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Matchup Reports

 Offensive StatisticsDefensive Statistics
85.4 / 76.2
84.5 / 79.3
Power Rating Line
The power rating system is based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved. A power line is calculated using both teams ratings and home field advantage. Where the power line differs significantly from the current line, the team with the edge is indicated.
 Power Rating
Team Trends and Angles
All team trends listed below apply to the current game.
MINNESOTA - Recent ATS Trends
 Against the spreadOver/UnderStraight Up
 CurrentLast 3   Since 1997CurrentLast 3   Since 1997CurrentLast 3   Since 1997
in all games20-1865-48236-24023-1557-57238-24230-877-37231-254
in road games10-831-24116-1209-928-27115-12411-732-2390-151
on Sunday games4-517-1245-456-318-1145-435-418-1145-45
when playing with 2 days rest7-417-1144-489-220-956-3810-121-845-50
vs. division opponents13-1341-34146-16316-1039-36160-14920-650-25144-169
after a division game12-1338-36141-16214-1138-36156-14818-748-26141-167
in the conference finals1-03-03-01-02-12-11-03-03-0
when leading in a playoff series0-12-22-21-04-14-10-13-23-2
after allowing 75 points or more9-933-20104-948-1022-3199-10214-434-1995-108
after a win by 10 points or more8-1223-2151-5313-720-2549-5616-436-964-43
after scoring 75 points or more15-1849-36109-10319-1439-47103-11225-860-26112-105
when playing against a team with a winning record8-832-22116-11111-529-26105-12611-534-21102-130
when playing against a team with a winning record after 15+ games7-524-1364-688-418-2054-798-425-1357-77
versus poor defensive teams - allowing 77+ points/game after 15+ games6-521-1729-376-517-2236-338-328-1135-34
versus poor defensive teams - allowing 77+ points/game9-633-2351-529-626-3155-5112-340-1758-49
versus good offensive teams - scoring 77+ points/game after 15+ games9-727-1838-3710-623-2342-3512-431-1539-38
versus good offensive teams - scoring 77+ points/game10-836-2361-5311-730-3062-5413-539-2158-59

LOS ANGELES - Recent ATS Trends
 Against the spreadOver/UnderStraight Up
 CurrentLast 3   Since 1997CurrentLast 3   Since 1997CurrentLast 3   Since 1997
in all games21-1446-56279-29023-1458-47286-28726-1154-53345-238
in home games12-424-24142-14110-827-25142-14217-135-18202-89
on Sunday games1-45-1443-422-312-741-422-35-1445-41
when playing with 2 days rest2-37-1550-663-211-1057-604-111-1270-50
vs. division opponents13-1029-38184-18617-838-31182-19217-837-34227-153
after a division game15-827-38184-17915-936-31174-19218-637-32231-142
after 3 or more consecutive overs4-56-1124-409-114-540-286-49-1045-24
in the conference finals0-10-18-121-01-08-130-10-18-13
when trailing in a playoff series0-00-15-50-00-12-80-00-15-5
revenging a loss versus opponent8-624-27120-10711-330-22117-1138-621-32127-106
after allowing 75 points or more10-1128-43115-13616-644-31125-13214-835-40139-120
after a loss by 10 points or more3-510-1856-527-120-960-523-511-1854-58
after scoring 75 points or more17-1031-38127-15519-1039-33133-15422-738-35178-113
when playing against a team with a winning record9-221-20139-1259-322-21121-1469-316-28143-128
when playing against a team with a winning record after 15+ games7-214-1297-847-312-1477-1068-212-1599-86
versus good offensive teams - scoring 77+ points/game after 15+ games9-318-1843-418-517-1938-4610-320-1744-41
versus good offensive teams - scoring 77+ points/game11-625-3160-6511-729-2859-6512-625-3360-67
Team Statistics
Peformance statistics for each team in various situations are listed below. Categories where a team has performed poorly are denoted in red. Categories where a team has performed well are denoted in green.
MINNESOTA - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
 W-LUnitsW-LO-UScoreHalfFG PctReb.ScoreHalfFG PctReb.
