three base runners yesterday and managed to pitch his team far away from the Texas Rangers. Baseball odds

Liriano said “Everything was working for me,”

Liriano was the guy who managed to hold the Chicago White Sox with no hits last month, and was perfect cruising through the 6th innings against the Rangers. He just required 64 more pitches in order to retire the 18 batters.

Liriano said “I felt better today. Way better,” compare it to his no hitter. Baseball spreads

The first Texas player to reach base was Elivis Andrus, Luke Hughes was the rookie thir d baseman, with a fielding error with one of the seventh on play which could have probably been ruled a hit. The Twins then came in and scored a good five times at the bottom half after Matt Harrison the injured  Ranger with is 29 minute inning. When the lefty made a return to the mound he was left behind 3-0 prior to Beltre hitting a hard single left to the center field.

However Liriano still managed to match his season high by striking out a good nine in the eight innings which allowed for two hits with no walk. Ron Gardenhire the manager for the Twins said “We were really worried when he went back out there, but what a performance by him,”

Liriano was the first Twins pitcher to be able to throw nine innings with no hitters during the season. But Dean Chance came close as he too also had a few hitless numbers back in 1967, but the first one was a nine inning game.

After the Harrison was struck on the right of his triceps muscle by a line by Danny Valencia in the seventh inning Mark Lowe the receiver was given some time to warm things up. Later on the Twins sent over 10 of their batters which include Micheal Cuddyer’s great three run homer. Baseball lines

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