Game Lines (3)
KC @ STL Spread
6% +1.5 -160 94% -1.5 +135 Enter a custom value for this pick
KC @ STL Total
98% o8.5 -120 2% u8.5 even Enter a custom value for this pick
KC @ STL Moneyline
20% +125 80% -150
Team Total (2)
KC Team Total
--% o3.5 -140 --% u3.5 +105 Enter a custom value for this pick
STL Team Total
--% o4.5 -110 --% u4.5 -120 Enter a custom value for this pick

Boxscore Simulations

-- of -- simulations match (--%)

ParlayIQ is a simulation tool used to estimate the probability of certain game outcomes. As such, the tool should be used for informational purposes only and in no way presents guarantees of any particular results or success. Please note: although we give our best to ensure that all information used is accurate, simulations may not contain the most up-to-date data.


Based on all simulations, these are the picks that are most likely to cover





Player Name Prop Type
50% o10 -110

Pick percentage is the percentage of simulations where that pick hits, given your selections and filters.

Picks highlighted with X% EV are picks with a postive profit margin over time.


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