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NBA Schedule and Scores

TNTOpenLine Movements Current Moneyline Notes
701 UTAJazz0-0
o220.5 -112 o220.5 -112 +114
702 NOPelicans0-0
+1 -112
-1.5 -110
-2 -112
-2.5 -105
-2.5 -112 -136
TNTOpenLine Movements Current Moneyline Notes
703 LACClippers0-0
704 LALLakers0-0
+1 -112
+1 -112
+1 -109
-1.5 -110 -115

NBA Betting Information

NBA betting has seen enormous growth in recent years and will continue to do so as legal sports betting expands in the US. The NBA season starts in October, but things really start eating up in the spring and early summer. NBA isn’t as popular as NFL betting, but it is more popular than the NHL and MLB. Because if its popularity, NBA lines are fairly efficient. One of the best ways to find an edge against US sportsbooks is by using our NBA odds page, which shows you the best lines for every NBA bet.

The most common way to bet on NBA is by betting on the point spread and totals (or Over/Unders). You can also bet on NBA moneylines. Learn how to read lines and check out our FAQ if you’re new to sports betting or simply need a quick refresher. Additionally, use our parlay calculator if you’re looking to drain an NBA parlay from downtown.