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Saturday at 12:00 PM
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 Offensive StatisticsDefensive Statistics
43.0 / 17.2
37.5 / 22.0
Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Rating
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
CLEMSON - Recent ATS Trends
 Against the spreadOver/UnderStraight Up
 CurrentLast 3   Since 1992CurrentLast 3   Since 1992CurrentLast 3   Since 1992
as a favorite of 10.5 to 21 points0-05-219-270-14-414-161-08-038-10
in all games2-119-11124-1192-115-1475-934-025-6160-103
in all lined games2-119-11124-1192-115-1475-934-025-6144-103
as a favorite1-114-1072-871-113-1051-593-021-4113-48
as a road favorite0-04-222-290-13-418-211-05-233-20
as a road favorite of 10.5 to 14 points0-02-04-50-11-21-61-03-08-3
in road games0-06-352-470-14-631-361-06-449-52
in road lined games0-06-352-470-14-631-361-06-449-52
against conference opponents1-014-493-771-19-1050-602-016-3101-71
when playing on a Saturday2-117-10113-1022-014-1168-703-022-5149-84
when playing with 6 or less days rest0-112-993-830-010-953-541-016-5112-73
after playing a conference game1-011-784-811-08-1047-591-013-5104-67
in dome games0-02-04-40-00-20-90-02-04-5
in games played on turf0-04-011-70-01-34-120-04-010-9
in October games0-07-139-400-03-518-300-07-149-34
off a win against a conference rival1-010-551-471-07-833-321-011-458-42
after 2 or more consecutive straight up wins1-012-443-381-18-826-322-014-356-30
in weeks 5 through 91-09-144-451-05-522-331-09-156-37

SYRACUSE - Recent ATS Trends
 Against the spreadOver/UnderStraight Up
 CurrentLast 3   Since 1992CurrentLast 3   Since 1992CurrentLast 3   Since 1992
as an underdog of 10.5 to 21 points0-11-216-271-03-016-230-11-27-36
in all games3-113-16126-1213-118-980-972-215-14134-121
in all lined games3-113-16126-1213-118-980-972-215-14129-121
as an underdog1-17-953-661-111-551-610-25-1129-92
as a home underdog of 10.5 to 14 points0-01-05-40-01-04-50-01-03-6
in home games2-07-767-562-09-442-432-010-479-51
in home lined games2-07-767-562-09-442-432-010-474-51
against conference opponents0-05-966-780-08-540-590-06-871-75
when playing on a Saturday3-19-14112-1073-114-869-842-210-13118-109
when playing with 2 weeks or more of rest0-01-121-210-00-211-190-01-124-18
after a bye week0-02-223-240-01-312-220-03-127-20
in dome games2-07-867-582-010-443-432-011-481-52
in games played on turf3-010-1189-812-113-754-642-112-9103-75
in October games0-03-535-400-04-416-330-05-342-35
after 2 or more consecutive straight up wins0-02-328-360-02-219-190-02-339-28
when playing against a team with a winning record1-04-549-571-04-535-541-04-543-66
in weeks 5 through 90-03-543-410-04-422-350-05-348-38
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
CLEMSON - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games4-0+22-13-143.026.7491.7(5.9)0.517.210.5346.5(5.1)2.2
Road Games1-0+10-00-126.013.0415.0(5.4)
Last 3 Games3-0+11-12-144.728.7500.0(5.9)0.311.37.0280.3(4.2)2.3
Conference Games2-0+11-01-141.024.0494.0(6.2)
CLEMSON - Current Season Statistics
Offense (All Games)43.026.724.528:3744-179(4.1)26-3868.8%312(8.1)83-492(5.9)(11.4)
Opponents Defensive Avg.31.820.72128:2338-146(3.8)24-3864.2%256(6.7)76-402(5.3)(12.7)
Offense Road Games26.013.022.027:1140-171(4.3)24-3764.9%244(6.6)77-415(5.4)(16)
Defense (All Games)17.210.516.231:2238-133(3.5)17-2958.5%213(7.2)68-346(5.1)(20.1)
Opponents Offensive Avg.26151932:3743-153(3.5)17-2859.5%239(8.5)71-392(5.5)(15.1)
Defense Road Games14.07.018.032:4936-165(4.6)20-3754.1%213(5.8)73-378(5.2)(27)

