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Well, this was a tough one for both teams. The Chicago White Sox managed to get by the Angels, but only just barely. Both teams showed some great fielding. Another factor that contributed to the shutout was the fact that the pitching on both these teams is simply fantastic. The game ended in a low scoring 1-0 for the White Sox. NFL scores.

John Danks pitching for the White Sox seemed to be in a rush to get the game over with. Slamming the ball into the catcher’s glove for a solid six innings, he managed to go without a hit. Giving up a hit in the seventh, Danks regained control of the situation, and finished the game. This was his first shutout, and the Chicago White Sox took the series in a sweep against the Angels. The White Sox, with this victory, have won 22 games out of 27. NFL spreads.

The Sox are certainly at a high point in their season- things haven’t been this good for many teams this year at all. They are simply destroying their opposition; the players are in really synch with each other. Due to an injury that Chicago ace Jake Peavy sustained the other day, he may not be able to play for the rest of the season. Danks stepped up and claimed a victory in his honor. It was a shocker; the pitches this guy was managing were simply perfect. NFL odds.

Chicago got a run off Santana (8-7) in the first, some excellent teamwork drove it home. Paul Konerko brought home the run on a sacrifice fly in which Juan Pierre was able to cross home. This is the kind of play that many teams have been lacking. The teamwork that these guys demonstrate is simply flawless, truly an example of great baseball. Be sure and follow the White Sox as they dominate the rest of the season at, home of the best betting data on the internet.

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