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GOLDEN STATE79-150.84048-43-352.7%116.2104.042-537-10
LA CLIPPERS54-350.60742-46-147.7%107.8103.930-1524-20
LA LAKERS26-560.31737-43-246.2%104.6111.517-249-32
No significant injuries.
Game LOG for the 2017 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense
DateOpponentLine OUScoreSUATSOUFG%FT%3PT%FG%FT%3PT%
04/12at LA CLIPPERS+17.520995-115LLOv49.4%71.4%45.5%51.8%76.0%35.7%
04/11vs PHOENIX-4219.5129-104WWOv51.8%79.1%47.4%37.6%58.3%26.7%
04/09vs HOUSTON+9225.5128-135LWOv50.0%83.3%29.0%56.2%87.1%41.9%
04/07at LA LAKERS+2.521794-98LLUn50.7%76.9%40.0%44.2%72.0%16.7%
04/04vs DALLAS+2.5197.598-87WWUn45.0%82.4%54.5%40.0%78.6%27.9%
04/01at MINNESOTA+12.5207.5123-117WWOv56.4%72.7%57.9%44.8%78.9%36.0%
03/31at NEW ORLEANS+11.520889-117LLUn39.3%76.5%31.6%48.4%78.9%30.3%
03/29vs UTAH+7.5195.582-112LLUn45.3%66.7%13.3%53.2%78.9%40.6%
03/27vs MEMPHIS+719891-90WWUn46.3%76.7%24.0%34.4%79.3%19.2%
03/26at LA CLIPPERS+12.521098-97WWUn45.2%69.2%46.4%41.0%82.1%34.5%
03/24at GOLDEN STATE+18.5214100-114LWP48.2%76.9%47.6%49.4%88.9%32.3%
03/22vs MILWAUKEE+5.5202.598-116LLOv48.8%60.0%38.5%53.1%73.7%45.7%
03/19at SAN ANTONIO+15202102-118LLOv49.4%76.5%70.0%49.4%77.8%39.3%
03/18at OKLAHOMA CITY+1321294-110LLUn41.2%82.6%23.8%50.0%72.0%38.5%
03/15at PHOENIX+4.5218107-101WWUn48.1%73.5%42.9%40.2%64.3%24.0%
03/13vs ORLANDO+1.5206120-115WWOv53.7%76.2%53.3%46.4%100.0%38.2%
03/11vs DENVER+521792-105LLUn43.9%60.0%34.8%47.1%88.9%26.5%
03/10vs WASHINGTON+8214.5122-130LPOv47.8%78.6%54.5%50.0%89.5%34.6%
03/08at SAN ANTONIO+11195104-114LWOv48.8%81.2%36.8%50.0%76.2%48.3%
03/06at DENVER+10.521696-108LLUn43.4%85.7%37.5%49.3%75.0%43.3%
03/05vs UTAH+10191.5109-110LWOv51.8%75.0%47.1%45.6%66.7%30.3%
03/01vs BROOKLYN-2.5216100-109LLUn43.2%86.4%50.0%45.9%83.3%39.3%
02/27vs MINNESOTA+421088-102LLUn43.9%66.7%35.3%42.1%70.0%34.8%
02/25vs CHARLOTTE+420885-99LLUn39.2%80.0%39.3%40.0%94.4%36.8%
02/23vs DENVER+6.5222116-100WWUn52.3%89.5%50.0%44.3%71.4%34.3%
02/15at GOLDEN STATE+19225.586-109LLUn37.1%76.5%29.2%48.8%66.7%36.1%
02/14at LA LAKERS+2.521897-96WWUn49.3%72.0%29.2%45.8%53.3%41.4%
02/12vs NEW ORLEANS-4213105-99WWUn44.9%88.9%35.5%41.5%85.7%41.9%
02/10vs ATLANTA+1.5209108-107WWOv47.5%66.7%50.0%50.7%77.4%36.7%
02/08vs BOSTON+8.5212.5108-92WWUn50.0%93.3%40.0%39.7%88.9%31.2%
02/06vs CHICAGO-4.5206107-112LLOv51.9%87.5%39.3%53.1%64.5%31.6%
02/04vs GOLDEN STATE+14.5224.5109-106WWUn48.9%84.2%30.4%41.4%79.2%34.1%
02/03vs PHOENIX-4218103-105LLUn44.7%77.3%37.0%41.6%82.9%41.4%
01/31at HOUSTON+12225.583-105LLUn34.9%57.7%27.6%44.7%68.2%31.1%
01/30at PHILADELPHIA-3207.5119-122LLOv55.4%82.8%44.8%54.2%80.8%35.5%
01/28at CHARLOTTE+7204109-106WWOv51.9%61.5%40.7%48.0%91.7%32.4%
01/27at INDIANA+4211.5111-115LPOv49.3%77.8%50.0%48.7%87.9%35.7%
01/25at CLEVELAND+11216.5116-112WWOv45.3%86.4%35.5%48.8%50.0%39.5%
01/23at DETROIT+7205.5109-104WWOv48.8%76.9%42.9%50.0%70.6%35.7%
01/21at CHICAGO+6.5205.599-102LWUn44.0%76.2%34.6%41.0%84.8%35.3%
01/20at MEMPHIS+8199.591-107LLUn40.8%71.9%20.7%45.8%80.0%39.3%
01/18vs INDIANA-2214100-106LLUn48.6%77.8%42.9%52.0%84.0%33.3%
01/15vs OKLAHOMA CITY+1.5213.5118-122LLOv45.7%87.5%37.5%44.4%80.5%32.1%
01/13vs CLEVELAND+6.5215108-120LLOv52.5%78.9%36.0%50.6%77.3%40.5%
01/10vs DETROIT-3206100-94WWUn43.2%79.3%54.2%43.9%62.5%44.4%
01/08vs GOLDEN STATE+11.5225.5106-117LWUn48.6%79.3%39.3%50.6%85.0%34.5%
01/06vs LA CLIPPERS+2.521298-106LLUn41.4%77.3%30.0%46.4%71.4%41.9%
01/04vs MIAMI-7.5204102-107LLOv51.3%82.4%40.0%48.6%86.2%42.9%
01/03at DENVER+4214.5120-113WWOv52.3%94.4%37.9%49.4%100.0%47.4%
12/31vs MEMPHIS+2195.598-112LLOv43.1%89.3%39.3%50.6%77.8%48.6%
