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PACIFIC Division Standings
SAN JOSE8352-31-91133.12.430-12-522-19-4
LOS ANGELES8346-37-81002.52.223-17-423-20-4
No significant injuries.
Game LOG for the 2014 SeasonResultsOffenseDefense 
04/12vs VANCOUVER+1005.55-2WWOv225 - 1422 - 0SCRIVENS
04/10vs LOS ANGELES+12550-3LLUn170 - 0484 - 0FASTH
04/08vs COLORADO+1155.51-4LLUn233 - 1332 - 1SCRIVENS
04/06vs ANAHEIM+1555.54-2WWOv283 - 1365 - 1FASTH
04/04at PHOENIX+1805.53-2WWUn261 - 0262 - 1SCRIVENS
04/02at ANAHEIM+2505.52-3LWUn323 - 1263 - 0FASTH
04/01at SAN JOSE+2605.54-5LWOv293 - 1337 - 1SCRIVENS
03/30vs NY RANGERS+14550-5LLP264 - 0326 - 1SCRIVENS
03/28vs ANAHEIM+1655.54-3WWOv231 - 0514 - 0SCRIVENS
03/25vs SAN JOSE+1455.52-5LLOv302 - 0343 - 3SCRIVENS
03/22vs CALGARY-1455.51-8LLOv251 - 2310 - 3FASTH
03/20vs BUFFALO-18051-3LLUn366 - 1362 - 1SCRIVENS
03/18vs NASHVILLE-1105.55-1WWOv304 - 1295 - 0FASTH
03/16at CAROLINA+1205.52-1WWUn334 - 1303 - 0SCRIVENS
03/14at DETROIT+1805.51-2LWUn222 - 0234 - 0FASTH
03/13at ST LOUIS+2455.52-6LLOv253 - 0375 - 1SCRIVENS
03/11at MINNESOTA+17054-3WWOv263 - 0314 - 1FASTH
03/09vs LOS ANGELES+15052-4LLOv273 - 0502 - 1SCRIVENS
03/06vs NY ISLANDERS-1405.53-2WLUn294 - 1344 - 0SCRIVENS
03/04vs OTTAWA+1005.53-2WWUn302 - 1362 - 0SCRIVENS
03/01vs CALGARY-1205.51-2LLUn222 - 0303 - 0BRYZGALOV
02/27vs MINNESOTA-10550-3LLUn214 - 0212 - 0SCRIVENS
02/07at NEW JERSEY+15551-2LWUn203 - 0243 - 0BRYZGALOV
02/06at NY RANGERS+1705.52-1WWUn311 - 0360 - 0SCRIVENS
02/03at BUFFALO-12553-2WLP285 - 0446 - 1BRYZGALOV
02/01at BOSTON+1705.50-4LLUn224 - 0415 - 2SCRIVENS
01/29vs SAN JOSE+1505.53-0WWUn272 - 1593 - 0SCRIVENS
01/27at VANCOUVER+1705.54-2WWOv203 - 0272 - 0BRYZGALOV
01/26vs NASHVILLE+1055.55-1WWOv273 - 2353 - 0SCRIVENS
01/24vs PHOENIX+1205.53-4LWOv395 - 0292 - 1BRYZGALOV
01/21vs VANCOUVER+1205.51-2LWUn294 - 0274 - 0SCRIVENS
01/18at WINNIPEG+1355.52-3LWUn225 - 1395 - 0BRYZGALOV
01/16at MINNESOTA+1255.51-4LLUn214 - 0333 - 0SCRIVENS
01/14at DALLAS+1355.52-5LLOv332 - 1301 - 1BRYZGALOV
01/12at CHICAGO+2305.53-5LLOv211 - 0415 - 1DUBNYK
01/10vs PITTSBURGH+16564-3WWOv314 - 2284 - 1DUBNYK
01/07vs ST LOUIS+1555.52-5LLOv180 - 0303 - 2BRYZGALOV
01/05vs TAMPA BAY+1305.55-3WWOv263 - 1271 - 1BRYZGALOV
01/03at ANAHEIM+2455.52-5LLOv183 - 0378 - 0BRYZGALOV
01/02at SAN JOSE+2155.51-5LLOv243 - 0363 - 0DUBNYK
12/31at PHOENIX+1655.53-4LWOv251 - 0452 - 0BRYZGALOV
12/28vs PHILADELPHIA+1205.53-4LWOv165 - 1385 - 3BRYZGALOV
12/27at CALGARY+1055.52-0WWUn284 - 1272 - 0DUBNYK
12/23vs WINNIPEG-1155.56-2WWOv307 - 2204 - 1BRYZGALOV
12/21vs ST LOUIS+1405.50-6LLOv234 - 0335 - 1BRYZGALOV
12/19at COLORADO+1605.52-4LLOv291 - 0392 - 1DUBNYK
12/17at LOS ANGELES+1755.50-3LLUn242 - 0402 - 0BRYZGALOV
12/15at ANAHEIM+1755.52-3LWUn252 - 0342 - 0BRYZGALOV
12/13at VANCOUVER+1755.50-4LLUn192 - 0402 - 2DUBNYK
12/12vs BOSTON+11552-4LLOv413 - 0311 - 0DUBNYK
12/10vs CAROLINA-1305.55-4WLOv293 - 1281 - 1DUBNYK
12/07vs CALGARY-1805.51-2LLUn316 - 0272 - 0DUBNYK
12/05vs COLORADO+1255.58-2WWOv287 - 3356 - 0DUBNYK
12/03vs PHOENIX+1155.52-6LLOv336 - 1333 - 1DUBNYK
12/01at DALLAS+1405.53-2WWUn326 - 0454 - 0BRYZGALOV
11/29at COLUMBUS+1055.52-4LLOv277 - 1285 - 2BRYZGALOV
11/28at NASHVILLE+1155.53-0WWUn283 - 0332 - 0BRYZGALOV
11/25vs CHICAGO+1305.51-5LLOv253 - 0274 - 1BRYZGALOV
11/21vs FLORIDA-1305.54-1WWUn355 - 2255 - 0DUBNYK
11/19vs COLUMBUS-1255.57-0WWOv324 - 3141 - 0DUBNYK
11/16at CALGARY+12064-2WWP232 - 0353 - 0DUBNYK
11/15vs SAN JOSE+1555.51-3LLUn313 - 1376 - 1DUBNYK
11/13vs DALLAS+1105.50-3LLUn225 - 0266 - 0DUBNYK
11/10at CHICAGO+2305.54-5LWOv232 - 2365 - 1DUBNYK
11/09at PHILADELPHIA+1205.52-4LLOv264 - 1344 - 0DUBNYK
11/07at TAMPA BAY+17062-4LLP402 - 1262 - 0DUBNYK
11/05at FLORIDA+1105.54-3WWOv273 - 1231 - 0DUBNYK
11/02vs DETROIT+1005.50-5LLUn143 - 0315 - 1BACHMAN
10/29vs TORONTO+1155.50-4LLUn431 - 0261 - 0BACHMAN
10/27at LOS ANGELES+2105.51-2LWUn184 - 1485 - 0BACHMAN
10/26at PHOENIX+1605.54-5LWOv302 - 0286 - 2LABARBERA
10/24vs WASHINGTON+1055.51-4LLUn313 - 0262 - 0DUBNYK
