NCAAB Injury Report

NCAA basketball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the legal and regulated US sports betting market. For bettors, the first weekend of March Madness is the equivalent of a child waking up on Christmas morning. College basketball can also be very high variance as one player can change the course of an entire game. Knowing who will be in the lineup on any given night can play a huge role in if your bet is a winner or a loser.

The NCAA basketball injury list can be a very valuable resource for both day to day bets and futures bets as it provides both short term and long term injuries for all teams listed. Using this to determine how individual injuries can impact upcoming matchups not only gives you an advantage on that nights game but how it can affect both their league standings and overall rankings.

The injury report is just part of the equation when betting college basketball so be sure to check out our other resources before placing your bets to help make you highly informed bettor and get a leg up on the books.

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