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Use ParlayIQ to make you next NFL same game parlay.
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Welcome to SAO’s ParlayIQ tool — the same game parlay tool sportsbooks don’t want you to know about! Parlay IQ is a great option for sports bettors looking for a way to take advantage of the increasingly popular same-game parlay offerings across legal online sports betting sites.

ParlayIQ is our must-use tool for parlay bettors. This page will show how it can help you make more informed decisions when figuring out which bets, game props, and player props to include in your next same-game parlay. ParlayIQ is now available for MLB, NBA, and NFL wagering.

First, if you’re new to sports betting, let’s start with the basics of same-game parlays.

Parlay IQ is a great tool to help build parlay wagers.

What is a Same-Game Parlay?

You may have used our parlay calculator in the past to calculate the potential payout for traditional parlays. Most people are familiar with parlay wagers, which are two or more wagers combined into one. The payout is higher but all the individual wagers, or “legs” as they are known, must win for the parlay bet to win. Parlay wagers have a lower chance of success, which is why they have a bigger payout: higher risk = higher reward. Today, the main attraction at sportsbooks are same game parlays, also known as single-game parlays or one-game parlays, depending on the sportsbook. 

A same-game parlay is a parlay wager, but the legs are all related to a single game or event. Sportsbooks used to prohibit same-game parlays because it gave bettors a perceived advantage. But as their pricing and risk management models have improved, they now embrace same game wagers as a fun new betting opportunity that has taken the sports betting world by storm.

Here’s a quick example. Say the Chiefs are playing the Falcons. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and the Falcons haven’t been playing very well. You think the Chiefs are going to win by a lot and you also think Mahomes will throw at least two touchdowns. A same-game parlay would allow you to combine the Chiefs -10.5 and Patrick Mahomes Over 1.5 passing TDs into one parlay bet. If the Chiefs do cover -10.5, chances are Mahomes will have a good game, so the same game parlay is a way to combine two correlated outcomes into a wager with a higher payout.

How to Use ParlayIQ

ParlayIQ is a proprietary tool developed by experts from our Projections Team. It allows you, the bettor, to see the probability of correlating one pick with another from the same game.

If you’re into expected value (+EV) betting, you’re really going to like ParlayIQ. All our top picks have the percentage of +EV listed, so you can incorporate profitable, +EV strategies into your same game parlay submissions.

There’s plenty to like for those new to parlay betting as well. ParlayIQ is designed for everyone, from those who are wanting to place their first parlays to those who have their own spreadsheets and create their own +EV models. Let’s break down how ParlayIQ works and how to use it.

Parlay IQ is a great tool for building NFL parlay wagers.

ParlayIQ Same-Game Parlay Example

For our example, we made picks from all the suggestions and options for what was a highly anticipated 2022 Monday Night Football matchup between the Seahawks and the Broncos.

Starting out, your betslip is empty. It’s up to you to decide which bet to take first. For this example, we are going to assume that Seattle will cover +6.5, so that was our first pick.

ParlayIQ screenshot

As you can see in the screenshot above, ParlayIQ ran 4913 simulations for this one game, and the Seahawks covered +6.5 in 57% of those simulations. According to ParlayIQ, that means that the price should be -133. A quick look at DraftKings Sportsbook a few hours before the game showed the Seahawks +6.5 at a tasty -105, which means, based on ParlayIQ, the Seahawks offered +EV.

You could stop right there, take the Seahawks +6.5 at -105 over at DraftKings, and go on with your day knowing that you snagged some value. But ParlayIQ is just getting warmed up! There are hundreds of prop bets out there, and ParlayIQ has simulated outcomes and box scores for just about all of them.

More on Parlay IQ

Continuing with our example, let’s take a look at the Suggestions part of the ParlayIQ page. This is where ParlayIQ shines. Rather than just blindly finding picks to correlate together, ParlayIQ does the work for you, listing the picks that are most likely to cover in combination with any picks that have already been selected. For this example, that is Seattle +6.5.

Same game parlay picks examples.

The suggestions above show an unexpected mish-mash of prop bets correlated with Seattle +6.5. The top suggestion makes sense: An 80% chance of Seattle scoring more than 18.5 points seems reasonable if we assume they cover.

The second-most likely outcome is a head-scratcher. What does Seattle +6.5 have to do with Broncos RB Melvin Gordon getting over 1.5 receptions? At first, that might seem curious, but at 75%, it’s worth a closer look. After all, if the Seahawks cover the spread, then it’s likely to be a close game. And in a close game, with the Broncos playing from behind at some point, Melvin Gordon is more likely to be used in the passing game.

Remember that these are just the top suggestions. All the available player and team props are listed in a separate box to the left and everything is automatically calculated to correlate with the bets listed in the bet slip on the right side of the page. There is even a list of all the simulated game scores and what the stat sheets might look like based on various outcomes. Told you this is a useful tool!

Top Sportsbook Promotions for Same Game Parlays

Another great feature of ParlayIQ is the ability to switch between the biggest sportsbooks for pricing. If you’re more of a FanDuel person, the FanDuel odds are right there for you. Maybe you like the Caesars Rewards program, which is tops in the industry. The real-time odds for all the Caesars props are one click away. BetMGM, DraftKings, and PointsBet are also available to choose from.

Whichever major sportsbook you use, ParlayIQ has you covered with accurate pricing and bet availability. Let’s go over the top sportsbooks included in ParlayIQ and the latest promotions they are offering.

Final Thoughts on ParlayIQ for Same Game Parlays

Parlays, including same-game parlays, are all the rage these days. People have been trying to turn a little bit of money into a lot of money for centuries, so it makes sense that bettors have been flocking to parlay bets in states with legal online sports betting.

Our ParlayIQ tool is here to give you up-to-date +EV projections along with information and insight needed to cash same-game parlay bets at a much higher rate than average. We hope you like it.

Parlay IQ helps you create smart parlay wagers.