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Matchup Reports

 Offensive StatisticsDefensive Statistics
2.7 / 2.8
3.0 / 2.5
Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Rating Line
TeamsGoaliesRatingEstimated LineEdge
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
PHOENIX - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games13-16-3.5106-106-4.2626-646-22.115-1295-97595-599
after 3 or more consecutive unders0-0019-9+8.480-73+60-012-1377-61
revenging a loss versus opponent4-6-2.248-50-0.9138-166-25-437-48137-140
after allowing 4 goals or more8-3+5.931-34-3.4203-232-28.66-530-29209-201
after a loss by 2 goals or more in their previous game5-3+2.322-25-2.6172-197-21.54-423-23191-165
after scoring 1 goal or less in their previous game2-4-2.229-17+13.2153-150+7.13-218-27146-142
after playing 3 consecutive road games1-1-0.410-14-5.286-91-15.72-012-1088-80
after 3 or more consecutive losses0-0010-7+2.768-62+13.70-08-863-60
when playing against a team with a winning record6-7-0.565-59+13.3289-344-0.17-653-59293-294
when playing against a team with a winning record in the first half of the season6-7-0.528-27+3.7138-133+27.47-626-22122-127
in a road game where where the total is 5 or less2-7-518-25-2.9125-134+8.63-415-18116-107
second half of the season13-16-3.571-66+1.6338-386-56.115-1261-65352-326
in March games4-5-1.119-20-3.594-123-30.74-514-2297-108
on Tuesday nights2-0+2.619-17+1.786-94-4.92-014-1986-87
when playing on back-to-back days1-4-3.214-20-5.595-111-5.24-118-13113-88
vs. division opponents6-6+0.331-34-2.6196-200+10.27-529-33177-194
after a division game6-5+0.931-31-3.4185-200-14.65-529-29188-180

LOS ANGELES - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games16-12+2119-98+1.2625-660-57.713-1074-116553-647
in a home game where where the total is 5 or less11-3+6.644-31-2.2135-113-2.47-528-37101-111
after shutting out their opponent in their previous game0-0010-13-6.940-59-260-07-1540-52
after a win by 2 goals or more9-3+5.244-26+11.9151-175-37.24-626-37138-166
after scoring 4 goals or more in their previous game8-2+5.240-30+2.7180-205-32.34-524-37178-186
when playing against a team with a losing record13-5+746-37-4.2297-263-27.77-922-52248-287
when playing against a team with a losing record in the first half of the season13-5+730-21+2.8145-139-26.97-914-32134-135
second half of the season16-12+279-63+1.8356-368-24.913-1053-73303-371
in March games6-4+1.325-14+7.1101-118-23.68-221-1591-121
on Tuesday nights3-2+0.818-9+8.594-83+14.53-211-1483-87
when playing on back-to-back days3-1+2.414-18-4.492-108-32-115-1385-99
vs. division opponents4-4-0.834-32-3184-213-27.17-130-30178-189
after a division game6-1+536-29+3.1200-194+2.74-225-31184-191
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
PHOENIX - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games13-16-0-3.513-16-3.515-122.730.32.828.5
Team Stats (Road Games)3-10-0-6.63-10-6.65-61.828.92.930.8
Last 5 Games2-3-0-1.12-3-1.11-41.428.82.227.2
vs. Division6-6-0+0.36-6+0.37-52.630.72.828.2
PHOENIX Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)2977162532458788.8%1061615.1%126
Team Stats (Road Games)1323498223766.1%51611.8%35
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)57331001444.9%1417.1%11
Team Stats (vs. Division)123151310333698.4%46817.4%46
Stats Against (All Games) 82203127458269.9%1031817.5%138
Stats Against (Road Games) 3871018354019.5%46817.4%63
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 11145111368.1%23521.7%18
Stats Against (vs. Division) 34811141333910.0%441125.0%56
PHOENIX - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
BRENT JOHNSON (All Games)22424095.2%11-1-0.31-1-000-2
CHAD JOHNSON (All Games)00000.0%00-000-0-000-0
CHAD JOHNSON (Road Games)00000.0%00-000-0-000-0
CHAD JOHNSON (vs. Division)00000.0%00-000-0-000-0
JASON LABARBERA (All Games)7313212292.4%10-3-30-3-0-32-1
JASON LABARBERA (Road Games)32645992.2%10-2-20-2-0-21-1