12/28at PORTLAND+220689-102LLUn39.2%78.3%32.1%47.3%90.9%48.0%
12/26vs PHILADELPHIA-8.5206102-100WLUn44.8%81.0%28.0%49.4%72.2%36.0%
12/23at MINNESOTA+4.5206.5109-105WWOv52.5%71.4%51.7%45.6%80.8%37.5%
12/21at UTAH+819494-93WWUn45.9%66.7%47.6%44.6%81.8%33.3%
12/20vs PORTLAND+1216.5126-121WWOv55.6%83.7%43.5%51.2%72.5%14.8%
12/18at DALLASPK19379-99LLUn39.5%64.7%25.8%44.2%81.8%39.4%
12/16at MEMPHIS+519396-92WWUn38.8%73.0%29.2%37.7%80.6%20.0%
12/14at HOUSTON+13.521398-132LLOv42.4%81.8%34.4%58.8%62.5%52.4%
12/12vs LA LAKERS-9217116-92WWUn56.0%57.1%41.7%39.3%76.2%43.5%
12/10at UTAH+6196.584-104LLUn37.8%53.8%34.6%48.1%94.4%44.8%
12/09vs NEW YORK-5.5210.5100-103LLUn40.2%85.2%25.0%42.9%84.0%34.5%
12/07at DALLAS-3196.5120-89WWOv56.0%76.2%45.5%41.0%75.0%33.3%
12/04at NEW YORK+1.5209.598-106LLUn32.3%87.1%32.1%44.3%70.8%37.9%
12/02at BOSTON+6210.592-97LWUn37.9%80.0%23.1%40.9%93.3%39.3%
11/28at WASHINGTON+5209.595-101LLUn40.9%61.5%14.3%41.2%80.8%40.0%
11/27at BROOKLYN-5219.5122-105WWOv53.5%77.3%56.5%43.7%92.9%41.0%
11/25vs HOUSTON+3.5216.5104-117LLOv48.8%81.0%28.1%47.1%80.0%42.0%
11/23vs OKLAHOMA CITY-2214.5116-101WWOv46.8%94.1%42.9%42.1%78.9%28.0%
11/20vs TORONTO+3211102-99WWUn44.4%76.0%40.7%40.0%91.7%37.5%
11/18vs LA CLIPPERS+8.5202.5115-121LWOv44.2%82.9%38.5%52.6%82.4%44.8%
11/16vs SAN ANTONIO+5197.5105-110LPOv47.4%77.4%45.0%48.9%76.5%36.7%
11/11at PORTLAND+7208120-122LWOv48.9%80.0%28.6%52.3%70.4%39.4%
11/10vs LA LAKERS-5.521191-101LLUn40.0%75.0%38.1%51.4%72.7%33.3%
11/08vs NEW ORLEANS-6.5204.5102-94WWUn48.1%80.0%32.0%45.2%72.2%23.8%
11/06at TORONTO+7197.596-91WWUn43.6%74.2%31.2%35.7%77.4%23.3%
11/05at MILWAUKEE+3.520291-117LLOv39.3%78.9%35.7%50.0%84.0%42.4%
11/03at ORLANDOPK19894-102LLUn47.5%64.7%38.9%45.2%69.6%33.3%
11/01at MIAMI+3.5199.596-108LLOv38.2%85.2%21.7%43.0%72.4%44.8%
10/31at ATLANTA+7.520395-106LLUn48.0%68.4%43.5%41.8%61.7%36.7%
10/29vs MINNESOTAPK202.5106-103WWOv45.9%76.0%34.6%51.4%71.0%31.8%
10/27vs SAN ANTONIO+7.520394-102LLUn40.0%84.2%30.0%45.6%88.9%33.3%
10/26at PHOENIX+3211.5113-94WWUn51.2%73.1%28.6%46.8%66.7%25.0%
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BASEBALL 4/2/2017 - 6/3/2017
RK Team
Pittsburgh Penguins
Washington Nationals
Baltimore Orioles
Nashville Predators
Chicago Cubs
MLBDetroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox11:10 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceLOKOLI, L vs. KLIZAN, M02:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceESCOBEDO, E vs. ISTOMIN, D02:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceDOLGOPOLOV, A vs. BERLOCQ, C02:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKOHLSCHREIBER, P vs. KYRGIOS, N02:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FrancePELLA, G vs. DEL POTRO, J-M02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceSVITOLINA, E vs. SHVEDOVA, Y02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceBARTHEL, M vs. PIRONKOVA, T02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceCIRSTEA, S vs. PENG, S02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceSAKKARI, M vs. SUAREZ NAVARRO, C02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKONTA, J vs. HSIEH, SU-W02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceCORNET, A vs. BABOS, T02:00 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKATO, M vs. TOWNSEND, T02:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceZVEREV, A vs. VERDASCO, F03:10 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceMURRAY, A vs. KUZNETSOV, A03:15 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceQUERREY, S vs. CHUNG, H03:15 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKOKKINAKIS, T