Best Bets for Today – Legal Online Sportsbook Daily Odds Boosts

Welcome to our daily odds boost resource! This page will provide you, the sports bettor, with everyday insights on the best bets in the legal sports betting market. We’ll highlight a collection of the best odds boosts bets offered by legal sportsbooks in legal states.\

Best Online Sportsbook Daily Odds Boost Bets for Today

What is an Odds Boost Bet?

Online sportsbooks are always looking for ways to bring in new customers through exciting promotions like deposit matche and odds-boosted bets. An odds boost bet is exactly what it sounds like – online sportsbooks will boost the odds on certain bets to bring the odds further in your favor.

Odds boosts are usually based around big events, and vary on how valuable they are depending on how much they move the line and how likely the bet is to win. This page will help you identify which odds boost are worth it, and which ones to stay away from. Not all odds boosts are created equal as some are no-brainers and some may be too good to be true.

For example, when DraftKings first launched in Pennsylvania, they ran an odds boost promo where they moved the line of the Sixers to score over 76 points from the original line of over 115 points against the Lakers. This bet came with a max wager of $50 but was meant to be a no-brainer to help bring more business to the book.

Not all odds boosts are going to be this generous, but if you know what to look for, you can find some very valuable odds boosts bets across all the legal and regulated online sportsbooks.

How to Find an Odds Boost With Good Value

There is no limit on what bets online sportsbooks will boost and some will be a great value, while some will not be worth a second look. Figuring out which to bet comes down to doing a little research.

Every book will have its own unique odds boosts either each day, week, or just for special events. If you have accounts at multiple online sportsbooks, always be sure to check the odds boosts before placing bets for the day, as a wager you were planning on betting, may be boosted.

After checking out the multiple books, you may find boosted odds for the opposite of what you were planning on betting, the odds on the other side of your bet may now have more value or could lead to an arbitrage opportunity. Arbitrage is when you are able to bet both sides of a particular bet and lock in profit with both outcomes. For example, if FanDuel boosts the Eagles to beat the Cowboys from -150 to +100, and the Cowboys are +120, you could bet $100 on both sides and either break even or win $20.

How to Spot an Odds Boost With No Value

There are often odds boost bets that seem too good to be true, and sometimes that is, in fact, the case. Always verify that what is being offered actually has better odds than other online sportsbooks, or even those listed on the sportsbook offering the boosted bet. Often, there are bet boosts offered for several days before the actual event date. The lines can move a lot in that time, bringing the odds outside the boosted range.

For example, FOX Bet may boost the odds of the Lakers to win from -130 to +110 a few days before the game is actually played. When it’s later announced that LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not playing, and the odds change from -130 to +150, but the boost has already been set, so you will get better odds by just betting the actual moneyline.

Getting in the habit of checking the odds of a boosted parlay is something that could save you from making some poor bets. There have been many parlays that if you just built the parlay yourself at a different online sportsbook, you could actually get better odds.

Claiming Odds Boosts and other Promotions

When you spot an odds boost or promotion that you want to take advantage of, be sure to read the terms before rushing to place that bet. Some odds boosts and other promotions require that you “opt in” before placing the bet. Its a different process for each online sportsbook, so we will walk you through the process for some of our favorite books that typically require an opt in.

While DraftKings does have an “odds boost” section, many of their promotional offerings require that you opt in. Also, for boosts like the 30% profit boost, you will need to check a box in the betslip when you are ready to use it.

When you find a promotional offering on FanDuel that you want to bet, you click on the banner and you will be taken to a page similar to this. You will need to click the opt in button and once you do so, the page will indicate that you have opted in, and you will be ready to place your bet.

Unibet will automatically add a checkbox to the bet slip when you add an eligible bet to the betslip. When you are ready to use the profit boost, check the box and your new odds will be reflected and you can then place your bet.

Most odds boosts do not require opting in, but be sure to check the terms of that individual promotion so you don’t miss out on the extra value. FanDuel and DraftKings are the online sportsbooks that typically require opting in, but occasionally other books will use a similar process.

What Legal Online Sportsbooks Offer Odds Boosts?


FanDuel offers daily odds boosts but in general, it’s a mixed bag when it comes to value. FanDuel’s odds boosts tend to be parlays for either multiple teams in the same sport or multiple legs on the same game. Parlay bets are often ill-advised as they are almost always a negative EV bet, but if it is a bet you would consider betting anyway, the odds boost will help you earn an extra profit if it hits.

FanDuel does offer some higher value boosts, but typically only boosts bets about 10-15% over the original value. When FanDuel offers limited-time SuperBoosts, they are often worth checking out.


DraftKings offers daily odds boosts, usually in the form of a parlay, either single game, such as Ronaldo to score and Juventus to win, or a multigame parlay like the Yankees/Dodgers/Phillies all to win. They do also offer prop bet boosts that you otherwise would not be able to bet, for example, any National League player to hit a grand slam on opening day.

