NFL Matchup Report

101 49ers
102 Chiefs
-2.5 0-0 0-0 0-0
u46.5 0-0 0-0 0-0
- -
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NFL Matchups Information

When it comes to American sports betting, the NFL is the undisputed king, but is also one of the hardest games to handicap if you don’t do your research. Our NFL matchups tool can help you see how teams size up with side by side comparisons for all the major stat categories.

Legal sportsbooks have become increasingly adept at handicapping NFL football, which makes it hard to beat the books if you are not prepared. Simply looking at league standings and overall records are just simply not enough.

Our matchups tool allows you to easily compare this weeks head to heads with the betting lines for total points and spreads, teams overall records and delves even deeper with each teams record against the spread, pertinent offensive stats and their scoring history.

In addition to our matchup breakdown, we have several other resources to help you become a more informed NFL bettor. The resources include:

  • NFL Odds Comparision tool: Our odds comparison tool combs through all the legal online sportsbooks in your region and finds the best lines for all the popular bets.
  • Full Schedule: An overview of this weeks games with that is sortable by time and rotation giving you a look at the opening lines, how they have moved and moneyline odds.
  • NFL Injury report: The injury report gives you a detailed look at who is hurt, sick or just sitting out each week and their estimated return date.
  • NFL Team summary: A complete look at all NFL teams in a fully sortable list with categories such as overall record, record ATS and total points summaries.