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The Oakland Athletics knocked the Chicago White Sox out of the running for the postseason, and did so with an exceptional game of baseball. The future is looking quite bright for Oakland lately. They have been playing quality baseball, and winning a number of important games. The California team holds a promising position in the standings, and is looking to finish their season on a high note.

The Athletics have a few great players, and one of them is definitely Trevor Cahill. This player has now become their first 17-game winner since Mark Mulder. He was the star of the show, as he delivered a very impressive performance. The Athletics have relied on him for a couple of crucial victories, as he tends to come through. Vegas odds.

The White Sox were amongst the top teams in the division following the All Star game, but since then, they have had a lot of bad luck, and bad losses. The team had their worst losing streak since 2007, going eight in a row without a win. It is a strange thing at the same time, since they were doing so well a few weeks ago. Whatever it is that changed, both the A’s and the Twins are very happy as a result of it. Betting lines.

The Athletics will continue to fight for a sturdy finish to 2010. With Cahill at the helm, that goal is a probability. This has been a year of excellent pitching, and Cahill fits right in with the rest of them. Oakland will look to kick-start next season with a strategy built around his pitching. Everything that they have done has been good. They have only failed to capitalize on certain situations. The White Sox will have to come back next year and give it another go as well. Be sure and follow the rest of the season at, home of the best sports betting information on the Internet. Sports scores.

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