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Matchup Reports

 Offensive StatisticsDefensive Statistics
3.1 / 2.4
2.3 / 3.2
Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Rating Line
TeamsGoaliesRatingEstimated LineEdge
SAN JOSENIEMI3.30, -146 
CALGARYRAMO2.60, +146 
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
SAN JOSE - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games34-20+1.585-67-11.9756-638-41.623-2664-78609-681
in a road game where where the total is 5.513-9+124-19-1.2156-139-3.813-920-23133-171
in January games9-5+2.118-10+4.4110-91-7.83-108-1988-107
second half of the season9-5+2.141-37-7.4428-375-33.33-1028-44349-389
when playing on back-to-back days4-1+2.810-9-0.8127-87+35.53-29-9100-105
vs. division opponents13-7+2.928-23-4232-204-34.97-1019-28179-213
after a division game12-7-0.830-20+0.8226-203-449-1020-28183-211
after 3 or more consecutive unders5-4-0.813-10-2.390-80-184-49-1280-78
after a loss by 2 goals or more in their previous game3-4-4.812-14-10.6170-153-11.74-314-12152-143
after scoring 1 goal or less in their previous game5-4-2.814-15-8.6146-146-33.82-611-17138-136
when playing against a team with a losing record11-8-6.132-28-16.8322-249-466-1223-34244-291
when playing against a team with a losing record in the second half of the season5-2+1.912-17-14.8160-124-25.40-79-18120-145

CALGARY - Recent ATS Trends
 ATS Win/Loss RecordOver/Under
 Current YearLast 3 YearsSince 1996  CurrentLast 3   Since 1996
in all games19-34-7.756-79-15.4639-659-60.924-2754-64573-632
in a home game where where the total is 5.59-16-5.920-22-3.1168-150-26.69-1617-25153-176
in January games5-8-0.810-15-2.397-102-7.86-610-13102-86
second half of the season5-8-0.824-32-5.9343-352-32.86-621-22319-320
vs. division opponents5-12-420-21+3.1207-185+8.35-1014-20169-188
revenging a loss versus opponent11-15+1.830-39-0.7144-152-20.412-1329-32116-152
after allowing 4 goals or more9-12+2.419-24+1.1192-199-168-1118-20187-177
after scoring 4 goals or more in their previous game3-7-310-20-9.8168-182-27.35-58-19149-175
after playing 3 consecutive home games3-4+0.98-11-0.399-95-0.43-47-990-90
after a 3 game unbeaten streak0-003-4-1.370-71-17.50-00-457-72
when playing against a team with a winning record7-20-7.323-42-10.7297-337-15.411-1624-34277-304
when playing against a team with a winning record in the second half of the season1-3-1.37-13-4.2151-180-16.81-35-9144-153
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
SAN JOSE - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games34-20-0+1.534-20+1.523-
Team Stats (Road Games)15-14-0-3.615-14-3.614-132.734.22.728.3
Last 5 Games3-2-0-0.13-2-0.10-41.434.61.622.6
vs. Division13-7-0+2.913-7+2.97-102.934.52.328.0
SAN JOSE Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)54165565543111319048.7%1973618.3%288
Team Stats (Road Games)2979272323669918.0%981717.3%138
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)57231101734.0%1218.3%12
Team Stats (vs. Division)2059212211566908.6%811417.3%100
Stats Against (All Games) 1292949456715058.6%1402316.4%217
Stats Against (Road Games) 79123826348229.6%651523.1%133
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 8422001137.1%1218.3%14
Stats Against (vs. Division) 47131616215608.4%581017.2%77
SAN JOSE - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
ANTTI NIEMI (All Games)45451204109991.3%127-18-2.827-18-0-221-19
ANTTI NIEMI (Road Games)232362956890.3%110-13-7.410-13-0-712-9
ANTTI NIEMI (vs. Division)171747042991.3%111-6+2.311-6-0+27-7
ANTTI NIEMI (Last 4 Games)441019089.1%13-1+1.33-1-0+11-2
ALEX STALOCK (All Games)13929928294.3%17-2+4.47-2-0+42-7
ALEX STALOCK (Road Games)9619117792.7%05-1+3.85-1-0+32-4
ALEX STALOCK (vs. Division)53908594.4%02-1+0.62-1-0+10-3
ALEX STALOCK (Last 4 Games)441009797.0%13-1+23-1-0+20-4

