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What is a Parlay?

A parlay is a bet that combines two or more picks for a larger payout than normal wagers at U.S. sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks even allow same game parlays, which may change the odds and payouts you see in this parlay calculator. For the purposes of this page, we’ll stick with traditional parlays.

All picks in a single parlay must cover in order to win the parlay bet. Covering five of six games in a six-team parlay counts the same as losing six of six games. Put simply, a parlay requires perfection.

With more risk comes more reward. Two-team parlays (or two-teamers) typically pay 2.6-to-1 and three-team parlays pay 6-to-1. You can add more picks for larger payouts. The payouts above are based on normal-juiced spreads (-110). However, not all spreads are juiced -110. For example, sometimes you will find a side or total -/+105 or -/+120, making parlay calculations a little more difficult. (Learn how to read lines here.)

Moreover, payouts are different when you parlay moneylines, which are particularly common when it comes to betting on the MLB, NHL, and MMA.

For example, look at this hypothetical $10 MLB parlay:

Enter the price of each pick above (-210, -165 & -120) into the parlay calculator along with the wager size. If you entered everything correctly the payout should read $33.46. The heavy favorites in the parlay decrease the size of the payout.

Now look at this $10 parlay of NFL underdogs:

Again, enter the parlay prices and the wager amount. This time the payout is $445.7 since the parlay consists of big underdogs.

Keep in mind, most sportsbooks do not allow correlated parlays. So you would not be able to parlay the Eagles moneyline and the Eagles spread together, since the Eagles covering the spread increases the odds of the Eagles winning the moneyline. You can often parlay an over/under bet with a spread or moneyline bet from the same game, but there are occasional restrictions depending on the numbers.

The parlay calculator, along with other sports betting tools for NFL, MLB, NBA & more, will help serious and recreational sports bettors alike save time and money as they navigate legal US sportsbooks.