Ohio Sports Betting

Ohio Sports Betting

On this page, we’ll break down everything we know about the status of sports betting in Ohio. The latest on the rulemaking process, expected sportsbooks, how to sign up for an account, betting options, banking, and more. We’ve got you covered.

Ohio Sports Betting Basics

Here are some of the rules and regulations that are part of the sports betting legislation that was signed into law in December 2021:

21+ Age Limit

Requiring that all sports betting participants be at least 21 years old is the industry standard across the U.S. You will have to be 21 or older to bet on sports in Ohio.

You Must Be In Ohio

In order to place a sports bet over the internet with a regulated Ohio book, you will need to be inside the state of Ohio. Every legal online sportsbook that sets up shop in the state will require you to download a piece of geolocation software that will accurately relay your position to the book. If the sportsbook can’t tell exactly where you are, you can’t press the “Bet” button.

If you’re just visiting Ohio, that’s absolutely fine. You don’t need to live there, you just have to be inside the state when you place your bets.

Different Types of Sportsbooks

Ohio decided to create three different sportsbook licenses, which will result in several different wagering options for bettors in the state.

Type A sportsbook licenses are the traditional type. Existing casinos in the state, along with all the sports teams, NASCAR, and the PGA Tour, qualify for a Type A sports betting license, which entitles them to two online “skins” or license partners. For example, the Cleveland Guardians would be able to partner with two online sportsbooks, who would able to operate in the state through the licensing agreement with the team. This type of license is common in many states.

Type B sportsbook licenses are for stand-alone retail sportsbooks. Up to 40 Type B licenses are up for grabs, which means that we will see many sportsbooks across the state in addition to the expected sportsbooks to open at the existing casinos and horse tracks.

Type C licenses are where things get interesting. Administered by the state lottery commission, any establishment with a liquor license can apply to install a betting kiosk at their business. This will result in hundreds of kiosks throughout the state. The kiosks will be run by the Lottery and will have lower limits and fewer options than online sportsbooks, but it will be a great way for those who may not want to open up an online account to put a few bucks on the game they are watching.

Ohio Online Sportsbooks

So how many online sportsbooks will make their way to Ohio? Right now it looks like quite a few will be in the state. Each of Ohio’s casinos (4) and racinos (7), will be eligible to host two online sports betting skins a piece. Add to that list the state’s nine sports teams, NASCAR and the PGA Tour, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame (?), and there is the potential for well over two dozen online sportsbooks to end up operating in the state. The list probably won’t grow that long, but the big guys will definitely be in the state on Day 1.

The following operators have publicly announced partnerships that will allow them to apply for a license to operate in Ohio:

Ohio Sports Betting Choices

Ohio has thus far embraced a player-friendly betting market. Some states, like New Jersey, for example, chose to forbid in-state sportsbooks from offering action on local NJ college teams. That is not the case in Ohio, where college sports, including in-state teams, are part of the plan. This seemed inevitable due to the massive popularity of Ohio State University.

Bettors will be able to wager on all of the following:

… and plenty more. And as far as bets are concerned, again – we’re expecting a full lineup that includes:

Getting Paid: How to Deposit / Withdraw

Depositing money to your Ohio online sports betting account will be a piece of cake. While illegal, offshore sites have to rely on sketchy processors or cryptocurrency, once live, the regulated online sportsbooks in Ohio will have plenty of simple, legit choices.

Throughout the growing U.S. sports betting industry, cashiers generally look pretty similar. While there will be small differences, Ohioans can expect to use all of the following to instantly fund their online accounts:

Each online sportsbook that comes to the Buckeye State will be licensed through an existing brick-and-mortar casino or racino. In some cases, bettors will be able to visit these in-person partners and deposit/withdraw right there at the casino cage. It’s a big perk of legal, regulated sports betting.

Withdrawals, in general, are just slightly slower – normally taking a day or two to process. Either way, you’re money is never far away.

Ohio Sports Betting Platforms

Once approved, Ohio will offer online sports betting via all major technology platforms. This includes computers, both Mac and PC, in addition to iOS and Android-powered mobile apps for phones and tablets.

Betting From A Computer

When betting from a computer users will first be required to download and install a geolocation plug-in. The plug-in will serve as proof of location, using your WiFi connection to accurately relay your whereabouts to the betting site. As discussed, if the site can’t locate you – you’re out of luck.

