Frequently Asked Questions

In the Betting Trends section, how are the percentages calculated? What do the 3 columns, Side, Money, & Total mean?

The Betting Trends show you the percentage of money that has been bet on either side of each bet, as reported by various Las Vegas sportbooks.

The three columns represent the 3 possible wagers for each game:

What Do I Need to Know About the Recent Changes to the Website?

To find out more about why the site looks different, what has changed, and why we we decided to do this redesign now, please visit this page.

What does it mean when the odds are highlighted?

The highlighted data indicates that there has been a change since the last time the page was refreshed.

How Can I Find Odds For Past Dates?

At the top of the ScoresAndOdds homepage is a calendar. You can navigate back through the current or most recent season for each sport.

Sometimes the line for a team has extra numbers after it like -8 (-115) or u36 (-115). What do those numbers mean?

When placing a sports wager “against the spread”, bookmakers usually charge a percentage of the bet as a fee, sometimes called the “juice”. Customarily, the juice is 10%, so regardless of whether you bet on the favorite or the underdog, you’d expect to bet $110 to win $100. When there is too much action on one side of a bet, the bookmaker will want to try to drive more bets to the other side, and there are 2 ways to do it: they can change the point spread, or–if they feel strongly about the spread–they can simply change the “juice”, the cost of placing the bet. So when you see a line like -8 (-115) it means that the point spread is still 8, but to bet on the favorite, you’d now have to bet $115 to win $100. But that also means that you could now bet the underdog and only have to wager $105 to win $100.

The same principle applies to betting on the point total of the game, the “Over/Under”. When you see u36 (-115), it means that if you bet that the total points will be under 36, you’d have to wager $115 to win $100, but if you bet the over, you’d only have to bet $105 to win $100. Here’s a page with a full explanation of how to read lines.