JASON LABARBERA (vs. Division)43958690.5%10-3-30-3-0-32-1
JASON LABARBERA (Last 4 Games)41454497.8%10-1-10-1-0-10-1
MIKE SMITH (All Games)242465058590.0%512-12-0.212-12-0+113-9
MIKE SMITH (Road Games)111133530791.6%33-8-4.63-8-0-44-5
MIKE SMITH (vs. Division)9924222090.9%16-3+3.36-3-0+35-4
MIKE SMITH (Last 4 Games)441089991.7%21-3-2.11-3-0-21-3

LOS ANGELES - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games16-12-0+1.916-12+1.913-
Team Stats (Home Games)11-3-0+6.611-3+6.67-53.625.12.121.6
Last 5 Games3-2-0+13-2+13-23.429.02.425.6
vs. Division4-4-0-0.84-4-0.87-13.630.73.426.2
LOS ANGELES Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)28852031331480810.5%1032120.4%148
Team Stats (Home Games)14501315211335214.2%481122.9%86
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)5175660114511.7%16637.5%31
Team Stats (vs. Division)82961490124611.8%26830.8%55
Stats Against (All Games) 712525192468410.4%1072119.6%117
Stats Against (Home Games) 291198123029.6%48714.6%47
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 12354001289.4%16425.0%19
Stats Against (vs. Division) 2771190221012.9%281139.3%43
LOS ANGELES - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
JONATHAN BERNIER (All Games)9717916491.6%07-0+7.47-0-0+73-3
JONATHAN BERNIER (Home Games)55958791.6%05-0+55-0-0+53-2
JONATHAN BERNIER (vs. Division)31575087.7%01-0+11-0-0+11-0
JONATHAN BERNIER (Last 4 Games)43635688.9%03-0+33-0-0+33-0
JONATHAN QUICK (All Games)222150245089.6%29-12-5.49-12-0-510-7
JONATHAN QUICK (Home Games)10920618790.8%16-3+1.66-3-0+14-3
JONATHAN QUICK (vs. Division)7715113388.1%13-4-1.83-4-0-26-1
JONATHAN QUICK (Last 4 Games)44928390.2%12-202-2-002-2
Average power rating of opponents played: PHOENIX 3.29,  LOS ANGELES 3.03
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
PHOENIX - Schedule
2/23/2013at EDMONTON2-3L0, -135L5 ovP
2/24/2013at CALGARY4-5L0, -110L5.5 unO
2/26/2013at VANCOUVER4-2W0, +160W5 ovO
2/28/2013MINNESOTA3-4L0, -135L5 unO
3/2/2013ANAHEIM5-4W0, -120W5 ovO
3/4/2013ANAHEIM5-4W0, -120W5 ovO
3/6/2013at ANAHEIM0-2L0, +135L5.5 unU
3/7/2013ST LOUIS3-6L0, +100L5 ovO
3/9/2013DALLAS2-1W0, -140W5.5 unU
3/12/2013LOS ANGELES5-2W0, -120W5 ovO
3/14/2013at ST LOUIS0-3L0, +115L5 ovU
3/16/2013at COLUMBUS0-1L0, -110L5 ovU
3/18/2013at LOS ANGELES0-4L0, +160L5 ovU
3/19/2013at LOS ANGELES 
3/27/2013at MINNESOTA 
3/28/2013at NASHVILLE 
3/30/2013at SAN JOSE 

LOS ANGELES - Schedule
2/20/2013at CALGARY3-1W0, +100W5.5 unU
2/23/2013COLORADO4-1W0, -180W5 evP
2/25/2013ANAHEIM5-2W0, -150W5 ovO
2/27/2013DETROIT2-1W0, -150W5 ovU
3/2/2013at VANCOUVER2-5L0, +105L5 unO
3/4/2013NASHVILLE5-1W0, -135W5 unO
3/5/2013ST LOUIS6-4W0, -135W5 unO
3/7/2013DALLAS2-5L0, -165L5 ovO
3/9/2013CALGARY6-2W0, -210W5 ovO
3/11/2013CALGARY3-1W0, -205W5 ovU
3/12/2013at PHOENIX2-5L0, +100L5 ovO
3/14/2013at SAN JOSE3-4L0, +100L5 evO
3/16/2013SAN JOSE5-2W0, -150W5 ovO
3/18/2013PHOENIX4-0W0, -180W5 ovU
3/25/2013at CHICAGO 
3/28/2013at ST LOUIS 
3/30/2013at MINNESOTA 
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
All games in this series since 1996
PHOENIX is 53-42 (+10.2 Units) against the spread versus LOS ANGELES since 1996
PHOENIX is 50-41-6 straight up against LOS ANGELES since 1996
47 of 89 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Under=+2.2 Units)
Games over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 12-8 (+1.7 Units) against the spread versus PHOENIX over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 12-8-0 straight up against PHOENIX over the last 3 seasons
9 of 18 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Over=-1.6 Units, Under=-0.1 Units)

All games played at LOS ANGELES since 1996
PHOENIX is 24-23 (+6.1 Units) against the spread versus LOS ANGELES since 1996
LOS ANGELES is 23-21-4 straight up against PHOENIX since 1996
25 of 44 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Under=+5.6 Units)
Games played at LOS ANGELES over the last 3 seasons.
