TwinSpires Sportsbook Promo Code

Update: TwinSpires no longer exists as an online sportsbook. Churchill Downs is out of the mobile sports betting business, but TwinSpires still operates as a horse racing app and CDI still operates a few retail sportsbooks. This page is no longer accurate and will not be updated.

You have probably heard of Churchill Downs, the famous horse track that hosts the Kentucky Derby each year on the first Saturday in May.

If you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Indiana, you may have heard of or even used BetAmerica, a popular mobile sportsbook offered in those states.

What you may not be familiar with is TwinSpires Sportsbook, a sportsbook owned by Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI), the parent company for Churchill Downs and BetAmerica. TwinSpires, an established name in the horse betting market, is now expanding to sports betting. CDI announced in early 2021 that it is combining its two sportsbooks and rebranding BetAmerica as TwinSpires. TwinSpires is now live in Michigan and will not only be taking over soon for BetAmerica in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, but launching new online sportsbooks in states across the country.

Here you will find all the information you need about TwinSpires Sportsbook. Please remember that TwinSpires is replacing BetAmerica, which is why both brands are sometimes mentioned interchangeably in this review.

TwinSpires Sportsbook Promo Code

TwinSpires is giving new members up to $1,000 in risk-free bets. Here’s what you have to do to claim yours:

Step 1: Register for an account using one of our links on this page.

Step 2: Fund your account and start wagering. If your settled wager loses, you will receive a free bet equal to the amount of the losing eligible wager, up to $1,000. Additional losing bets will be refunded until you reach the $1,000 promotion bonus or you have a winning bet. Free bets awarded from this promotion are not immediately withdrawable. However, any winnings derived from the free bets can be cashed out at any time.


Getting Started with TwinSpires Online Sportsbook

TwinSpires makes it easy to sign up for a new account. Here is everything you need to begin wagering with TwinSpires:

Step 1 – Click the green “JOIN NOW” button on the top right corner of the page

Step 2 – Enter your contact information.

Step 3 – Enter your address exactly as it appears on your driver’s license

Step 4 – Create a Username and Password, answer two security questions, and verify your identity. This step does include providing the last 4 numbers of your Social Security Number, which is standard industry practice.

After completing those steps, you will have a TwinSpires account. But the bad news is that you can’t use your account unless you are in a state where TwinSpires is licensed to operate and accepting wagers. You can add funds but you can’t use those funds to bet on sports unless you are in a legal state. The sportsbook require users to download their geo-verification software to ensure that you are actually in a permitted state.


If you’re in a legal state or you want to fund your account for an upcoming trip to one, TwinSpires offers many options to do so.

Online Banking – You can make a deposit using your existing bank account. Over 1,000 banks are included in the online banking method, including the largest banks such as Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

Credit Card – Use your Visa or Mastercard to quickly and easily fund your account.

PayPal – PayPal is listed as an option, but according to the page, “per current PayPal policies you must use ACH to fund your PayPal account for wagering purposes.”

ACH – ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is a network used for electronically moving money between bank accounts across the US. TwinSpires uses the VIPCASHLINE global pay program for customers to fund their accounts using their bank information. This method requires your driver’s license information, bank account number, and routing number.

TwinSpires Prepaid Play+ – TwinSpires has a branded prepaid Play+ account, which is a personalized prepaid card account linked to the online casino for safe deposits and withdrawals. Many online sportsbooks use Play+, which is secure and FDIC-insured.

Skrill – Skrill started out in the UK but has become a popular option for online sportsbooks here in the States. It is an online e-wallet similar to PayPal that can be funded by Visa, Mastercard, or bank transfers. TwinSpires does ask to verify your identity before using Skrill to make a withdrawal. This verification process includes a valid photo ID, proof of address, proof of payment, and source of income. All documents must be emailed to TwinSpires for verification.

Check – If you are old school and still prefer to do your banking by check, TwinSpires accepts cashier checks, money orders, bankers drafts and personal checks to fund your online account. Payments can be mailed to TwinSpires and the funds must be transferred directly from your bank account.

Cash at Cage – Many online sportsbooks with retail partnerships allow you to deposit and withdraw money directly at the casino cage. If you happen to be at the Island Resort & Casino in Harris, Michigan, you can stop by the TwinSpires Sportsbook and inquire about account deposit and withdrawal options.  