10/22at MONTREAL+1655.54-3WWOv321 - 0322 - 1DUBNYK
10/19at OTTAWA+1405.53-1WWUn216 - 0365 - 0DUBNYK
10/17at NY ISLANDERS+13562-3LWUn293 - 0405 - 1DUBNYK
10/15at PITTSBURGH+21562-3LWUn223 - 0283 - 1LABARBERA
10/14at WASHINGTON+15062-4LLP303 - 0203 - 2LABARBERA
10/12at TORONTO+1505.55-6LWOv314 - 1263 - 1DUBNYK
10/10vs MONTREAL-1305.51-4LLUn284 - 1272 - 1DUBNYK
10/07vs NEW JERSEY-1255.55-4WLOv274 - 1253 - 1LABARBERA
10/05at VANCOUVER+1305.52-6LLOv233 - 0446 - 1DUBNYK
10/01vs WINNIPEG-1305.54-5LLOv385 - 2284 - 1DUBNYK
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BASEBALL 3/31/2014 - 6/2/2014
BASKETBALL 2/25/2014 - 4/16/2014
HOCKEY 2/25/2014 - 4/13/2014
RK Team
Indiana Pacers
Golden State Warriors
Toronto Raptors
Brooklyn Nets
Los Angeles Clippers
NHLChicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues12:05 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers12:30 PM PST
USA - MLSNew England Revolution at Chicago Fire1:00 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Oakland Athletics1:05 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraO`higgins FC at Union Espanola1:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUTC de Cajamarca at Universidad San Martin1:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraClub Olimpo at Quilmes AC2:10 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AVitoria BA at Internacional RS2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AFigueirense FC at Fluminense RJ2:30 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGallos Blancos at America de Mexico3:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSan Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids3:00 PM PST
UFCP Healy vs J Masvidal4:00 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraHuachipato at Deportes Union La Calera4:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionOlimpia Asuncion at Nacional FC4:00 PM PST
USA - MLSLa Galaxy at Vancouver Whitecaps FC4:00 PM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates4:05 PM PST
NBAAtlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers4:05 PM PST
NHLColumbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins4:05 PM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs New York Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays4:10 PM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins4:10 PM PST
UFCS Baczynski vs T Alves4:20 PM PST
UFCR Dos Anjos vs K Nurmagomedov4:35 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACoritiba PR at Chapecoense SC5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BAvai SC at America RN5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BOeste SP at Ceara CE5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraTiburones Rojos at CF Monterrey5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraFC Puebla at CF Pachuca5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraJaguares de Chiapas at Santos Laguna5:00 PM PST
MLBChicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers5:05 PM PST
MLBArizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers5:10 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Colorado Rockies5:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraNewell's Old Boys at CA San Lorenzo5:30 PM PST
UFCE Barboza vs D Cerrone5:35 PM PST
MLBSan Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres5:40 PM PST
UFCL Carmouche vs M Tate6:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraUanl Tigres at Leon6:06 PM PST
UFCF Werdum vs T Browne6:30 PM PST
BOXINGB Shumenov vs B Hopkins6:30 PM PST
USA - MLSPortland Timbers at Real Salt Lake6:30 PM PST
NBAMemphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder6:35 PM PST
NHLMinnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche6:35 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCS Herediano at Limon FC7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraClub Tijuana at CF Atlante7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraDeportivo Toluca at Atlas7:00 PM PST