LOS ANGELES is 6-3 (+1.2 Units) against the spread versus PHOENIX over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 6-3-0 straight up against PHOENIX over the last 3 seasons
7 of 8 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+6.5 Units)

 Team StatisticsGoalie Statistics
DateTeamsScoreLineTotalResultShotsASTPwr PlayStarterShotsSaves
3/18/2013PHOENIX00, +160  Under2704-0SMITH2218
 LOS ANGELES40, -1805 ovSU ATS2986-2QUICK2727
3/12/2013LOS ANGELES20, +100  Over3345-2QUICK2924
 PHOENIX50, -1205 ovSU ATS2973-1SMITH3331
1/26/2013LOS ANGELES40, -135 SU ATS3164-0QUICK3331
 PHOENIX20, +1155 ov Over3336-1LABARBERA3127
5/22/2012LOS ANGELES40, -135 SU ATS5184-0QUICK4138
 PHOENIX30, +1154.5 ov Over4156-1SMITH5147
5/20/2012PHOENIX20, +170 SU ATS2123-1SMITH3636
 LOS ANGELES00, -2004.5 ov Under3606-0QUICK2119
5/17/2012PHOENIX10, +170  Under1921-0SMITH2826
 LOS ANGELES20, -2004.5 ovSU ATS2845-0QUICK1918
5/15/2012LOS ANGELES40, -120 SU ATS4088-2QUICK2424
 PHOENIX00, +1004.5 ov Under2404-0SMITH4036
5/13/2012LOS ANGELES40, -120 SU ATS4884-0QUICK2725
 PHOENIX20, +1004.5 ov Over2735-0SMITH4744
2/21/2012LOS ANGELES40, -105  Over2983-1QUICK2925
 PHOENIX50, -1155 unSU ATS2977-3SMITH2925
2/16/2012PHOENIX10, +115 SU ATS2125-1SMITH2828
 LOS ANGELES00, -1355 un Under2803-0QUICK2120
1/5/2012PHOENIX00, +130  Under2201-0SMITH2827
 LOS ANGELES10, -1505 ovSU ATS2821-0QUICK2222
12/26/2011PHOENIX30, +130  Over2942-0LABARBERA2925
 LOS ANGELES40, -1505 ovSU ATS3573-0QUICK2926
Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
Key Player Injuries
[RW] 03/01/2013 - Radim Vrbata out indefinitely ( Lower Body )
[D] 03/18/2013 - Zbynek Michalek "?" Tuesday vs. Los Angeles ( Lower Body )
[D] 01/22/2013 - Matt Greene out indefinitely ( Back )
[D] 01/24/2013 - Willie Mitchell out indefinitely ( Knee )
[GO] 03/19/2013 - Jonathan Quick is not expected to be in the starting lineup Tuesday vs. Phoenix ( Rest )
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NBAChicago vs Memphis5:05 PM PST
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NBAOklahoma City vs LA Lakers7:35 PM PST
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England - Premier LeagueMAN CITY vs. CRYSTAL04:45 AM PST
France - Ligue 2A AVIGNON vs. TROYES05:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2S BRESTOIS vs. AJACCIO05:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AJACCIO vs. CRETEIL05:00 AM PST
Greece - Super LeaguePANTHRAKIKOS vs. VEROIA05:00 AM PST
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Germany - BundesligaB LEVERKUSEN vs. E FRANKFURT06:30 AM PST
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England - Premier LeagueHULL vs. SWANSEA07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueQPR vs. WEST BROM07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSOUTHAMPTON vs. EVERTON07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueTOTTENHAM vs. BURNLEY07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueWEST HAM vs. LEICESTER07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipBLACKBURN vs. CHARLTON07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipHUDDERSFIELD vs. BIRMINGHAM07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipWIGAN vs. ROTHERHAM07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipCARDIFF vs. BRENTFORD07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipREADING vs. WATFORD07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipWOLVERHAMPTON vs. B & H ALBION07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipFULHAM vs. SHEFFIELD WED07:00 AM PST
England - ChampionshipIPSWICH vs. MIDDLESBROUGH07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierALFRETON vs. MACCLESFIELD07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierALTRINCHAM vs. DOVER ATH07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierBARNET vs. CHESTER07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierBRAINTREE vs. TORQUAY UTD07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierHALIFAX vs. NUNEATON07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierWELLING UTD vs. ALDERSHOT07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierWOKING vs. SOUTHPORT07:00 AM PST
England - Conference PremierWREXHAM vs. DARTFORD07:00 AM PST
England - League OneSHEFFIELD UTD vs. WALSALL07:00 AM PST
England - League TwoWIMBLEDON vs. MANSFIELD07:00 AM PST