How to Bet

TwinSpires Sportsbook is accessible through your browser or on your smartphone using the TwinSpires Sportsbook app. Once you are logged in, placing wagers is simple and straightforward. All the major sports are easily accessible, with the top live games listed first and also available as a tab on the bottom of the app. Your betslip appears after you pick the wager you want to make. Once you choose the amount you want to bet, the betslip helpfully lists the potential payout right next to the Place Bet button. Push that button and your bet has been made. All previous and current bets can be found in the My Bets section at the bottom of the app.  

Types of Bets

Most of you are well aware of the different types of bets offered by TwinSpires and other online sportsbooks. Here is a refresher for those new to online sports betting. There are other types of bets (parlay, teaser, etc.) but these are the major ones. More information on different types of bets can be found here and here.

Spread – In order to keep the action as close to 50/50 as possible, sportsbooks long ago introduced the point spread to get people to wager on the underdog. If Team X is -10 against Team Y, Team X has to win by at least 11 for you to win the bet. So if you think Team Y has a chance to win or it will be a close game, you would take Team Y +10.

Moneyline – If you think Team X will win the game but may not win by 11, you can wager on them to win outright. This is a moneyline bet. If they are favored by 10, it will cost you more to bet on them to win without a spread. Such a bet would be listed as something like Team X -500. This means you have to pay $500 to win $100, but there is no point spread to worry about.

Over/Under – This is the total number of points scored in the game, including overtime. On TwinSpires, it is listed as “Total Points.” As an example, a big game like the Super Bowl may have the points set at O/U 56.5. If there are 57+ points scored in the game, the over bettors win. 56 points or fewer and the under has it. Not surprisingly, the over is a more popular bet than the under. People love to see scoring, plus who wants to root for fewer points? You may as well read a book.

Prop BetsProp bets are bets that aren’t related to the outcome of the game. TwinSpires offers hundreds of prop bets every day. Prop betting on college sports is restricted in many states, but for the pros, there are more player prop bets than you can handle. For a standard hockey game alone you can bet on the spread, three-way (win, loss, tie), moneyline, over/under, and dozens of prop bets, including whether a certain player will score the first goal, last goal, or a goal at any time. How they come up with odds on specific players to score the first goal is almost beyond comprehension but probably involved multiple algorithms and computer models.

FuturesFutures are just that, making a bet on what will happen in the future. If you bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers +450 to win the World Series, you just made a futures bet. Your $100 hypothetical bet would pay you back $550 ($100 original bet plus $450), but you obviously won’t know if you won your bet until after the World Series in late October. Futures bets are fun for fans but don’t have a lot of value for active bettors who are hesitant to tie up their bankroll for months at a time.

Active States


TwinSpires Sportsbook went live in Michigan on January 22, 2021, the same day the state began allowing mobile bets. TwinSpires is a new presence in the state, replacing BetAmerica. In Michigan, TwinSpires utilizes SBTech technology and has partnered with Island Resort & Casino in Harris.


Indiana law lets each licensed casino host up to three separate brands, or skins, under its umbrella. BetAmerica partnered with the Rising Star Casino Resort and launched in Indiana on December 30, 2019. Its tech provider is SBTech. As discussed earlier, BetAmerica will soon become TwinSpires in Indiana.


Similar to New Jersey, Pennsylvania has a robust, competitive online sports betting marketplace, with over a dozen operators in the state. CDI acquired Erie-based Presque Isle Downs & Casino in 2018, with the intention of using its single online betting license to host a sportsbook. BetAmerica was that sportsbook, which launched both a retail location at Presque Isle and an online sportsbook statewide in December 2019. TwinSpires will soon replace BetAmerica’s online presence in Pennsylvania.

New Jersey

New Jersey is the undisputed leader in online sports betting. There are currently about 20 mobile sportsbooks operating in the state, with more likely to come. BetAmerica has been a mid-size player in the crowded field of sportsbook operators. Its casino partner is Golden Nugget. TwinSpires will soon come to New Jersey as the rebranded BetAmerica and is expected to keep its gaming partnership with Golden Nugget.

