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Matchup Reports

Mid-American - EAST Conference Standings
KENT ST23-120.65717-1258.6%66.162.912-411-8
BOWLING GREEN21-120.63620-969.0%66.562.911-610-6
MIAMI OHIO13-190.40613-1546.4%66.369.610-73-12
OHIO U10-200.33310-1737.0%67.672.28-72-13
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No significant injuries.
Game LOG for the 2015 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense
DateOpponentLine OUScoreSUATSOUFG%FT%3PT%FG%FT%3PT%
03/20W VIRGINIA+4.514962-68LLUn45.5%64.0%37.5%44.9%70.4%31.2%
03/14C MICHIGAN-314689-84WWOv49.2%63.3%45.5%50.0%81.8%36.4%
03/06vs BOWLING GREEN-6.5137.577-75WLOv42.4%57.1%45.8%42.6%69.6%46.7%
03/03vs OHIO U-14146.593-66WWOv49.3%73.3%43.5%41.1%100.0%44.4%
02/28at KENT ST-2137.571-65WWUn50.0%73.3%44.4%37.7%78.9%18.2%
02/24vs AKRON-6.514467-62WLUn33.3%68.8%23.1%43.1%70.0%26.3%
02/21at BOWLING GREEN+1.513468-56WWUn35.7%82.6%52.9%40.0%66.7%20.0%
02/18at E MICHIGAN-1.514178-63WWP44.7%65.9%53.8%35.9%52.9%29.6%
02/14vs C MICHIGAN-5.5153.574-75LLUn43.9%75.0%27.3%50.0%70.8%33.3%
02/10vs TOLEDO-514688-92LLOv49.3%85.0%25.0%63.5%77.8%85.7%
02/07at AKRON+2.514072-75LLOv45.9%85.7%23.5%46.3%57.7%41.7%
02/04at BALL ST-613682-78WLOv45.8%74.2%31.2%43.4%69.7%36.0%
01/30vs KENT ST-6.513380-55WWOv48.4%80.0%36.4%34.0%61.5%23.8%
01/27vs W MICHIGAN-8147.577-71WLOv46.3%81.2%10.5%48.2%75.0%38.1%
01/24at OHIO U-2.514761-63LLUn35.9%84.6%18.2%41.5%81.2%31.6%
01/21at C MICHIGAN+2.5150.573-84LLOv47.5%47.1%33.3%53.6%53.3%55.2%
01/17vs MIAMI OHIO-13.514577-68WLP44.6%71.1%0.0%37.1%87.5%33.3%
01/14vs N ILLINOIS-9.513182-63WWOv50.0%64.3%35.3%38.5%60.0%22.2%
01/10at W MICHIGAN+2142.568-78LLOv33.3%74.3%25.0%46.4%62.1%32.0%
01/07at MIAMI OHIO-6.513379-72WWOv46.2%78.1%35.3%45.9%42.1%33.3%
01/03vs CORNELL-11133.592-73WWOv50.9%76.7%50.0%43.5%69.2%37.0%
12/30at BINGHAMTONPKNL76-50WW42.1%67.9%37.5%34.6%64.3%25.0%
12/28at WISCONSIN+22.5134.556-68LWUn35.2%72.2%55.6%42.4%92.3%30.0%
12/19vs NIAGARA-13.5NL88-62WW50.0%75.0%53.8%35.8%55.6%42.9%
12/16vs DREXEL-7NL80-70WW46.3%63.2%33.3%44.8%73.7%23.5%
12/07at ROBERT MORRISPKNL74-59WW43.9%73.1%33.3%47.9%64.3%20.0%
12/03at ST BONAVENTURE+2.5NL63-72LL38.6%84.6%34.8%46.6%50.0%35.7%
11/25at GRAND CANYONPKNL80-64WW51.9%65.4%41.2%32.2%69.0%30.0%
11/18at TX-ARLINGTON+3.5NL74-68WW38.9%77.4%34.8%38.8%46.7%29.0%
11/16at KENTUCKY+32.5144.552-71LWUn34.8%76.2%33.3%41.0%65.2%30.0%
11/14vs S DAKOTA ST-3.5NL69-67WL32.4%80.0%11.1%40.0%48.3%27.8%
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BASEBALL 4/5/2015 - 6/4/2015
RK Team
Cleveland Cavaliers
Cleveland Cavaliers
Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta Hawks
Washington Nationals
MLBNY Mets vs Pirates4:05 PM PST
MLBPhillies vs Nationals4:05 PM PST
MLBRangers vs NY Yankees4:05 PM PST
MLBMariners vs Blue Jays4:05 PM PST
MLBAstros vs Tigers4:05 PM PST
MLBReds vs Indians4:05 PM PST
MLBLA Angels vs Red Sox4:10 PM PST
MLBAthletics vs TB Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBOrioles vs Marlins4:10 PM PST
MLBBrewers vs Braves4:35 PM PST
NHL - PlayoffsNY Rangers at TB Lightning5:00 PM PST
MLBSF Giants vs Rockies5:10 PM PST
MLBTwins vs White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBCardinals vs KC Royals5:10 PM PST
NBACavaliers vs Hawks5:30 PM PST
MLBCubs vs Diamondbacks6:40 PM PST
MLBSD Padres vs LA Dodgers7:10 PM PST
MLBRangers vs Yankees10:05 AM PST
MLBMariners vs Blue Jays10:05 AM PST
MLBMets vs Pirates1:05 PM PST
MLBPhillies vs Nationals1:05 PM PST
MLBAstros vs Tigers1:05 PM PST
MLBReds vs Indians1:05 PM PST
MLBBrewers vs Braves1:10 PM PST
MLBGiants vs Rockies1:10 PM PST
MLBTwins vs White Sox1:10 PM PST
MLBAthletics vs Rays1:10 PM PST
UFCM Pyle vs C Covington3:30 PM PST
UFCLeo Kuntz vs Islam Makhachev3:30 PM PST
UFCJ Sampo vs J Scoggins3:30 PM PST
MLBAngels vs Red Sox4:15 PM PST
MLBOrioles vs Marlins4:15 PM PST
MLBCardinals vs Royals4:15 PM PST
UFCZ Makovsky vs J Dodson5:00 PM PST
UFCJ Burkman vs D Hyun Kim5:00 PM PST
UFCR Natal vs U Hall5:00 PM PST
UFCN Ansaroff vs R Namajunas5:00 PM PST
NHL - PlayoffsDucks at Blackhawks5:00 PM PST
NBAWarriors vs Rockets6:00 PM PST
MLBGiants vs Rockies6:10 PM PST
UFCA Johnson vs D Cormier7:00 PM PST
UFCV Belfort vs C Weidman7:00 PM PST
UFCJ Makdessi vs D Cerrone7:00 PM PST
UFCA Arlovski vs T Browne7:00 PM PST
UFCJ Moraga vs J Benavidez7:00 PM PST
MLBCubs vs Diamondbacks7:10 PM PST
MLBPadres vs Dodgers7:10 PM PST