Generally speaking, the betting experience from a computer is smooth and spacious. Ohio online sportsbooks will make it easy to browse lines, add items to the bet slip, and finalize wagers. Placing a bet can be done in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Mobile Sports Betting

Sports betting mobile apps have learned to do a lot with just a little bit of space. Since they operate on a smaller screen, they’ll utilize a number of efficient menus and sorting options that will allow bettors to interact with the book however they see fit. What’s more, mobile apps give bettors full access to the book – there’s nothing you can do from your computer that you can’t do from the mobile app. This includes multi-game bets, talking with support, or banking.

Geolocation is actually a lot easier on your phone, too. Just grant the app access to your location services and it will sync immediately with its built-in GPS unit – just like your navigation system does – to show proof of location.

The Perks of Regulated Mobile Sports Betting in Ohio

Regulated online sports betting sites will blow the competition out of the water. There’s a laundry list of pros, without the cons.


First and foremost, you’re guaranteed a safe experience when betting with a legal, regulated site. You know that the site you are using is regulated by the government and that everything is above board. You never have to have concerns over whether your money is secure, or if your bet will be honored.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) will take the reins for governing the industry. It’s the same branch of the government that is responsible for regulating the state’s current crop of casinos. Betting online with a regulated site will be no less legitimate as betting in-person, inside of an Ohio casino or racino.

Fast, Easy Banking

Legal Ohio sports betting operators will offer plenty of options for both deposits and withdrawals. You won’t be pigeonholed into using a singular, sketchy option. Adding money to your account will only take a moment, and if you hit a big bet and want to cash out – your money will always be there upon request.

Unmatched Convenience

Legal sportsbooks will offer bettors the ability to wager from anywhere in the state of Ohio, at any time. Pull out your laptop or a mobile device like a phone or tablet, log in, and you’re ready to bet. It doesn’t matter if the nearest retail sportsbook is a hundred miles away – anyone in the state of Ohio can bet at any time.

Live Betting

With online sports betting you can actually wager on an event as it unfolds. Bet on the next play, pitch, or swing of a racket. Because the live odds update on the fly, it’s possible to search for the right bet and instantly lock it in. Retail betting just can’t keep up.

Excellent Customer Support

If you ever need help, it’s there. It has become standard within the U.S. sports betting industry to offer multiple channels for customer support. Email, Phone, and even Live Chat support are regularly available.

Player Protections

As with any state-sanctioned gambling, legal sports betting sites in Ohio will be required to offer responsible gaming resources and protections. Every site will allow users to set betting limits, deposit limits, time limits, etc. Self-exclusion is also readily available, in addition to other local and nationwide RG resources.

Ohio Gambling History

Like most U.S. states, gambling legislation has been slow going in Ohio. In the 1930s, horses got the green light, but it took decades for additional progress. Some 40 years later, the state’s Lottery Commission was approved in 1973, with its first tickets going on sale soon after.

Casino gaming has been an adventure. After numerous failed attempts over several decades, Ohio voters finally backed a casino gaming bill by a narrow margin in 2009. Four casinos in the state’s major cities were a go: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Columbus.

In May 2012 the Hollywood Casino Toledo, owned and operated by Penn National Gaming, was the first gambling facility to officially open its doors in Ohio. Ohio also houses numerous racinos, which offer video lottery terminals, but lack table games.

Online sports betting legislation represents a great leap forward in legal gaming options for the state and its 11 million-plus residents.


Is it legal to bet on sports in Ohio?

Sports betting has been legalized in Ohio, but sportsbooks have to wait until January 1, 2023 to actually accept wagers. This is due to the extensive regulatory rulemaking process required to make sure everything will run smoothly.

When will I be able to bet on sports in Ohio?

State officials have repeatedly said that all licensed sportsbooks will be able to offer wagering on January 1, 2023.

Will Ohio offer online and mobile sports betting?

Definitely. Up to two dozen different online sportsbooks could eventually be in Ohio based on current licensing guidelines. At least a dozen sportsbooks are expected to open up in Ohio on Day 1.

How old do you need to be to bet on sports in Ohio?

Bettors will need to be at least 21 years old to wager in Ohio.

Who oversees sports betting in Ohio?

The Ohio Lottery Commission will oversee the sports betting kiosks that will eventually end up in bars and restaurants across the state. All other aspects of sports betting, including the regulation of online sportsbooks, will be overseen by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.