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Scotland - PremierPARTICK THISTLE vs. DUNDEE07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierST JOHNSTONE vs. INVERNESS07:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierST MIRREN vs. MOTHERWELL07:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaBARCELONA vs. CORDOBA07:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionGIRONA vs. ALAVES07:00 AM PST
Greece - Super LeaguePLATANIAS vs. OFI KRETA07:15 AM PST
College FootballNevada vs UL - Lafayette08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1PSG vs. MONTPELLIER08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueH HAIFA vs. H AKKO08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueH IRONI K SHMONA vs. ASHDOD08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionPONFERRADINA vs. MALLORCA08:00 AM PST
Intl FIFA Club World CupCRUZ AZUL vs. AUCKLAND08:30 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueH PETACH TIKVA vs. H RAANANA08:30 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueH BNEI SAKHNIN vs. M HAIFA08:45 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASASSUOLO vs. CESENA09:00 AM PST
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Wales -Premier LeagueNEW SAINTS vs. BALA TOWN09:00 AM PST
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Germany - BundesligaWOLFSBURG vs. KÖLN09:30 AM PST
Greece - Super LeagueAEL KALLONI vs. O PIRAEUS09:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieC LEEUWARDEN vs. PEC ZWOLLE09:30 AM PST
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Holland - EredivisieDORDRECHT vs. GRONINGEN10:45 AM PST
Holland - EredivisiePSV vs. GO A EAGLES10:45 AM PST
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France - Ligue 1LORIENT vs. NANTES11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1METZ vs. MONACO11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1S RENNES vs. S DE REIMS11:00 AM PST
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Italy - Serie AROMA vs. MILAN11:45 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionNUMANCIA vs. LUGO12:00 PM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaESTORIL vs. V GUIMARAES12:15 PM PST
College FootballUtah vs Colorado State12:30 PM PST
NFLEagles vs Redskins1:30 PM PST
College FootballWestern Michigan vs Air Force2:45 PM PST
UFCV Miranda vs J Collier4:00 PM PST
UFCM Alexandre Jr vs T Means4:25 PM PST
UFCL Issa vs Y Sasaki5:05 PM PST
NFLChargers vs 49ers5:25 PM PST
UFCH Dias vs D Elkins5:30 PM PST
UFCR Carneiro vs T Niinimaki5:55 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionHEREDIANO vs. SAPRISSA6:00 PM PST
College FootballSouth Alabama vs Bowling Green6:15 PM PST
UFCI Pokrajac vs M Rogerio De Lima6:25 PM PST
UFCA Dos Santos Jr vs D Sarafian7:05 PM PST
UFCM Rhodes vs E Silva7:30 PM PST
UFCE Silverio vs R Magomedov7:55 PM PST
UFCA Carlos Junior vs P Cummins8:20 PM PST
UFCCB Dollaway vs L Machida9:15 PM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionBETIS vs. RACING03:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionALBACETE vs. LLAGOSTERA03:15 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieV ARNHEM vs. HERACLES03:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie AHELLAS vs. CHIEVO03:30 AM PST
Scotland - PremierDUNDEE UTD vs. CELTIC04:15 AM PST
France - Ligue 1O MARSEILLE vs. LILLE05:00 AM PST
Greece - Super LeaguePANIONIOS vs. ATROMITOS05:00 AM PST
Wales -Premier LeaguePRESTATYN vs. BANGOR05:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueNEWCASTLE vs. SUNDERLAND05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieNAC BREDA vs. FEYENOORD05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieEXCELSIOR vs. AJAX05:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie AATALANTA vs. PALERMO06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AFIORENTINA vs. EMPOLI06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASAMPDORIA vs. UDINESE06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ATORINO vs. GENOA06:00 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaHERTHA BERLIN vs. HOFFENHEIM06:30 AM PST
Greece - Super LeagueA TRIPOLIS vs. S XANTHI07:15 AM PST
Greece - Super LeagueERGOTELIS vs. GIANNINA07:15 AM PST