vs. NISHIKORI, K03:15 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceWAWRINKA, S vs. KOVALIK, J03:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceBONDARENKO, K vs. MARTIC, P03:15 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceBAGHDATIS, M vs. ALMAGRO, N03:30 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceANDERSON, K vs. JAZIRI, M03:30 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceBARTY, A vs. KEYS, M03:30 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceSTRYCOVA, B vs. RISKE, A03:30 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceSTRUFF, J-L vs. BERDYCH, T04:45 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceALBOT, R vs. CHARDY, J04:45 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceTSONGA, J-W vs. OLIVO, R04:45 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceEDMUND, K vs. ELIAS, G04:45 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKHACHANOV, K vs. JARRY, N04:45 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceHIBINO, N vs. GARCIA, C04:45 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceOSAKA, N vs. VAN UYTVANCK, A04:45 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceVONDROUSOVA, M vs. HESSE, A05:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceISNER, J vs. THOMPSON, J06:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceMONTEIRO, T-M vs. MULLER, A06:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceBROWN, D vs. MONFILS, G06:00 AM PST
ATP - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceLORENZI, P vs. BERANKIS, R06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceSEVASTOVA, A vs. BECK, A06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceOZAKI, R vs. BOUCHARD, E06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceDUAN, Y-Y vs. MARIA, T06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceCEPELOVA, J vs. HALEP, S06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FrancePAQUET, C vs. PLISKOVA, K06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceFERRO, F vs. RADWANSKA, A06:15 AM PST
WTA - Roland Garros, Paris, FranceKASATKINA, D vs. WICKMAYER, Y06:30 AM PST
MLBOakland Athletics vs Cleveland Indians3:10 PM PST
MLBArizona Diamondbacks vs Pittsburgh Pirates4:05 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Dodgers vs St. Louis Cardinals4:05 PM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Baltimore Orioles4:05 PM PST
MLBCincinnati Reds vs Toronto Blue Jays4:05 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Miami Marlins4:10 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs New York Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Colorado Rockies4:10 PM PST
MLBTampa Bay Rays vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
MLBBoston Red Sox vs Chicago White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Minnesota Twins5:10 PM PST
MLBDetroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals5:15 PM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs Los Angeles Angels7:05 PM PST
MLBChicago Cubs vs San Diego Padres7:10 PM PST
MLBWashington Nationals vs San Francisco Giants7:15 PM PST
NHLNashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins5:00 PM PST
NBACleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors6:00 PM PST
NHLPittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators5:00 PM PST
NBACleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors5:00 PM PST
NHLPittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators5:00 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers6:00 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers6:00 PM PST