All Games30-8-1.420-1823-1585.443.246.9%
Road Games11-7-8.910-89-981.842.746.6%44.376.839.741.1%39.2
Last 5 Games3-2-0.81-43-281.640.243.1%44.280.837.843.6%41.0
Division Games20-6-1.813-1316-1086.243.946.6%46.476.939.141.6%38.9
MINNESOTA Team Statistics
 Shooting    3pt ShootingFree Throws Rebounding 
Team Stats (All Games)85.443.232-6846.9%6-1639.7%15-2076.1%461120188145
vs opponents surrendering78.238.629-6743.0%6-1835.6%14-1976.7%431017188154
Team Stats (Road Games)81.842.731-6646.6%7-1738.6%14-1876.3%441019187145
Stats Against (All Games)76.238.928-6840.9%7-2033.0%14-1974.8%401016198143
vs opponents averaging77.13828-6642.6%6-1835.1%14-1976.1%421017188154
Stats Against (Road Games)76.839.728-6741.1%7-1934.3%15-1977.1%391016188133

LOS ANGELES - Current Season Performance
 Straight UpAgainst SpreadTeamOpponent
 W-LUnitsW-LO-UScoreHalfFG PctReb.ScoreHalfFG PctReb.
All Games26-11+4.921-1423-1484.541.746.3%44.079.338.642.0%42.4
Home Games17-1+12.412-410-886.943.647.5%43.474.036.439.8%42.2
Last 5 Games4-1+2.43-15-092.844.052.4%
Division Games17-8+0.213-1017-885.641.546.7%43.481.639.243.1%42.2
LOS ANGELES Team Statistics
 Shooting    3pt ShootingFree Throws Rebounding 
Team Stats (All Games)84.541.731-6746.3%6-1636.3%16-2179.1%441117189155
vs opponents surrendering78.238.929-6743.0%6-1835.9%14-1976.8%431017188144
Team Stats (Home Games)86.943.632-6747.5%6-1537.5%18-2279.5%431018179145
Stats Against (All Games)79.338.630-7142.0%6-1932.5%14-1873.9%421117189143
vs opponents averaging77.638.328-6742.7%6-1835.3%14-1975.9%421017188144
Stats Against (Home Games)74.036.428-6939.8%6-2029.4%13-1774.5%421117198152
Average power rating of opponents played: MINNESOTA 69.1,  LOS ANGELES 71.2
Current Season Results And Upcoming Games
Here are the most recent results and upcoming schedules for the two teams involved. Lines, total, game scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are all displayed.
MINNESOTA - Season Results
 Team StatsOpp Stats
8/28/2012SAN ANTONIO96-84W-7.5W163.5O40-9243.5%641232-7741.6%438
9/4/2012LOS ANGELES88-77W-9W170.5U32-7642.1%391430-6248.4%4219
9/9/2012@ SAN ANTONIO81-62W1W162U33-6055.0%401424-6636.4%369
9/11/2012@ CHICAGO70-83L-6.5L155.5U26-5646.4%301731-6746.3%4213
9/14/2012@ INDIANA66-64W4W155U27-5648.2%401326-6738.8%357
9/20/2012@ LOS ANGELES76-92L2L167.5O23-6634.8%441737-6953.6%4015
9/21/2012@ PHOENIX89-66W-13.5W169U33-7643.4%531325-6936.2%4219
9/23/2012@ SAN ANTONIO84-99L-3.5L157O29-6643.9%401032-6847.1%377
9/30/2012@ SEATTLE79-86L-5.5L146O25-7732.5%551531-7740.3%5516
10/4/2012LOS ANGELES94-77W-5.5W168O40-8248.8%44828-5848.3%3614
10/7/2012@ LOS ANGELES              

LOS ANGELES - Season Results
 Team StatsOpp Stats
8/30/2012@ TULSA85-99L-9.5L165O33-7345.2%411737-7251.4%4112
9/2/2012@ CHICAGO74-85L-7L155.5O28-6245.2%331932-6450.0%3718
9/4/2012@ MINNESOTA77-88L9L170.5U30-6248.4%421932-7642.1%3914
9/7/2012@ WASHINGTON96-68W-9W154O39-6361.9%401825-6936.2%3314
9/9/2012@ NEW YORK71-73L-5.5L158U28-6940.6%551927-7138.0%4414
9/27/2012SAN ANTONIO93-86W-7T164.5O32-6350.8%401134-7346.6%3711
9/29/2012@ SAN ANTONIO101-94W3.5W166O37-6457.8%411734-7744.2%3811
10/4/2012@ MINNESOTA77-94L5.5L168O28-5848.3%361440-8248.8%448
Head-to-Head Series History
Listed below is a summary of the games results in recent Head-to-Head matchups.
