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Today's GOLF Odds

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Golf may not be the most popular sport to bet on, but it definitely has a plethora of betting opportunities and is gaining traction at online sportsbooks. There is a tournament almost every week of the year, and betting markets, including futures, matchups, and live betting, are available each day of the week. The 2022 Masters was one of the most-wagered golf tournaments in history, and we expect golf to continue to gain a following among sports bettors looking for value and variety in their wagering.

Long-shots win PGA Tour events all the time, and favorites regularly miss cuts they were easily expected to make. Picking the winner of a golf tournament is HARD. You’re not going to pick a winner every week, so the key is to find value and to manage your bankroll to maximize opportunities. Bettors generally only bet a relatively small amount on outright winners because the payout is so large. Most weeks, the betting favorite is well over +1000 to win.

Golf Futures vs. Team Sport Futures

Golf tournaments usually have over 120 players competing in them. This makes the futures market more robust but also more unpredictable than major US team sports leagues, in which only a handful of teams have a real shot at winning a title. Additionally, only the four major events have futures betting available beyond the week of the tournament, which makes for a more limited futures market. You can bet on who will win the US Open or the Masters pretty much all year, but you can’t bet on who will win the PGA Tour tournament taking place two weeks from now.

Strategies to Find Value in Golf Futures

Betting on golf futures can be a lot of fun. You have action every week and bankroll isn’t tied up for months at a time. Plus, if you find some value picks, you have a good chance of earning some big payouts. Most sportsbooks offer futures on the outright winner, top-5, top-10, top-20, top-40, and whether a player will make or miss the cut. If you think a player will do well but don’t necessarily want to pick him to win, a top-10 or top-20 pick is the perfect option. Think of it as betting on a horse to show instead of to win. The payout is lower, but the chances of winning are higher.

SAO Odds Tracker

Sportsbooks vary wildly in golf pricing, especially for long-shots. One book may have a favorite at +1000 to win while another one could have the same player at +1400 or higher. That’s a $400 difference on a $100 bet! It’s always important to shop around, but in the futures market it is particularly vital to check multiple sportsbooks in order to get the best price.

We’ve got you covered in that department. SAO’s golf odds tracker updates the odds that the top five sportsbooks offer on every golfer in real time, saving you precious time so you can lock in the best price before it changes. Best of all, it’s totally free to use! Leave the work of tracking odds to us so you can handicap and scout out your favorite picks of the week.

For Example…

Let’s go over how the SAO golf futures tracking tool can help you find the best value for your picks. We will use the 2022 RBC Heritage as our example. The favorite to win the tournament the day before Round 1 was Justin Thomas. This makes sense because he knows the course (he tied for 8th during his last appearance at the event) and he came off an 8th-place finish at the Masters the week prior. The five sportsbooks SAO uses to track golf futures bets all had him as the favorite, but the pricing varied wildly. Those who used our tracker easily and quickly found the best price without having to log into 5 different sportsbooks to check the odds, which can change in a moment’s notice.

PlayerResult Best Odds (by payout) Worst Odds
Justin ThomasWin+1400 Caesars+1000 DraftKings
Justin ThomasTop 5+330 Caesars+210 FanDuel
Justin ThomasTop 20-140 Caesars-200 DraftKings
Justin ThomasMake the Cut-500 BetMGM-833 PointsBet

If you bet $100 on Justin Thomas using the best odds to win each of the four example bets, and he ended up winning the tournament, thus winning all four bets, you would win $1,821.43 plus your original $400 bet amount. If you made the same four $100 bets on JT using the worst odds, your payout would be $1272.00 plus your original $400 wager amount. That’s a difference of $549.43, or 43.19 percent!! It pays to shop around and it pays to use the SAO golf futures tracking tool.

Golf Betting Tips on SAO

In addition to our indispensable odds tracker, the team at SAO is your source for golf-related content each week. You can start by finding free golf betting previews on our News page, and you can sign up for Premium Picks from our team of experts.

Our golf betting experts research and analyze all the details of each tournament, digging through the data to find nuggets of insight for SAO Premium subscribers. They regularly correctly predict tournament winners that were overlooked by other “experts” and have a proven track record of picking winners. Scores and Odds is your best bet for all the information you need to make money while betting on golf. Sign up for expert golf picks today!