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The Wizards will be facing off against the Celtics in a game on Wednesday that at the moment, looks pretty one sided. The Wizards have been getting hammered this year, and are not doing too well. They have to face the tough Celtics, who are coming in on a very solid record, and are looking to win the game. There is very little chance that the Wizards will win, and the Celtics are looking like the favorites at the moment. Odds.

The Wizards are coming in on a very poor 3-6 record, and have some serious work to do before they are up to par with the Celtics. They have been delivering sloppy performances, and have been pretty weak on the defensive. They are currently allowing 102.9 points per game, and have only been taking 97.2. They are coming in on a one game win streak, and have four major players injured. Their main offensive force has been severely cut down, and they will need to play a perfect game against the Celtics to win. Scores.

The Celtics have been delivering some excellent games this year, and are coming in on a very solid record. They are currently sitting at 8-2, and have been very solid on the defensive. They have been allowing only 95.8 points per game, while managing to take 101.1 points per game. They are coming in on a two game winning streak with some serious momentum behind them. Las Vegas odds.

The game will go to the Celtics, there is such little chance of the Wizards winning, that everyone is looking at Boston’s next game for an entertaining venture. The Wizards will get steamrolled, and there is nothing they can do about it. Be sure and follow up on all the best sports betting information at

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