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Today's NBA Player Props

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NBA props are becoming ever more popular amongst basketball bettors, and for good reason. Prop bets aren’t only extremely entertaining but they’re one of the best ways to make money at online sportsbooks. Just ask our experts, like Grant Neiffer who won over $230K and finished 2nd place in the Sports Betting National Championship while picking player props.

Information on this page paired with our prop comparison tool will help you become a profitable NBA bettor, too.

What Are NBA Props?

NBA prop bets are bets on a specific statistical performance of a team or player. Whether a prop bet wins or loses is determined independent of the outcome of the game. The most common basketball props are NBA player props.

NBA Player Prop Examples & Types

Here are some of the statistical categories you can choose within player props:

  • Points
  • Three-pointers
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Steals
  • Points + Assists
  • Points + Rebounds
  • Points + Rebounds + Assists

  • LeBron James Over/Under 26 Points
  • Steph Over/Under 3.5 Three-Pointers
  • Chris Paul Over/Under 8 Assists
  • Rudy Gobert Over/Under 13.5 Rebounds

Additionally, you can bet Yes/No on whether players will record double-doubles and triple-doubles.

Why Bet NBA Props?

Prop bets are easier to beat than traditional wagers, but why? While there are hundreds of props to choose from on a given NBA slate, there are never more than 15 games that have a spread and over/under. Most of the betting volume at a sportsbook is on those traditional wagers. Much like financial markets, the more liquid a betting market is the more efficient it is, and vice versa. Oddsmakers allocate their time accordingly and focus on spreads and totals while neglecting player props, which have less volume. This leads to some major +EV (expected value) opportunities for astute sports bettors.

How To Win Money On Props

Winning money betting NBA player props is made easy when you utilize Scores And Odds’ tools and resources. Here at Scores And Odds, we deliver three key things that give you an edge against the house:

  • Prop Comparison Tool (Free)
  • NBA Player Prop Projections (Premium)
  • Expert Picks (Premium)

Prop Comparison Tool

As we stress throughout our content, arguably the most important factor to winning long term is to make it a habit to find the best odds available. See, props aren’t necessarily identical from one sportsbook the next, and finding the best line is often the difference between a winner and a loser. Why wager on a player to score over 24.5 points when you can bet on them to score over 23.5 points?

Before using our prop comparison tool, bettors would have sign into each sportsbook and compare the lines one by one. This takes time and, unfortunately, these prop lines move quickly. Sometimes by the time you check each sportsboo, the line has already changed and your edge is gone! Short of actually losing a bet this is one of the worst feelings a sports bettor cane have — our edges are small and can’t go to waste.

Luckily this page does all the hard work for you, saving you both time and money. A one-stop shop for your prop-betting needs, the props comparison tool (see above) pulls data from our favorite sportsbooks and shows you where to place your bet.


Finding the best line is certainly important, but so too is having accurate projections. That’s where Scores and Odds Premium comes in. Remember what we discussed earlier, that oddsmakers have a difficult time maintaining efficient player prop lines because they have spreads and totals, among other things, to focus on. But do you know who can stay on top of props? A team of basketball betting experts. With the help of our friends from RotoGrinders, we provide player projections starting early in the morning and update them in real time throughout the day as any relevant news breaks. Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll see on our prop pages as a Premium subscriber:

Our projections have Nikola Jokic and scoring just over 32 points and Mike Conley scoring 16, differing significantly from the prop lines — 27.5 and 12.5, respectively — that we see at sportsbooks. This suggests there’s an edge to betting the over on these two players for this particular game.

These basketball projections are the best in the industry, helping fantasy players and bettors win six-figure checks.

Expert Picks

On top of projections, Premium subscribers get specific picks from our team of sports betting experts, along with their reasoning and methodology behind each bet.

Scores And Odds will send you notifications when our experts post their picks so that you can act quickly and get the same line before anything changes.

More NBA Prop Betting Tips

Here are some final tips from our very own Grant Neiffer that should help you start your prop betting journey the right way:

Props have easily been my most profitable way of making money betting sports. If you’re looking to get into basketball props in particular, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

Volume – Looking at a box score and seeing how many points a guy has scored isn’t as helpful as most people think. Looking at actual shot volume and regressing the player to his mean shooting percentage, however, is more likely to help you pick out player props.

Pace – Another thing to consider when you are trying to figure out whether to bet the over/under on a prop is the pace of previous games compared to the expected pace of the matchup at hand.

Blowouts – While blowouts aren’t always easy predict, it’s certainly worth making an educated guess and speculating on when deciding to bet on player props. In most blowouts, a significant amount props for starters are going to hit the under as they likely won’t get much playing time down the stretch. Keeping this in mind is important when you look at someone’s game log and think ‘the over has hit on this number five games in a row, no way it doesn’t hit in this gam.’ If the game has a 15-point spread that’s likely the reason why the number is so low.

While there’s a plethora of other variables that go into betting and researching NBA player props, these are some of the quickest and easiest ways to gain an edge on NBA prop betting.