CALGARY - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games19-34-0-7.719-34-7.724-272.326.63.229.3
Team Stats (Home Games)10-17-0-6.310-17-6.310-162.426.93.127.4
Last 5 Games3-2-0+23-2+22-23.428.43.230.0
vs. Division5-12-0-3.95-12-3.95-
CALGARY Team Statistics
 Scoring    Shots On GoalPower Plays 
Team Stats (All Games)531242843449814108.8%1682414.3%208
Team Stats (Home Games)2764132224577268.8%811316.0%107
Team Stats (Last 5 Games)5176542514212.0%13430.8%25
Team Stats (vs. Division)173581412104278.2%48714.6%57
Stats Against (All Games) 169495261710155310.9%1683319.6%299
Stats Against (Home Games) 832523323474111.2%78911.5%144
Stats Against (Last 5 Games) 165731115010.7%9222.2%30
Stats Against (vs. Division) 531613213551110.4%541120.4%92
CALGARY - Goalie Statistics
 Goalie StatisticsTeam's record in starts
RETO BERRA (All Games)232264357489.3%26-16-86-16-0-79-12
RETO BERRA (Home Games)151437133088.9%03-11-83-11-0-75-8
RETO BERRA (vs. Division)7721419390.2%11-6-51-6-0-42-4
RETO BERRA (Last 4 Games)43867486.0%01-2-0.31-2-002-1
JOEY MACDONALD (All Games)7719217088.5%03-4-0.13-4-004-3
JOEY MACDONALD (Home Games)441069387.7%02-2+0.22-2-002-2
JOEY MACDONALD (vs. Division)33827186.6%00-3-30-3-0-32-1
JOEY MACDONALD (Last 4 Games)44978587.6%01-3-21-3-0-22-2
KARRI RAMO (All Games)272471264490.4%010-14+0.410-14-0011-12
KARRI RAMO (Home Games)11926123690.4%05-4+1.55-4-0+13-6
KARRI RAMO (vs. Division)8721219692.5%04-3+4.14-3-0+31-5
KARRI RAMO (Last 4 Games)43807290.0%02-1+1.22-1-0+11-2
Average power rating of opponents played: SAN JOSE 3.14,  CALGARY 3.19
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
SAN JOSE - Schedule
1/4/2014at COLORADO3-4L0, -135L5.5 unO
1/5/2014at CHICAGO3-2W0, +145W5.5 ovU
1/7/2014at NASHVILLE2-3L0, -140L5.5 evU
1/9/2014DETROIT4-1W0, -180W5.5 unU
1/11/2014BOSTON0-1L0, -145L5.5 unU
1/14/2014at WASHINGTON2-1W0, -140W5.5 unU
1/16/2014at FLORIDA3-0W0, -150W5.5 unU
1/18/2014at TAMPA BAY5-4W0, -115W5.5 unO
1/20/2014CALGARY3-2W0, -270W5.5 unU
1/23/2014WINNIPEG1-0W0, -200W5.5 evU
1/25/2014MINNESOTA3-2W0, -210W5 unP
1/27/2014LOS ANGELES0-1L0, -145L5 unU
1/29/2014at EDMONTON0-3L0, -170L5.5 unU
1/30/2014at CALGARY 

CALGARY - Schedule
1/3/2014TAMPA BAY0-2L0, +125L5.5 unU
1/6/2014at COLORADO4-3W0, +165W5.5 unO
1/7/2014at PHOENIX0-6L0, +165L5.5 ovO
1/9/2014ST LOUIS0-5L0, +165L5.5 unU
1/11/2014PITTSBURGH1-2L0, +165L5.5 unU
1/13/2014at CAROLINA2-0W0, +160W5.5 unU
1/14/2014at NASHVILLE2-4L0, +165L5.5 unO
1/16/2014WINNIPEG2-5L0, +105L5.5 unO
1/18/2014at VANCOUVER2-3L0, +185L5 ovP
1/20/2014at SAN JOSE2-3L0, +230L5.5 unU
1/22/2014PHOENIX3-2W0, +125W5.5 unU
1/24/2014NASHVILLE5-4W0, +100W5 ovO
1/28/2014CHICAGO5-4W0, +170W5.5 unO
1/30/2014SAN JOSE 
2/4/2014at MONTREAL 
2/6/2014at NY ISLANDERS 
2/8/2014at PHILADELPHIA 
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
All games in this series since 1996
SAN JOSE is 42-33-7 straight up against CALGARY since 1996
39 of 70 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Over=+6.8 Units)
Games over the last 3 seasons
SAN JOSE is 7-3 (+2.8 Units) against the spread versus CALGARY over the last 3 seasons
SAN JOSE is 7-3-0 straight up against CALGARY over the last 3 seasons
5 of 7 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+3.1 Units)

All games played at CALGARY since 1996
CALGARY is 20-17-4 straight up against SAN JOSE since 1996
17 of 32 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL since 1996. (Under=+0.6 Units)
Games played at CALGARY over the last 3 seasons.
SAN JOSE is 3-2 (+0.8 Units) against the spread versus CALGARY over the last 3 seasons
SAN JOSE is 3-2-0 straight up against CALGARY over the last 3 seasons
2 of 2 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons . (Under=+2.1 Units)

 Team StatisticsGoalie Statistics
DateTeamsScoreLineTotalResultShotsASTPwr PlayStarterShotsSaves
1/20/2014CALGARY20, +230  Under2340-0RAMO2724
 SAN JOSE30, -2705.5 unSU ATS2761-1NIEMI2321
11/12/2013SAN JOSE30, -170 SU ATS3562-1STALOCK1311
 CALGARY20, +1505.5 ov Under1322-1BERRA3532
10/19/2013CALGARY30, +245  Over1956-1RAMO3530
 SAN JOSE60, -2855.5 ovSU ATS36129-3NIEMI1916
4/5/2013CALGARY10, +240  Under2412-1KIPRUSOFF4139
 SAN JOSE20, -2755.5 unSU ATS4143-0NIEMI2423
3/6/2013SAN JOSE10, +110  3314-0GREISS2522
 CALGARY40, -1305 ovSU ATS2673-0KIPRUSOFF3332
1/20/2013SAN JOSE40, -135 SU ATS2986-2NIEMI3231
 CALGARY10, +1155 ov 3223-1KIPRUSOFF2925
Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
Key Player Injuries
[C] 01/30/2014 - Tyler Kennedy "?" Thursday vs. Calgary ( Undisclosed )
[C] 01/07/2014 - Logan Couture expected to miss 3-4 weeks ( Hand )
[C] 12/20/2013 - Tomas Hertl expected to miss a month ( Knee )
[RW] 10/02/2013 - Adam Burish out indefinitely ( Back )
[LW] 09/26/2013 - Raffi Torres out 3-5 months ( Knee )
[C] 01/30/2014 - Michael Cammalleri is downgraded to expected to miss Thursday vs. San Jose ( Concussion )
[LW] 12/23/2013 - Curtis Glencross expected to miss 6-8 weeks ( Ankle )
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