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As you probably know already, the New York Yankees are missing their star pitcher, Andy Pettitte, but on Wednesday, even without him, the game was a crushing victory. It ended 10-6 after some amazing plays by the Yankees that left no doubt in the minds of millions that they are one of, if not the, strongest teams in the MLB at the moment.

The Yankees started their 2010 season off strong, and are still performing at champion level. They dominate everything they come across, and have some of the most explosive hitting in the game. A perfect example of this is rookie Colin Curtis. He belted a 3 run homer that set the game for his team.

With A-Rod coming up on a legendary record, a whole lineup of great hitters behind him, and some of the best pitchers in the game, these guys are unstoppable. On the road or at home, it doesn’t matter, they simply crush their opposition. With this victory they took a two game split, and are 4-4 against the Angels.  They defeated them last year in the AL playoffs.

Pitching for the Yankees, Javier Vazquez came off ten days rest to shut the opponents down. Backed up by some excellent men in the field, he made quick work for the Angels. He earned his 150th win, becoming the third active pitcher to have defeated all 30 MLB teams.  Apparently, Barry Zito and Jamie Moyer are the only other two at the moment that have done that.

The Yankees are doing very well, they are first in the AL East, and are pushing forward to gain a bigger lead on their competition. With the World Series coming up, they will need every advantage they can get, every team in America wants in on that game, the Yankees will have to beat the best f the bunch for the title. Be sure and follow up at, home of the best betting info on the net.

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