Greece - Super LeagueNIKI VOLOU vs. PANAITOLIKOS07:15 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieTWENTE vs. WILLEM II07:45 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueLIVERPOOL vs. ARSENAL08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1ST ETIENNE vs. EVIAN08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaACAD DE COIMBRA vs. PENAFIEL08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaAROUCA vs. MARITIMO08:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaMOREIRENSE vs. BOAVISTA08:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGRANADA vs. GETAFE08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionSP GIJON vs. ALCORCON08:00 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaFREIBURG vs. HANNOVER08:30 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaBENFICA vs. GIL VICENTE09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionLEGANES vs. RECREATIVO09:15 AM PST
Greece - Super LeagueLEVADIAKOS vs. P THESSALONIKI09:30 AM PST
NFLVikings vs Dolphins10:00 AM PST
NFLRavens vs Texans10:00 AM PST
NFLLions vs Bears10:00 AM PST
NFLBrowns vs Panthers10:00 AM PST
NFLFalcons vs Saints10:00 AM PST
NFLPackers vs Buccaneers10:00 AM PST
NFLChiefs vs Steelers10:00 AM PST
NFLPatriots vs Jets10:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaELCHE vs. MALAGA10:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionVALLADOLID vs. BARCELONA B10:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionU DEP LAS PALMAS vs. OSASUNA10:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueM TEL AVIV vs. M PETACH TIKVA10:15 AM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaJ WILSTERMANN vs. NAC POTOSI11:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaNAC MADEIRA vs. SPORTING11:15 AM PST
Italy - Serie AINTER vs. LAZIO11:45 AM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaBLOOMING vs. BOLIVAR12:00 PM PST
France - Ligue 1G BORDEAUX vs. O LYONNAIS12:00 PM PST
Peru - PrimeraSP CRISTAL vs. JUAN AURICH12:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaATH BILBAO vs. ATL MADRID12:00 PM PST
NFLGiants vs Rams1:05 PM PST
NFLBills vs Raiders1:25 PM PST
NFLColts vs Cowboys1:25 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIIND SANTA FE vs. IND MEDELLIN2:30 PM PST
Ecuador - Serie AEMELEC vs. BARCELONA5:00 PM PST
NFLSeahawks vs Cardinals5:30 PM PST
Italy - SupercoppaJUVENTUS vs. NAPOLI09:00 AM PST
Greece - Super LeaguePANATHINAIKOS vs. AOK KERKYRA09:30 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueB JERUSALEM vs. H BEER SHEVA10:55 AM PST
College FootballBYU vs Memphis11:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSP BRAGA vs. P FERREIRA11:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueSTOKE vs. CHELSEA12:00 PM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaRIO AVE vs. BELENENSES1:00 PM PST
NFLBroncos vs Bengals5:30 PM PST
College FootballNorthern Illinois vs Marshall3:00 PM PST
College FootballNavy vs San Diego State6:30 PM PST
College FootballCentral Michigan vs Western Kentucky09:00 AM PST
College FootballFresno State vs Rice5:00 PM PST
College FootballIllinois vs Louisiana Tech10:00 AM PST
College FootballRutgers vs North Carolina1:30 PM PST
College FootballNC State vs Central Florida5:00 PM PST
College FootballVirginia Tech vs Cincinnati10:00 AM PST
College FootballDuke vs Arizona State11:00 AM PST
College FootballMiami Florida vs South Carolina12:30 PM PST
College FootballPenn State vs Boston College1:30 PM PST
College FootballNebraska vs USC5:00 PM PST
College FootballWest Virginia vs Texas A&M11:00 AM PST
College FootballClemson vs Oklahoma2:30 PM PST
College FootballTexas vs Arkansas6:00 PM PST
College FootballNotre Dame vs LSU12:00 PM PST
College FootballLouisville vs Georgia3:30 PM PST
College FootballMaryland vs Stanford7:00 PM PST
College FootballMississippi vs TCU09:30 AM PST
College FootballBoise State vs Arizona1:00 PM PST
College FootballGeorgia Tech vs Mississippi State5:00 PM PST
College FootballWisconsin vs Auburn09:00 AM PST
College FootballMichigan State vs Baylor09:30 AM PST
College FootballMinnesota vs Missouri10:00 AM PST
College FootballFlorida State vs Oregon2:00 PM PST
College FootballOhio State vs Alabama5:30 PM PST
College FootballPittsburgh vs Houston09:00 AM PST
College FootballIowa vs Tennessee12:20 PM PST
College FootballUCLA vs Kansas State3:45 PM PST
College FootballOklahoma State vs Washington7:15 PM PST
College FootballEast Carolina vs Florida09:00 AM PST
College FootballToledo vs Arkansas State6:00 PM PST