All games in this series since 1997
LOS ANGELES is 30-24 against the spread versus MINNESOTA since 1997
LOS ANGELES is 37-18 straight up against MINNESOTA since 1997
33 of 55 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL since 1997
Games over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 8-6 against the spread versus MINNESOTA over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 7-7 straight up against MINNESOTA over the last 3 seasons
9 of 14 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons

All games played at LOS ANGELES since 1997
LOS ANGELES is 17-10 against the spread versus MINNESOTA since 1997
LOS ANGELES is 22-5 straight up against MINNESOTA since 1997
16 of 27 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL since 1997
Games played at LOS ANGELES over the last 3 seasons.
LOS ANGELES is 5-1 against the spread versus MINNESOTA over the last 3 seasons
LOS ANGELES is 5-1 straight up against MINNESOTA over the last 3 seasons
5 of 6 games in this series have gone OVER THE TOTAL over the last 3 seasons

 Shooting   3pt shotsFree ThrowsRebounds 
10/4/2012LOS ANGELES77168 Over3128-5848.3%5-1338.5%16-2369.6%36414
 MINNESOTA94-5.5SU ATS4840-8248.8%9-2142.9%5-683.3%44138
9/20/2012MINNESOTA76167.5 Over3623-6634.8%6-2722.2%24-2982.8%441217
 LOS ANGELES92-2SU ATS4437-6953.6%3-1030.0%15-1978.9%40615
9/4/2012LOS ANGELES77170.5 Under3730-6248.4%5-1435.7%12-1675.0%42819
 MINNESOTA88-9SU ATS4132-7642.1%9-2339.1%15-1693.7%391314
7/5/2012MINNESOTA90-6.5 Over4336-8641.9%9-2634.6%9-1752.9%551613
 LOS ANGELES96164.5SU ATS4930-6844.1%8-1650.0%28-3482.4%471314
5/24/2012LOS ANGELES84154 ATS4729-5949.2%4-1233.3%22-2684.6%34819
 MINNESOTA92-9SU Over4434-6453.1%4-1136.4%20-2969.0%391318
8/20/2011LOS ANGELES68157 Under3427-5648.2%8-1747.1%6-966.7%30516
 MINNESOTA87-9SU ATS4633-7643.4%9-2045.0%12-1770.6%50209
8/7/2011MINNESOTA84-7SU Over4532-6549.2%4-1921.1%16-2080.0%321212
 LOS ANGELES78157.5 ATS3728-5550.9%5-1435.7%17-2085.0%35818
7/26/2011LOS ANGELES72160 Under3026-5646.4%7-1450.0%13-1968.4%401125
 MINNESOTA85-9SU ATS4336-7250.0%1-616.7%12-1580.0%351214
6/5/2011LOS ANGELES69154.5 Over4023-6237.1%7-1936.8%16-1888.9%37517
 MINNESOTA86-5.5SU ATS4632-7443.2%6-1637.5%16-2176.2%511512
6/3/2011MINNESOTA74156.5 Under4329-7140.8%8-1942.1%8-1080.0%381110
 LOS ANGELES82-3SU ATS3731-6647.0%10-2441.7%10-1471.4%451414
Team Line Action - Where the money is going!
Oddsmakers move a line in part because of one-sided public betting action on a side or total. They also move the line in reaction to wise guys selections. Either way, this section attempts to uncover whether the wise guys and public have a read on a given team. It summarizes both line and total movements. As a general rule, follow the line or total movement when percentages exceed 57% and go against it when they are below 43%.
No line has been posted for this game.
No total has been posted for this game.
Key Player Injuries
No significant injuries.