DraftKings offers a lot of boosts, but also usually are not boosted more than 10-15% like their biggest rival, FanDuel. Checking the odds on another site is always a good idea to determine if the boost is worth a bet. DraftKings does occasionally offer very high-value odds boost bets that are more likely to win than normal odds.


This is where it gets interesting when it comes to odds boosts, as FOX Bet offers, by far, the most odds boost bets in the industry. FOX bet refers to their odds boosts as “Bet Boosts” and offers up to 5 bet boosts per game or match and plenty of boosts via its FOX Sports personality-driven promotional schedule.

If you are willing to sift through hundreds of Bet Boosts, you will be able to find some value on FOX Bet. There have been several times where the odds are actually worse in a Bet Boost on FOX Bet than if you just built the parlay yourself, but there were also plenty of opportunities to get a high value bet in on some of your favorite betting markets.

FOX Bet also offers tons of #custombets, which aren’t exactly boosted but offer bets that you usually wouldn’t be able to wager on. FOX Bet sorts these bets into categories from the extreme long shot, with bets topping out around +100,000 all the way down to bets around even money.


BetRivers offers boosted bets under their “BetRivers Specials” tab on the left side of the screen. Usually, a good mix of futures and daily bet boosts ranging from long shots to bets that are around even money. BetRivers boosted bets tend to be similar to DraftKings and FanDuel where they offer the same game and multigame parlays, but do throw in the occasional prop bet that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to bet.

BetRivers Specials can be fun from time to time, but don’t typically offer high-value betting opportunities. As with the other sites on this list, it’s always good to check the odds of a parlay before betting a BetRivers boosted odds bet, but they usually do offer better odds than if you built the parlay yourself.


Unibet online sportsbook does offer the occasional odds boost, but they do their boosted odds a little different. Instead of selecting the boosts for you, they find particular betting markets and allow you to select the bet that you want to boost, and allow you to boost it anywhere from 10% all the way up to 50%.

For example, on a week where there is a lot of English Premier League action, you can select any bet on any EPL game and boost it 20% meaning that if the odds for a selected bet is +100, and you choose to boost it, it will now offer +120 odds.

Unibet also offers weekly boosted parlay odds, where you can boost the odds of a 3, 4, or 5 leg parlay at 10%, 20%, or 30% respectively. You get one per week at each level and the offer resets every Sunday night.

Other Options

States With Legal Sports Betting

StateDraftKingsFanDuelFOX BetPointsBetBetMGMBetRivers
New JerseyYesYesYesYesYesYes (Play SugarHouse)
PennsylvaniaYesYesYes-Coming soonYes
West Virginia
ColoradoYesYesYesComing soonYesYes
IndianaYesYesComing soonComing soonYesYes
IllinoisComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonYes
IowaYesComing soonComing soon YesComing soonComing soon
MichiganComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon

New Jersey

New Jersey was the state that led the fight for legal and regulated online sports betting is a hot spot, giving you the most options to place a bet online.


After many delays, Pennsylvania got its legal and regulated online sportsbook market going in June 2019 and quickly took over the top spot for the largest market in the US and continues to grow.


Retail sports betting in Indiana kicked off in September 2019 and quickly moved to the online realm just a few weeks later. Indiana continues to add new online sportsbooks and the potential of having over 40 online books when all is said and done.

West Virginia

West Virginia’s online sportsbook market may not be the biggest, but is home to some heavy hitters in the online sports betting market including DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.


Initially, there was a rule that online bettors would need to register in person, but due to the restrictions set in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker issued an executive order temporarily suspending that restriction, which led to BetRivers taking the first online bets in June 2020.


Iowa has the potential for being a huge sports betting market but is being hampered by its in-person registration requirement through January 2021. Some sites allow you to register online, and visit the partner casino just to verify your identity. Once February 2021 rolls around, the Iowa online betting market should get a huge boost.

States Coming Soon

Daily Odds Boosts FAQs

What is an Odds Boost?

An odds boost is a promotional offering from an online sportsbook that enhances the odds of a particular bet.

Are Odds Boost Bets Good Value?

Some odds boost bets are great value while others you should probably avoid. Doing a little research can help you determine if they are a good bet.

What Legal Online Sportsbooks Offer Boosed Bets?

Almost all online sportsbooks offer their own version of an odds boost. Our top picks for sites with odds boosts are FanDuel, DraftKings, BetRivers, Unibet, and FOX Bet.

What States Have Online Sportsbooks That Offer Odds Boosts?

Currently, the states that offer online sports betting odds boosts are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, and West Virginia. Tennessee, Michigan, and Virginia are all coming soon.