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Game log for the 2015 Season  -- Last 20 GamesView all YTD
07/29Natvs NY YANKEESLEWIS COLBY+15593WinUnder
07/28Natvs NY YANKEESPEREZ MARTIN+1109.5-16LossOver
07/27Natvs NY YANKEESHARRISON MATT+10510-4LossUnder
07/26Natat LA ANGELSMARTINEZ NICK+1757.5-6LossOver
07/25Natat LA ANGELSGALLARDO YOVANI+1407.51WinOver
07/24Natat LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY+13082WinUnder
07/22Natat COLORADOPEREZ MARTIN+14510.52WinOver
07/21Natat COLORADOHARRISON MATT+12011.59WinUnder
07/20Natat COLORADOMARTINEZ NICK+14510.5-1LossOver
07/19Natat HOUSTONGALLARDO YOVANI+1707-10LossOver
07/18Natat HOUSTONLEWIS COLBY+1208.51WinOver
07/17Natat HOUSTONPEREZ MARTIN+1358-1LossUnder
07/12Natvs SAN DIEGOGALLARDO YOVANI-1359-1LossUnder
07/11Natvs SAN DIEGOLEWIS COLBY-1159-1LossOver
07/10Natvs SAN DIEGORODRIGUEZ WANDY-1259.51WinUnder
07/08Natvs ARIZONAHARRISON MATT-1109.5-3LossOver
07/07Natvs ARIZONAGALLARDO YOVANI-1308.5-2LossUnder
07/05Natvs LA ANGELSLEWIS COLBY+1159.5-6LossOver
07/04Natvs LA ANGELSRODRIGUEZ WANDY+1109-13LossOver
07/03Natvs LA ANGELSGONZALEZ CHI CHI+1259.5-6LossOver
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BASEBALL 6/5/2015 - 8/12/2015
RK Team
Washington Nationals
Chicago White Sox
St Louis Cardinals
Minnesota Twins
Chicago Cubs
MLBBraves vs Phillies4:05 PM PST
MLBTigers vs Orioles4:05 PM PST
MLBRoyals vs Blue Jays4:05 PM PST
MLBPirates vs Reds4:10 PM PST
MLBPadres vs Marlins4:10 PM PST
MLBNationals vs Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBT Rays vs Red Sox4:10 PM PST
MLBGiants vs Rangers5:05 PM PST
MLBCubs vs Brewers5:10 PM PST
MLBYankees vs White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBMariners vs Twins5:10 PM PST
MLBDiamondbacks vs Astros5:10 PM PST
MLBRockies vs Cardinals5:15 PM PST
MLBIndians vs Athletics6:35 PM PST
MLBAngels vs Dodgers7:10 PM PST
UFCG Cannetti vs H Viana4:00 PM PST
UFCV Miranda vs C Hester4:25 PM PST
UFCL Issa vs Iuri Alcantara5:05 PM PST
UFCNordine Taleb vs W Alves5:25 PM PST
UFCR Cavalcante vs Patrick Cummins5:45 PM PST
UFCN Magny vs D Maia6:20 PM PST
UFCJ Aguilar vs C Gadelha7:00 PM PST
UFCA Silva vs S Palelei7:20 PM PST
UFCA Rodrigo Nogueira vs S Struve7:45 PM PST
UFCReginaldo Vieira vs Dileno Lopes8:10 PM PST
UFCGlaico Franca vs Fernando Bruno8:35 PM PST
UFCA Rogerio Nogueira vs M Rua9:00 PM PST
UFCB Correia vs R Rousey9:30 PM PST