[G] 06/13/2012 - Sharnee' Zoll out indefinitely ( ACL )
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NHLMontreal Canadiens vs Tampa Bay Lightning4:05 PM PST
Italy - Serie BNovara Calcio at Pescara Calcio06:00 AM PST
Russia - Fotball National LeagueKhimik Dzerzhinsk at FC Ufa07:00 AM PST
Russia - Fotball National LeagueArsenal Tula at FC Rotor Volgograd07:30 AM PST
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France - Ligue 2Clermont Foot at Stade Brest11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AC Havre at US Creteil11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Chamois Niort FC at Stade Lavallois MFC11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Troyes AC at Tours FC11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AS Nancy at RC Lens11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2AC Arles Avignon at CA Bastia11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 2Olympique Nimes at Dijon Fco11:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFK Teplice at FC Viktoria Plzen11:15 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Olympique Marseille at FC Nantes11:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaVfB Stuttgart at Hannover 9611:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsYeovil Town at Brighton & Hove Albion FC11:45 AM PST
Italy - Serie AAC Milan at AS Roma11:45 AM PST
Scotland - PremierFC St Mirren at Partick Thistle11:45 AM PST
Spain - La LigaLevante UD at Elche CF12:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA Tigre at Newell's Old Boys3:10 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BSampaio Correa MA at Icasa CE3:30 PM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionCA Rentistas at Defensor Sporting4:00 PM PST
MLBSan Diego Padres vs Washington Nationals4:05 PM PST
MLBLos Angeles Angels vs New York Yankees4:05 PM PST
MLBKansas City Royals vs Baltimore Orioles4:05 PM PST
MLBBoston Red Sox vs Toronto Blue Jays4:05 PM PST
NBAToronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets4:05 PM PST
NHLNew York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers4:05 PM PST
MLBMiami Marlins vs New York Mets4:10 PM PST
MLBCincinnati Reds vs Atlanta Braves4:35 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BJoinville SC at Parana Clube PR5:00 PM PST
NBAChicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards5:05 PM PST
NHLChicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues5:05 PM PST
MLBChicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers5:10 PM PST
MLBOakland Athletics vs Houston Astros5:10 PM PST
MLBTampa Bay Rays vs Chicago White Sox5:10 PM PST
MLBDetroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins5:10 PM PST
MLBPittsburgh Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals5:15 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraCF Pachuca at Gallos Blancos5:30 PM PST
MLBPhiladelphia Phillies vs Arizona Diamondbacks6:40 PM PST
MLBColorado Rockies vs Los Angeles Dodgers7:10 PM PST
MLBTexas Rangers vs Seattle Mariners7:10 PM PST
MLBCleveland Indians vs San Francisco Giants7:15 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraLeon at Club Tijuana7:30 PM PST
NBAHouston Rockets vs Portland Trailblazers7:35 PM PST
NHLDallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks7:35 PM PST
England - DivisionsIpswich Town at Burnley FC04:15 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueEverton FC at Southampton FC04:45 AM PST
France - Ligue 2FC Metz at AJ Auxerre05:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueVolga Nizhny Novgorod at Zenit St Petersburg05:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaWerder Bremen at Bayern Munich06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaSC Freiburg at VfL Wolfsburg06:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaEintracht Frankfurt at 1899 Hoffenheim06:30 AM PST
Germany - Bundesliga1 FC Nuremberg at 1 Fsv Mainz 0506:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaEintracht Braunschweig at Hertha BSC06:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsGillingham FC at Preston North End07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsCrawley Town at Bradford City07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBrentford FC at Colchester Utdfc07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsTranmere Rovers at Leyton Orient07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsCrewe Alexandra FC at Bristol City07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBolton Wanderers at Sheffield Wednesday07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsNottingham Forest at Bournemouth AFC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsReading FC at Doncaster Rovers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBlackburn Rovers at Charlton Athletic07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsLeicester City at Huddersfield Town07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsMillwall FC at Queens Park Rangers07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBarnsley FC at Middlesbrough FC07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsBlackpool FC at Wigan Athletic07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsWatford FC at Derby County07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsLeeds Utd at Birmingham City07:00 AM PST
