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Matchup Reports

Wednesday at 7:10 PM
COLORADO (63-98) AT ARIZONA (81-80) 
 Starting Pitchers
4.7 / 5.5
4.6 / 4.3
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Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Line
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
COLORADO team trends
 Win/Loss recordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1997  CurrentLast 3   Since 1997
in October games1-1+0.81-4-2.817-24-3.81-11-419-19
when playing on Wednesday12-13+1.138-36+1.4185-202-9.116-942-30183-190
against division opponents27-44-1293-124-40.8486-592-92.439-30113-101507-531
in games played on a grass field63-98-21.6220-269-66.61171-1305-128.184-72246-2301156-1217
in night games48-60+1.2150-178-35.5794-898-82.361-45164-157792-831
against right-handed starters48-63-3.1145-183-48.8878-1003-105.556-51170-150874-936
after a loss37-61-13120-149-29.6623-753-98.149-45130-129638-675
when playing against a team with a winning record28-52-12106-135-21.6587-731-52.847-31123-111601-662
when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season13-29-8.347-78-25.2280-387-52.221-2061-61308-330
in all games63-98-21.6220-269-66.61227-1383-143.184-72246-2301214-1287
when the total is 9 to 9.512-25-11.669-83-28.5309-359-43.621-1480-67308-320
as a road underdog of +175 to +2006-10+1.36-14-2.749-80+10.83-124-1451-70
in road games28-52-10.394-150-44517-785-135.635-44104-133580-661
on the road when the total is 9 to 9.54-12-515-35-18.3170-250-42.27-822-26181-208

ARIZONA team trends
 Win/Loss recordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1997  CurrentLast 3   Since 1997
in all games81-80-10243-250-111229-1241-133.477-77242-2321170-1191
when the total is 9 to 9.534-33-11.1101-89+1.9453-450-29.833-3088-92437-416
as a home favorite of -175 to -2008-8-6.814-11-6.565-40-9.16-913-1152-48
in home games41-39-11.7135-112+0.7666-571-67.839-37117-120619-568
at home when the total is 9 to 9.529-27-1077-60+2.2292-264-27.926-2763-67292-234
in October games1-1-14-6-2.728-30-6.61-14-522-33
when playing on Wednesday11-14-5.235-42-7.4193-186-14.48-1532-41167-199
against division opponents38-33-2.2109-107-1520-520-5232-37100-110501-493
in games played on a grass field81-80-10241-249-13.51182-1187-126.177-77242-2291127-1136
in night games57-57-9.1183-173+5884-860-6854-57172-173808-862
against left-handed starters32-31-5.376-87-19358-355-42.133-2882-76349-337
after a win40-39-4.4125-118+1.7636-586-3336-39116-115572-592
when playing against a team with a losing record48-40-3.6121-109-5.8614-537-48.944-40111-105549-544
when playing against a team with a losing record in the second half of the season22-19-4.870-54+2.5321-269-30.420-1757-58267-290
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
COLORADO - Schedule
 Team StatsOpp Stats
DateTeam StarterOpponentOpp StarterScoreW/LLineTot.O/UHLOBEHLOBE
9/19/2012CHATWOOD(R)@ SAN FRANCISCOCAIN(R)1-7L2057 evO4611480
9/20/2012DE LA ROSA(L)@ SAN FRANCISCOZITO(L)2-9L1508 evO131021461
9/21/2012POMERANZ(L)ARIZONAMILEY(L)5-15L+13010.5 unO128219121
9/22/2012CHACIN(R)ARIZONACORBIN(L)7-8L+11010.5 evO144013120
9/23/2012FRANCIS(L)ARIZONAKENNEDY(R)7-10L+12010.5 unO161101691
9/24/2012CHATWOOD(R)ARIZONACAHILL(R)4-2W+16010.5 ovU1071561
9/25/2012DE LA ROSA(L)CHICAGO CUBSRUSIN(L)10-5W-14510.5 unO1551750
9/26/2012POMERANZ(L)CHICAGO CUBSBERKEN(R)6-0W-14010.5 evU1071581
9/27/2012CHACIN(R)CHICAGO CUBSVOLSTAD(R)7-5W-15010.5 unO122013110
9/28/2012FRANCIS(L)@ LA DODGERSKERSHAW(L)0-8L2307 unO5601260
9/29/2012CHATWOOD(R)@ LA DODGERSBLANTON(R)0-3L1907.5 unU7501080
9/30/2012DE LA ROSA(L)@ LA DODGERSBECKETT(R)1-7L2207.5 ovO91201271
10/1/2012POMERANZ(L)@ ARIZONAMILEY(L)7-5W1859 ovO1390880
10/2/2012CHACIN(R)@ ARIZONACORBIN(L)3-5L1659.5 unU10701171