USA - MLSSeattle Sounders at Chivas Usa7:30 PM PST
Japan - Japan League 2Tochigi SC at FC Gifu9:00 PM PST
South Korea - k-League ClassicPohang Steelers FC at FC Seoul10:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaCelta de Vigo at UD Almeria03:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionDeportivo La Coruna at RCD Mallorca03:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueLiverpool FC at Norwich City04:00 AM PST
Latvia - VirsligaFK Daugava Riga at FK Liepaja04:00 AM PST
Russia - Fotball National LeagueFC Rotor Volgograd at FC Torpedo Moscow04:00 AM PST
China - Chinese Super LeagueHarbin Tengyi at Hangzhou Lvcheng04:35 AM PST
France - Ligue 1OGC Nice at AS Monaco05:00 AM PST
Russia - Fotball National LeagueFC Baltika Kaliningrad at Dinamo St P.burg05:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Krasnodar at FC Dinamo Moscow05:00 AM PST
Denmark Sas LigaenOdense BK at FC Vestsjaelland06:00 AM PST
Russia - Fotball National LeagueFC Ufa at FC Shinnik Yaroslavl06:00 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanHelsingborgs IF at Halmstads BK06:00 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanIFK Gothenburg at Kalmar FF06:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueArsenal FC at Hull City06:05 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBayer Leverkusen at 1 FC Nuremberg06:30 AM PST
Latvia - VirsligaBFC Daugavpils at Skonto Riga07:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueCSKA Moscow at FC Kuban Krasnodar07:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Zbrojovka Brno at FK Teplice08:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. Liga1 FK Pribram at SK Sigma Olomouc08:00 AM PST
Denmark Sas LigaenRanders FC at Aalborg BK08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1AC Ajaccio at SC Bastia08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1EA Guingamp at FC Girondins Bordeaux08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Montpellier Hsc at FC Lorient08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Nantes at Valenciennes FC08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Sochaux at Stade Reims08:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaBetis Sevilla at Rayo Vallecano08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCD Alaves at Recreativo Huelva08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Murcia CF at Sporting Gijon08:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueManchester Utd at Everton FC08:10 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaFC Schalke 04 at VfB Stuttgart08:30 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanIFK Norrkoping at AIK Stockholm08:30 AM PST
Sweden - AllsvenskanBK Hacken at Mjallby Aif08:30 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Jaen at Real Zaragoza09:15 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaSparta Prague at Dukla Prague10:00 AM PST
Mexico - PrimeraGuadalajara Chivas at Unam Pumas10:00 AM PST
Portugal - Primeira LigaSC Olhanense at Benfica Lisbon10:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaGranada CF at Sevilla FC10:00 AM PST
MLBToronto Blue Jays vs Cleveland Indians10:05 AM PST
MLBLos Angeles Angels vs Detroit Tigers10:05 AM PST
NBADallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs10:05 AM PST
MLBAtlanta Braves vs New York Mets10:10 AM PST
MLBSeattle Mariners vs Miami Marlins10:10 AM PST
MLBMilwaukee Brewers vs Pittsburgh Pirates10:35 AM PST
MLBSt. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals10:35 AM PST
MLBNew York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays10:40 AM PST
Belgium - Pro LeagueSV Zulte Waregem at Sporting Lokeren11:00 AM PST
MLBMinnesota Twins vs Kansas City Royals11:10 AM PST