SYRACUSE - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
All Games2-2-13-13-137.522.2423.5(5.5)1.722.014.2337.7(5)2.2
Home Games2-0+12-02-053.039.5500.0(6.5)
Last 3 Games2-102-13-044.328.7478.0(6.2)1.321.717.0332.7(5)1.7
Dome Games2-0+12-02-053.039.5500.0(6.5)
SYRACUSE - Current Season Statistics
Offense (All Games)37.522.223.029:1241-161(3.9)23-3664.3%262(7.3)77-423(5.5)(11.3)
Opponents Defensive Avg.29.5172130:1338-146(3.8)23-3860.9%271(7.2)76-417(5.5)(14.1)
Offense Home Games53.039.526.030:1346-220(4.7)23-3077.0%279(9.2)77-500(6.5)(9.4)
Defense (All Games)
Opponents Offensive Avg.25.912.117.530:4740-160(4)16-2855.4%182(6.5)68-342(5.1)(13.2)
Defense Home Games8.58.511.529:4629-87(2.9)14-3047.5%121(4)60-208(3.5)(24.5)
Average power rating of opponents played: CLEMSON 27.8,  SYRACUSE 27.8
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
CLEMSON - Season Results
 Team StatsOpp Stats
9/7/2013S CAROLINA ST52-13W-52.5L -44-18336-51-329146-8610-22-1553
9/19/2013@ NC STATE26-14W-12T65.5U40-17124-37-244036-16520-37-2132
9/28/2013WAKE FOREST56-7W-28.5W58.5O47-16628-36-407031-6019-30-1622
10/5/2013@ SYRACUSE            
10/12/2013BOSTON COLLEGE            
10/19/2013FLORIDA ST            
10/26/2013@ MARYLAND            
11/2/2013@ VIRGINIA            

SYRACUSE - Season Results
 Team StatsOpp Stats
8/31/2013*PENN ST17-23L7.5W51U37-7116-37-189338-5723-32-2964
9/7/2013@ NORTHWESTERN27-48L17L54.5O34-13329-45-301444-20630-37-3750
10/12/2013@ NC STATE            
10/19/2013@ GEORGIA TECH            
11/2/2013WAKE FOREST            
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
All games in this series since 1992
SYRACUSE is 1-0 against the spread versus CLEMSON since 1992
SYRACUSE is 1-0 straight up against CLEMSON since 1992
1 of 1 games in this series have gone UNDER THE TOTAL since 1992
Games over the last 3 seasons
There were no past matchups in this series during this time period.

All games played at SYRACUSE since 1992
There were no past matchups in this series during this time period.
Games played at SYRACUSE over the last 3 seasons.
There were no past matchups in this series during this time period.

Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
As indicated by the movement of the line, the betting public is favoring Nobody in this game
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in CLEMSON games 47.6% of the time since 1992. (100-110)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in CLEMSON games 48% of the time over the past 3 seasons. (12-13)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in SYRACUSE games 51.1% of the time since 1992. (115-110)
The betting public is correct when moving the money line in SYRACUSE games 40.7% of the time over the past 3 seasons. (11-16)
No Edge.
No total has been posted for this game.
Key Player Injuries
[OL] 09/29/2013 - Joe Gore "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Knee )
[LB] 09/29/2013 - B.J. Goodson "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Concussion )
[DB] 09/29/2013 - Mackensie Alexander "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Groin )
[OL] 09/29/2013 - Isaiah Battle "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Suspension )
[OL] 09/29/2013 - Gifford Timothy "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Concussion )
[DL] 09/29/2013 - Carlos Watkins "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Personal )
[DL] 09/29/2013 - Dane Rogers "?" Saturday vs. Syracuse ( Personal )
[LB] 09/24/2013 - Kellen Jones out for season ( ACL )
[DT] 09/12/2013 - Scott Pagano out for season ( ACL )
[WR] 09/11/2013 - Charone Peake out for season ( ACL )
[Backup RB] 09/04/2013 - Tyshon Dye out indefinitely ( Back )
[DB] 09/29/2013 - Brandon Reddish "?" Saturday vs. Clemson ( Leg )
[PK] 09/23/2013 - Ross Krautman out for season ( Hip )
[WR] 09/06/2013 - Adrian Flemming out for season ( Leg )
[WR] 08/26/2013 - Macauley Hill out for season ( Lower Body )
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