ARIZONA - Schedule
 Team StatsOpp Stats
DateTeam StarterOpponentOpp StarterScoreW/LLineTot.O/UHLOBEHLOBE
9/19/2012CAHILL(R)SAN DIEGOVOLQUEZ(R)6-2W-1609.5 unU950761
9/20/2012SKAGGS(L)SAN DIEGORICHARD(L)5-6L-1109.5 evO10601191
9/21/2012MILEY(L)@ COLORADOPOMERANZ(L)15-5W-14010.5 unO191211282
9/22/2012CORBIN(L)@ COLORADOCHACIN(R)8-7W-12010.5 evO131201440
9/23/2012KENNEDY(R)@ COLORADOFRANCIS(L)10-7W-13010.5 unO169116110
9/24/2012CAHILL(R)@ COLORADOCHATWOOD(R)2-4L-17010.5 ovU5611071
9/26/2012MILEY(L)@ SAN FRANCISCOCAIN(R)0-6L1456.5 ovU79212123
9/27/2012CORBIN(L)@ SAN FRANCISCOZITO(L)3-7L-1057.5 evO7701240
9/28/2012KENNEDY(R)CHICAGO CUBSWOOD(L)8-3W-1709 unO1060691
9/29/2012CAHILL(R)CHICAGO CUBSGERMANO(R)8-2W-1959.5 unO15110440
9/30/2012COLLMENTER(R)CHICAGO CUBSRUSIN(L)2-7L-1859.5 ovU6731152
10/1/2012MILEY(L)COLORADOPOMERANZ(L)5-7L-2009 ovO8801390
10/2/2012CORBIN(L)COLORADOCHACIN(R)5-3W-1759.5 unU11711070
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
COLORADO - Current Season Performance
 Team RecordsTeamOpponent
All Games63-98-21.684-724.70.2740.3285.50.2910.355
Road Games28-52-10.335-443.40.2400.2904.60.2740.346
vs Right-handed Starters48-63-3.156-514.70.2720.3285.30.2890.349
Past 7 Games3-4-0.14-33.40.2730.3184.70.2860.352
Grass Games63-98-21.684-724.70.2740.3285.50.2910.355
Night Games48-60+1.261-455.10.2820.3365.30.2870.350
COLORADO - Team Hitting and Fielding Statistics
Team BattingTeam BattingTeam Fielding
All Games4.70.2740.328161554215165241660.0371545012011001102151122138118
Road Games3.40.2400.290802715652212660.022541916555552665585259
Righty Starters4.70.2720.328111380510363641150.034953168417176499829386
COLORADO - Bullpen Pitching Statistics
All Games4.551.4536533543306967125358735-30352459.3%
Road Games3.791.440299.41401262952813628017-17211263.6%

ARIZONA - Current Season Performance
 Team RecordsTeamOpponent
All Games81-80-1077-774.60.2590.3264.30.2610.313
Home Games41-39-11.739-374.90.2640.3294.70.2690.319
vs Left-handed Starters32-31-5.333-284.70.2620.3244.50.2690.316
Past 7 Games3-4-2.94-34.40.2580.3245.00.2710.330
Grass Games81-80-1077-774.60.2590.3264.30.2610.313
Night Games57-57-9.254-574.60.2630.3294.30.2620.313
ARIZONA - Team Hitting and Fielding Statistics
Team BattingTeam BattingTeam Fielding
All Games4.60.2590.326161543014095041640.0370953512619011121288914648
Home Games4.90.2640.329802628694264830.033762566233752259437723
Lefty Starters4.70.2620.324632120556210710.032891934474641844275414
ARIZONA - Bullpen Pitching Statistics
All Games3.291.233464.71941704224015142517-20391967.2%
Home Games3.811.30524311310323525822116-719579.2%
Starting Pitcher Season to Date Performance
JEFF FRANCIS recent results and season statistics
JEFF FRANCIS - Season Statistics in Games Started
 Starter StatisticsTeam Records
All Starts5.751.4915-7231084.7706914014217312-11+5.113-9
Road Starts4.581.4182-311555.0282865813406-5+3.95-6
Last 3 Starts6.231.4620-23134.399171260-3-33-0
JEFF FRANCIS - Recent Starts
DateOpponentScoreLine TotalResultDecIPRERHHRBBSOOpp Starter
9/28/2012at LA DODGERS0-8+2307Loss,OverL4556113KERSHAW(L)
9/23/2012ARIZONA7-10+12010.5Loss,Over 4225000KENNEDY(R)
9/18/2012at SAN FRANCISCO3-6+1607Loss,OverL5226013LINCECUM(R)

IAN KENNEDY recent results and season statistics
IAN KENNEDY - Season Statistics in Games Started
 Starter StatisticsTeam Records
All Starts4.161.31615-1132201.36.39993210285517918-14+1.516-12
Home Starts4.381.3068-31490.36.54444941524849-5+1.48-4
Last 3 Starts3.661.5252-0319.76.68820110173-0+32-1
IAN KENNEDY - Recent Starts
DateOpponentScoreLine TotalResultDecIPRERHHRBBSOOpp Starter
9/28/2012CHICAGO CUBS8-3-1709Win,OverW5.7334165WOOD(L)
9/23/2012at COLORADO10-7-13010.5Win,Over 6449026FRANCIS(L)
9/18/2012SAN DIEGO3-2-1559.5Win,UnderW8117026STULTS(L)
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
Games over the last 3 seasons
ARIZONA is 32-21 (+11.9 Units) against COLORADO over the last 3 seasons
28 of 52 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+1.4 Units)
Games this season
ARIZONA is 10-7 (+0.3 Units) against COLORADO this season
8 of 16 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL this season . (Over=-0.4 Units, Under=-1.0 Units)