England - DivisionsWalsall FC at Stevenage FC07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueHull City at Fulham FC07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueTottenham Hotspur at Stoke City07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueAston Villa at Swansea City07:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueWest Ham Utd at West Bromwich Albion07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueIroni Ramat Hasharon at Beitar Jerusalem07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Haifa at Hapoel Akko07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueAshdod SC at Hapoel Raanana07:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueBnei Yehuda Tel Aviv at Maccabi Petach Tikva07:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaRayo Vallecano at Granada CF07:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaDukla Prague at FC Banik Ostrava08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1AS Monaco at AC Ajaccio08:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueHapoel Beer Sheva at Bnei Sakhnin FC08:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Lokomotiv Moscow at FC Krasnodar08:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AAC Fiorentina at Bologna FC09:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaMalaga CF at Getafe CF09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCD Lugo at Sporting Gijon09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionRCD Mallorca at CD Alaves09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionPonferradina SD at Deportivo La Coruna09:15 AM PST
England - DivisionsHereford Utd at Aldershot Town09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsMacclesfield Town at Alfreton Town FC09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsGrimsby Town at Braintree Town09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsSalisbury City at Chester City09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsWrexham FC at Forest Green Rovers09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsCambridge Utd FC at Gateshead FC09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsLuton Town at Hyde Utd09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsBarnet FC at Lincoln City09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsDartford FC at Nuneaton Town FC09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsWoking FC at Tamworth FC09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsSouthport FC at Welling Utd09:30 AM PST
England - DivisionsKidderminster Harriers at Halifax Town09:30 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueNorwich City at Manchester Utd09:30 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaBorussia Dortmund at Bayer Leverkusen09:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaSK Sigma Olomouc at 1 FC Slovacko10:00 AM PST
Israel - Premier LeagueMaccabi Tel Aviv at Hapoel Tel Aviv10:00 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA San Lorenzo at CA Belgrano11:00 AM PST
Argentina - Primera BCrucero del Norte at Defensa y Justicia11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Lorient at Stade Rennes11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Stade Reims at OGC Nice11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1AS Saint Etienne at Evian TG FC11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Toulouse FC at Montpellier Hsc11:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Valenciennes FC at EA Guingamp11:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaCA Osasuna at Real Madrid11:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionCD Mirandes at Cordoba CF11:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Slovan Liberec at Sparta Prague11:15 AM PST
Argentina - Primera BCA Talleres at CA Brown de Adrogue11:30 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraEverton de Vina Del Mar at Huachipato11:30 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraPalestino at Audax Italiano11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionEl Tanque Sisley at Racing Club Mdeo.11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionDanubio FC at CA River Plate11:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionJuventud de LP at CA Cerro11:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie ASSC Napoli at Inter Milan11:45 AM PST
BOXINGA Leapai vs W Klitschko12:00 PM PST
NHLDetroit Red Wings vs Boston Bruins12:05 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BAmerica RN at Oeste SP12:20 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BSanta Cruz PE at Portuguesa SP12:20 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BVila Nova GO at Nautico PE12:20 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BVasco Da Gama RJ at Luverdense MT12:20 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BPonte Preta SP at Atletico Goianiense12:20 PM PST
Colombia - Torneo PostobonU. d. Popayan at Expreso Rojo12:30 PM PST
Colombia - Torneo PostobonFC Aguablanca at Bogota FC12:30 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionCerro Porteno at General Diaz12:30 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaUTC de Cajamarca at Los Caimanes1:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaReal Sociedad at Betis Sevilla1:00 PM PST
USA - MLSColorado Rapids at Seattle Sounders1:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraColon de Santa Fe at Atletico de Rafaela1:10 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraGimnasia y Esgrima at Argentinos Jrs2:10 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ASantos FC SP at Coritiba PR2:30 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionCA 3 de Febrero at Rubio Nu2:30 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaGuabira Montero at Universitario de Sucre3:00 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaOriente Petrolero at The Strongest3:00 PM PST
Ecuador - Serie ADeportivo Cuenca at El Nacional Quito3:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraSantos Laguna at Tiburones Rojos3:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraUnam Pumas at Cruz Azul3:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA Rosario Central at Velez Sarsfield3:20 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraRangers de Talca at O`higgins FC4:00 PM PST
USA - MLSFC Dallas at Washington DC Utd4:00 PM PST
NHLColumbus Blue Jackets vs Pittsburgh Penguins4:05 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraQuilmes AC at Racing Club4:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AFluminense RJ at Palmeiras SP5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BBoa Esporte Clube at ABC RN5:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie BCeara CE at America Mineiro MG5:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraAtlas at Uanl Tigres5:00 PM PST