One note of interest to potential TwinSpires users in New Jersey who are also NBA fans: Tilman Fertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets, also owns the Golden Nugget Casino, which is the casino partner for BetAmerica/TwinSpires. This means you can’t bet on the Rockets while using the TwinSpires app in New Jersey. With James Harden now playing in Brooklyn, that development is unlikely to affect many New Jersey-based bettors.

Other States

TwinSpires is expected to go live in other states as time goes on. Colorado, where there is already a BetAmerica retail presence and online betting is a great candidate. States like Tennessee and Virginia are also excellent candidates for expansion.

Mobile vs. Browser

TwinSpires Sportsbook is available on your laptop, iPhone, and, if you are an Android person, your smartphone. Currently the app is not available in the Google Play store, so the easiest way to get it on your Android phone is to go to the TwinSpires website in your phone’s browser and find the download option at the bottom of the home page. This will change soon, however. Google announced on January 2021 that the company is changing its longstanding prohibition and will soon allow sports betting and casino apps in the Google Play store. Look for TwinSpires and other sports betting apps to be available in the Play Store in the near future.

The layout is similar for the browser and app. The website is easy to navigate, though the promos and betslip are a bit large and can be intrusive. All the available wagers, or “markets,” are available on the top of the front page and also on the left side. The promotions are prominently displayed in the middle of the page. Sports that are “live right now” are featured both on the default home page and as an option on the left side of the page.

Tens of thousands of betting options are listed on a daily basis, covering every major sport worldwide. TwinSpires also offers thousands of prop bets for every sport, such as whether there will be a safety scored in the Super Bowl (Yes +800/No -1667), but there are no markets for non-game action (ex. length of the national anthem).

Live betting is integrated into all the markets listed and the odds are continuously adjusted to reflect the ongoing action. On the browser version there is even a user-friendly way to shift the odds in real time if you want an alternate line. The technology is state of the art and the user experience is very good. Your betslip is always listed on the right side of the page and many wagers can be combined into parlays and round-robins under the “Combination” tab. Total stake and potential payout are easily visible in the betslip, and you can place your bet by clicking on the logically named “Place Bet” button.

Customer Service

Got a question about your account? TwinSpires will be glad to assist you. If your question isn’t answered in the FAQ section, you can chat online with a customer service agent any time, day or night. Just click on the Help button on the bottom right corner of the website. You can also call them or send them an email with your question. No word on if they answer questions by letter or fax, but you probably could reach them that way if you asked nicely.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here are some frequently asked questions about TwinSpires Sportsbook.

What is the TwinSpires Sportsbook bonus?

The latest bonus is up to $1,000 risk-free bets. If your bet loses, you get a refund. If your first three bets all lose, you get a refund for all three. If your first six bets lose, you have some really bad luck, but you get a refund for all six, up to a total of $1,000. Remember that this offer is only valid until you win a bet. So if you win your first bet, good job! But you don’t get a refund on your second one if it loses. Check out our full breakdown of the current bonus above.

Is there a TwinSpires Sportsbook promo code?

Scores and Odds doesn’t have an exclusive promo code for TwinSpires (yet), just be sure to use the links we’ve provided on this page.

Is TwinSpires Sportsbook safe?

Yes! We would never recommend a sportsbook that is not regulated by the states in which it operates. TwinSpires is fully licensed and regulated by state regulatory agencies. Your money is secure and you can withdraw it at any time according to their rules and guidelines.

Is TwinSpires Sportsbook legal?

TwinSpires is totally legal in the states in which it operates. Unfortunately, not every state has legalized sports betting yet, but with 25 states and the District of Columbia either having some sort of legalized sports betting available, we are getting there. If TwinSpires isn’t available in your state, unless you live in Utah (no offense to the fine people of Utah, but your state isn’t legalizing anything anytime soon), chances are TwinSpires may be coming your way at some point in the future.

Where is TwinSpires Sportsbook available?

As of January 2021, TwinSpires Sportsbook is only available in Michigan. As mentioned, TwinSpires will soon be coming to Indiana, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as it replaces BetAmerica in those states. We expect TwinSpires to expand to other states, beginning with Colorado (where BetAmerica already has a retail presence), sometime in the near future.

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