All games at ARIZONA over the last 3 seasons
ARIZONA is 19-7 (+10.9 Units) against COLORADO over the last 3 seasons
16 of 25 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+6.0 Units)
Games played at ARIZONA this season.
ARIZONA is 5-3 (-0.2 Units) against COLORADO this season
5 of 7 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL this season . (Under=+2.8 Units)

 Team StatsStarting Pitcher Stats
10/2/2012COLORADO3+165 Under100170CHACIN(R) 5032
 ARIZONA5-1759.5 unWin112071CORBIN(L) 7161
10/1/2012COLORADO7+185  131090POMERANZ(L) 5232
 ARIZONA5-2009 ovOver83080MILEY(L) 7.7360
9/24/2012ARIZONA2-170 Under51061CAHILL(R)L6291
 COLORADO4+16010.5 ovWin101071CHATWOOD(R)W5.7232
9/23/2012ARIZONA10-130  161091KENNEDY(R) 6492
 COLORADO7+12010.5 unOver1600110FRANCIS(L) 4250
9/22/2012ARIZONA8-120  1300120CORBIN(L) 3590
 COLORADO7+11010.5 evOver142040CHACIN(R) 4372
9/21/2012ARIZONA15-140  1923121MILEY(L)W65100
 COLORADO5+13010.5 unOver120082POMERANZ(L) 3445
Pitcher Versus Team Past History
FRANCIS is 9-7 when starting against ARIZONA with an ERA of 4.52 and a WHIP of 1.372.
His team's record is 12-11 (+1.5 units) in these starts. The UNDER is 13-10. (+1.2 units)
JEFF FRANCIS recent starts vs. ARIZONA
DateOpponentScoreLine TotalResultDecIPRERHHRBBSOOpp Starter
9/23/2012ARIZONA7-10+12010.5Loss,Over 4225000KENNEDY(R)
7/25/2012at ARIZONA4-2+1809Win,UnderW6225214CAHILL(R)

KENNEDY is 3-1 when starting against COLORADO with an ERA of 3.00 and a WHIP of 1.303.
His team's record is 9-2 (+8.0 units) in these starts. The OVER is 5-5. (-0.3 units)
IAN KENNEDY recent starts vs. COLORADO
DateOpponentScoreLine TotalResultDecIPRERHHRBBSOOpp Starter
9/23/2012at COLORADO10-7-13010.5Win,Over 6449026FRANCIS(L)
Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
As indicated by the movement of the line, the betting public is favoring Nobody in this game.
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in COLORADO games 0% of the time since 1997. (0-1022, -70.3 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in COLORADO games 50.1% of the time over the last 3 seasons. (201-200, -40.9 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in ARIZONA games 52.2% of the time since 1997. (1024-937, -6.0 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in ARIZONA games 54.7% of the time over the last 3 seasons. (223-185, +25.4 units)
No Edge.
The betting public is favoring nothing on the total in this game.
The betting public is correct when moving the total in COLORADO games 51.2% of the time since 1997. (844-806, -74.0 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the total in COLORADO games 52.4% of the time over the last 3 seasons. (141-128, +0.6 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the total in ARIZONA games 51.3% of the time since 1997. (754-716, -62.5 units)
The betting public is correct when moving the total in ARIZONA games 47.4% of the time over the last 3 seasons. (109-121, -25.6 units)
No Edge.
Key Player Injuries
[SS] 09/08/2012 - Troy Tulowitzki 15-day DL (5/31), out for season ( Groin )
[P] 06/03/2012 - Juan Nicasio 60-day DL (6/2) ( Knee )
[P] 08/01/2012 - Christian Friedrich 15-day DL (8/4), out for season ( Back )
[P] 08/05/2012 - Jonathan Sanchez 15-day DL (8/4) ( Bicep )
[1B] 08/06/2012 - Todd Helton 60-day DL (8/6), out for season ( Hip )
[P] 08/11/2012 - Edger Escalona 15-day DL (8/11) ( Elbow )
[RF] 08/18/2012 - Michael Cuddyer 15-day DL (8/19) ( Oblique )
[LF] 08/22/2012 - Eric Young 15-day DL (8/20) ( Oblique )
[C] 09/11/2012 - Ramon Hernandez out for season ( Hamstring )
[LF] 09/24/2012 - Carlos Gonzalez out indefinitely ( Hamstring )
[1B] 09/25/2012 - Jason Giambi out for season ( Hernia )
[P] 06/28/2012 - Daniel Hudson 60-day DL (6/26), out for season ( Elbow )
[C] 08/07/2012 - Henry Blanco 60-day DL (8/6) ( Thumb )
[SS] 09/03/2012 - Willie Bloomquist out for season ( Back )
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