MLBCincinnati Reds vs Chicago Cubs11:20 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraUniversidad Catolica at Colo Colo11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCA Cerro at Miramar Missiones11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionDefensor Sporting at El Tanque Sisley11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionLiverpool M. at Juventud de LP11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionMdeo. Wanderers FC at CA Rentistas11:30 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA Belgrano at Colon de Santa Fe12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ABotafogo RJ at Sao Paulo SP12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGremio RS at Atletico Paranaense12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACorinthians SP at Atletico Mineiro MG12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACruzeiro MG at EC Bahia BA12:00 PM PST
France - Ligue 1Lille Osc at Olympique Marseille12:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaAthletic Bilbao at FC Barcelona12:00 PM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCE Sabadell at Alcorcon AD12:00 PM PST
MLBChicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers12:05 PM PST
NBACharlotte Bobcats vs Miami Heat12:30 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaUniversitario de Sucre at CA Nacional Potosi12:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionFC Puntarenas at Uruguay de Coronado12:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraRacing Club at Argentinos Jrs1:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraAtletico Lanus at Arsenal de Sarandi1:00 PM PST
MLBHouston Astros vs Oakland Athletics1:05 PM PST
MLBSan Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres1:10 PM PST
MLBArizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers1:10 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Colorado Rockies1:10 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo La Equidad at Deportivo Cali1:15 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIBoyaca Chico FC at Independiente Medellin1:15 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUniversitario de Deportes at FBC Melgar1:30 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionGeneral Diaz at Club Libertad Asuncion1:45 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaSan Jose Oruro at Clube Desportivo Aurora2:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraVelez Sarsfield at River Plate2:15 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AGoias GO at Flamengo RJ2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ASport Recife PE at Santos FC SP2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie APalmeiras SP at Criciuma SC2:30 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraNublense at Everton de Vina Del Mar2:30 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionSantos de Guapiles at AD Carmelita3:00 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionLiga Deportiva Alajuelense at Universidad de Costa Rica3:00 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportes Tolima at Millonarios FC3:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaCD San Simon at Alianza Lima3:45 PM PST
Costa Rica - Primera DivisionCD Belen Siglo Xxi at Deportivo Saprissa4:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionClub Guarani at Sol de America4:00 PM PST
MLBBaltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox4:05 PM PST
NBAWashington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls4:05 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraBoca Juniors at CA Tigre5:30 PM PST
Colombia - Liga Postobon IIDeportivo Pasto at Fortaleza FC5:45 PM PST
NBAPortland Trailblazers vs Houston Rockets6:35 PM PST
NBAMemphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder5:00 PM PST
NBAGolden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Clippers7:35 PM PST
NBAAtlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers4:00 PM PST
NBABrooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors4:35 PM PST
NBAWashington Wizards vs Chicago Bulls6:35 PM PST
BOXINGJ Diaz vs K Thurman7:15 PM PST
BOXINGM Maidana vs F Mayweather Jr8:00 PM PST
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