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Matchup Reports

Ohio Valley Conference Standings
MURRAY ST29-60.82915-1550.0%79.067.615-114-5
E KENTUCKY21-120.63611-1739.3%71.963.613-48-8
E ILLINOIS18-150.54518-1358.1%63.564.79-59-10
MOREHEAD ST17-170.50018-1162.1%71.166.37-610-11
SE MISSOURI ST13-170.4339-1537.5%69.668.89-54-12
SIU EDWARDSVL12-160.42913-1154.2%68.267.311-31-13
JACKSONVILLE ST12-190.38711-1247.8%62.568.611-31-16
TENNESSEE TECH11-190.3679-1242.9%70.469.810-41-15
AUSTIN PEAY8-220.26710-1540.0%64.672.66-72-15
TENNESSEE ST5-260.16112-1250.0%57.868.15-80-18
Upcoming Games
No games scheduled
No significant injuries.
Game LOG for the 2015 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense
DateOpponentLine OUScoreSUATSOUFG%FT%3PT%FG%FT%3PT%
02/28at E KENTUCKY+11139.567-70LWUn39.0%64.7%41.7%51.0%78.9%27.8%
02/26at MOREHEAD ST+7.5143.573-86LLOv44.0%78.8%23.1%52.8%89.7%22.2%
02/21vs BELMONT+2.514682-88LLOv49.2%75.0%33.3%65.3%58.3%47.6%
02/16at E TENN ST+5.5142.579-87LLOv51.8%65.0%50.0%50.0%81.0%37.0%
02/14at JACKSONVILLE ST-2.5131.568-82LLOv41.8%69.2%36.4%47.3%82.1%36.8%
02/12vs TENNESSEE ST-11130.571-52WWUn43.1%66.7%36.8%35.4%60.9%25.0%
02/07vs JACKSONVILLE ST-7131.572-59WWUn39.0%69.7%16.7%36.2%67.6%16.7%
01/31at BELMONT+915053-71LLUn36.2%55.6%35.3%50.0%85.7%42.3%
01/29at TENNESSEE ST-713256-64LLUn39.2%56.2%26.9%49.0%47.6%66.7%
01/24vs E KENTUCKY+313683-81WWOv54.4%52.4%50.0%50.9%60.0%41.4%
01/22vs MOREHEAD ST-1134.574-78LLOv50.0%76.0%38.5%46.2%87.1%21.4%
01/17at SE MISSOURI ST+4136.561-65LPUn40.4%69.2%30.0%39.6%53.6%33.3%
01/15vs TENN-MARTIN-2.513760-63LLUn46.3%50.0%27.3%40.0%81.8%43.5%
01/10vs AUSTIN PEAY-5.513972-56WWUn41.7%87.5%40.0%38.3%60.0%50.0%
01/08vs MURRAY ST+614467-83LLOv37.3%60.0%44.4%44.8%60.0%38.1%
01/03at SIU EDWARDSVL+2138.562-85LLOv37.9%65.2%23.1%56.9%65.5%72.7%
01/01at E ILLINOIS+2.513059-61LWUn36.8%70.0%20.0%41.5%47.4%38.1%
12/29vs N FLORIDANLNL87-84W46.4%81.8%27.8%50.8%60.0%43.5%
12/22at MISSOURI-KCPKNL81-60WW58.8%57.1%45.5%35.1%58.6%14.3%
12/19at TENNESSEE+1313558-61LWUn46.0%66.7%38.1%44.0%66.7%45.5%
12/15at N FLORIDAPKNL79-80LL50.8%75.0%33.3%45.5%55.6%37.0%
12/13at ALABAMA+15.5NL53-65LW34.6%60.0%33.3%43.6%71.4%42.9%
12/07vs HIWASSEE COLLNLNL87-48W47.0%67.9%31.6%29.2%85.7%28.6%
12/03vs LIPSCOMBNLNL84-79W47.6%76.0%25.0%50.0%50.0%41.7%
11/30at TULANE+7.5NL68-73LW45.6%68.8%27.8%53.4%71.4%33.3%
11/26at SE LOUISIANAPKNL65-86LL41.9%69.2%26.7%51.8%77.3%42.3%
11/24vs SE LOUISIANANLNL81-62W53.6%72.2%40.0%39.7%82.4%10.5%
11/22vs UT-CHATTANOOGA-4NL69-67WL44.4%69.2%21.4%48.0%63.6%33.3%
11/17at USC+9NL58-70LL33.8%61.1%5.6%44.7%70.6%40.0%
11/14vs PIEDMONT INTERNLNL83-29W45.8%56.5%26.7%15.1%75.0%16.0%
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BASEBALL 6/5/2015 - 8/12/2015
RK Team
Washington Nationals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Houston Astros
Washington Nationals
Kansas City Royals
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainGASQUET, RICHARD vs. KYRGIOS, NICK03:30 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainPOSPISIL, VASEK vs. TROICKI, VIKTOR03:30 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainVANDEWEGHE, COCO vs. SAFAROVA, LUCIE03:30 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainGOVORTSOVA, OLGA vs. KEYS, MADISON03:30 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainBACSINSZKY, TIMEA vs. NICULESCU, MONICA04:50 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainRADWANSKA, AGNIESZKA vs. JANKOVIC, JELENA04:50 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainAZARENKA, VICTORIA vs. BENCIC, BELINDA05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainWOZNIACKI, CAROLINE vs. MUGURUZA, GARBINE05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainSHARAPOVA, MARIA vs. DIYAS, ZARINA05:00 AM PST
WTA - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainWILLIAMS, SERENA vs. WILLIAMS, VENUS05:00 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainCILIC, MARIN vs. KUDLA, DENIS06:10 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great Britain, DoublesBRYAN B / BRYAN M vs. PAVIC M / VENUS M06:10 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainWAWRINKA, STANISLAS vs. GOFFIN, DAVID06:20 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainKARLOVIC, IVO vs. MURRAY, ANDY06:20 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainBERDYCH, TOMAS vs. SIMON, GILLES06:20 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great Britain, DoublesMURRAY J / PEERS J vs. POSPISIL V / SOCK J06:20 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainDJOKOVIC, NOVAK vs. ANDERSON, KEVIN07:50 AM PST
ATP - Wimbledon, London, Great BritainBAUTISTA-AGUT, ROBERTO vs. FEDERER, ROGER07:50 AM PST
MLBReds vs Nationals4:05 PM PST
MLBPadres vs Pirates4:05 PM PST
MLBAstros vs Indians4:10 PM PST
MLBCardinals vs Cubs5:05 PM PST
MLBBraves vs Brewers5:10 PM PST
MLBOrioles vs Twins5:10 PM PST
MLBRays vs Royals5:10 PM PST
MLBBlue Jays vs White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBPhillies vs Dodgers7:10 PM PST
MLBTigers vs Mariners7:10 PM PST
MLBMets vs Giants7:15 PM PST
UFCN Seery vs L Smolka4:00 PM PST
UFCC Pfister vs Y Cedeno4:00 PM PST
UFCTim Means vs M Brown5:00 PM PST
UFCJ Howard vs Cathal Pendred5:00 PM PST
UFCM Swick vs A Garcia5:00 PM PST
UFCH Briones vs C Garbrandt5:00 PM PST
UFCC McGregor vs C Mendes7:00 PM PST
UFCR Lawler vs R MacDonald7:00 PM PST
UFCJ Stephens vs D BERMUDEZ7:00 PM PST
UFCG Nelson vs B Thatch7:00 PM PST
UFCB Pickett vs Thomas Almeida7:00 PM PST