UFCJ Duke vs B Correia5:25 PM PST
UFCT Elliott vs J Benavidez6:20 PM PST
NHLMinnesota Wild vs Colorado Avalanche6:35 PM PST
UFCA Fili vs M Holloway7:00 PM PST
Mexico - PrimeraCF Atlante at Jaguares de Chiapas7:00 PM PST
NHLLos Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks7:05 PM PST
BOXINGJ Diaz vs K Thurman7:15 PM PST
UFCY Medeiros vs J Miller7:25 PM PST
USA - MLSChivas Usa at San Jose Earthquakes7:30 PM PST
UFCT Boetsch vs L Rockhold8:00 PM PST
UFCA Johnson vs P Davis8:25 PM PST
UFCG Teixeira vs J Jones8:55 PM PST
Spain - La LigaUD Almeria at Espanyol Barcelona03:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionRecreativo Huelva at SD Eibar03:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ACatania Calcio at Hellas Verona03:30 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueCardiff City at Sunderland AFC04:00 AM PST
Scotland - PremierHeart of Midlothian at Hibernian FC04:45 AM PST
France - Ligue 1Paris St Germain at FC Sochaux05:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Anzhi Makhachkala at FC Rostov05:00 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieAjax Amsterdam at Heracles Almelo05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieGo Ahead Eagles at Vitesse Arnhem05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieFC Utrecht at SC Heerenveen05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieCambuur Leeuwarden at Feyenoord Rotterdam05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieRKC Waalwijk at NAC Breda05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisiePSV Eindhoven at PEC Zwolle05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieFC Twente Enschede at NEC Nijmegen05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieFC Groningen at Roda JC Kerkrade05:30 AM PST
Holland - EredivisieAZ Alkmaar at ADO Den Haag05:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie AAC Chievo Verona at Sampdoria Genoa06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie ALazio Roma at AS Livorno06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AParma FC at Cagliari Calcio06:00 AM PST
Italy - Serie AUdinese Calcio at Turin FC06:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueChelsea FC at Liverpool FC06:05 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaHamburger SV at FC Augsburg06:30 AM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionInstitucion Atletica at Mdeo. Wanderers FC06:30 AM PST
Scotland - PremierInverness Caledonian Thistle at Celtic FC07:00 AM PST
Russia - Premier LeagueFC Dinamo Moscow at RFK Terek Grozny07:30 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFC Vysocina Jihlava at FK Baumit Jablonec08:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaFK Mlada Boleslav at FC Zbrojovka Brno08:00 AM PST
France - Ligue 1SC Bastia at Olympique Lyon08:00 AM PST
Spain - La LigaAtletico Madrid at Valencia CF08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionTenerife CD at Real Jaen08:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionHercules CF at CE Sabadell08:00 AM PST
England - Premier LeagueManchester City at Crystal Palace08:10 AM PST
Germany - BundesligaMonchengladbach at FC Schalke 0408:30 AM PST
Peru - Copa IncaInti Gas Deportes at Sporting Cristal09:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Madrid Castilla at Numancia CD09:15 AM PST
Spain - La LigaSevilla FC at Athletic Bilbao10:00 AM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionReal Zaragoza at Girona FC10:00 AM PST
Czech - 1. LigaSK Slavia Prague at Bohemians 190511:15 AM PST
Chile - PrimeraColo Colo at Nublense11:30 AM PST
Italy - Serie AGenoa FC at Atalanta Bergamasca11:45 AM PST
Argentina - PrimeraGodoy Cruz A.t. at Estudiantes de La Plata12:00 PM PST
Argentina - Primera BCA Huracan at Independiente Rivadavia12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AInternacional RS at Botafogo RJ12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AFlamengo RJ at Corinthians SP12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ASao Paulo SP at Cruzeiro MG12:00 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AAtletico Paranaense at Vitoria BA12:00 PM PST
France - Ligue 1FC Girondins Bordeaux at Lille Osc12:00 PM PST
Spain - La LigaFC Barcelona at Villarreal CF12:00 PM PST
Spain - Segunda DivisionAlcorcon AD at Real Murcia CF12:00 PM PST
Uruguay - Primera DivisionClub Nacional de Football at CA Penarol12:00 PM PST
USA - MLSPortland Timbers at Houston Dynamo12:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera Division12 de Octubre de Itaugua at Deportivo Capiata12:15 PM PST
Bolivia - Liga Profesional BolivianaCA Nacional Potosi at Club Jorge Wilstermann12:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraCA All Boys at Atletico Lanus1:00 PM PST
Paraguay - Primera DivisionSol de America at Club Sportivo Luqueno1:00 PM PST
Venezuela - Primera DivisionAragua FC at Deportivo Petare1:30 PM PST
Venezuela - Primera DivisionMineros de Guayana at Atletico Venezuela1:30 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraArsenal de Sarandi at Boca Juniors2:15 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AChapecoense SC at Sport Recife PE2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AAtletico Mineiro MG at Gremio RS2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie AEC Bahia BA at Figueirense FC2:30 PM PST
Brazil - Serie ACriciuma SC at Goias GO2:30 PM PST
Venezuela - Primera DivisionDep. La Guaira at Deportivo Lara2:30 PM PST
Chile - PrimeraCD Cobreloa Calama at Universidad de Chile3:00 PM PST
Colombia - Torneo PostobonLlaneros FC at America de Cali3:15 PM PST
Peru - Copa IncaClub Cienciano at Universitario de Deportes4:00 PM PST
Argentina - PrimeraRiver Plate at Club Olimpo5:30 PM PST
Argentina - MinorCA Platense at CA Temperley5:30 PM PST
BOXINGM Maidana vs F Mayweather Jr8:00 PM PST
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