Fans of college football REALLY like college football. There are fewer casual college football fans than there are for other leagues, like the NBA and NFL. Their passion is often rooted in a deep connection to their favorite school, which also includes a deep dislike of rival schools. This is great, but it also can lead to some, ahem, irrational wagering.

How else does one explain New Mexico State being listed by all five major sportsbooks in the National Championship futures category? Sure, the Aggies are 100,000/1 long-shots (is there a term for a longer shot than a long-shot?), but there they are, a woeful 2-10 team in 2021, with odds to win the 2022 title. Who on earth would make that wager? Someone put money on them, which is why they are listed. Sportsbooks tend to avoid listing bets that don’t attract any wagers. 

NCAA College Football Odds

Sportsbooks offer a robust futures market for NCAA football. Major operators list the following futures categories, which are tracked in real time by SAO:

  • Heisman Trophy Winner (best college football player)
  • National Championship Winner
  • Total Wins by Team
  • AAC Winner
  • Big 10 Winner
  • Pac-12 Winner
  • Big 12 Winner
  • ACC Winner
  • SEC Winner
  • SEC East Winner
  • SEC West Winner
  • ACC Coastal Division Winner
  • ACC Atlantic Division Winner
  • Big 10 East Winner
  • Big 10 West Winner

That’s a lot of different markets to track. The best part of the SAO NCAAF Futures Odds Comparison, besides it doing all the work for you, is that it tracks markets that are only available on one or two sportsbooks. For example, while all the sportsbooks currently offer odds on the biggest teams like Alabama or Ohio State to win the National Championship, some sportsbooks go a little deeper and offer futures odds on division titles. 

In fact, only FanDuel offers the Big 10, ACC, and SEC division winner futures as of June 10. Additionally, Caesars is the only sportsbook to offer futures on the AAC Championship at this moment. Add to that the dozens of teams that have Total Win futures and Championship futures offered by some sportsbooks and not others, and it would be a full-time job just to keep all the information updated. Luckily for you, SAO already did the work. All you have to do is navigate the above table and find the odds on your favorite (or least favorite) team.

Finding Value In NCAAF Futures Bets

Let’s just get this out of the way. There is no value in taking Alabama to win the National Championship. Betting a team +200 to win the title with the season still months away is a questionable strategy. You’re tying up your bankroll until January for a 2/1 wager that is far from a sure thing. 

However, there are plenty of reasons to bet on NCAAF futures, most of which have to do with picking someone other than Alabama. For example, Texas has generated a lot of buzz in the 2022 offseason. Someone thinking they may have a breakout season could find a ton of value by picking them to win the title. One quick check of the tracker in early June 2022 showed that the price on a Texas future varied from 40/1 to 100/1. That’s a huge spread! At +10000, FanDuel was/is the place to go for a Texas future. In fact, FanDuel has the best value on a lot of the top teams, as you can see in the table above and the screenshot below. 

Expert College Football Predictions 2022

Looking at the SAO NCAAF Futures tracker can cause confusion and angst. Where is the value? Are conference futures a better bet than team totals? Should you lock up your funds for several months? It’s enough to make you want to lay down. Consider SAO Premium your antidote to futures betting anxiety. The SAO team does all the hard work, breaking down each team’s roster and schedule to find the betting value that lies in the futures tracker. Each week during college football season, subscribers to SAO Premium get the freshest NCAA football picks. Our pickers have a proven track record of success and are ready and eager to tackle the 2022 college football season. Sign up for SAO Premium today!