NBA Top Trends


Heat are 7-3 (70%) in over bets in their Last 10 Games as Underdog for 3.36 total units won

NBA Betting Trends

Sports betting lines are very efficient in professional sports like the NBA and the NFL, making it a difficult endeavor for gamblers to profit long-term. However, success can be found using unique betting angles within NBA Betting Trends.

A couple of seasons ago, the Golden State Warriors were notoriously bad against the 1Q spread but seemingly unstoppable in the 3Q. While some bettors may have written this trend off as noise, others recognized that this NBA trend actually made sense. At the time, the Golden State Warriors were in command of the Western Conference, taking a lackadaisical approach early in games and then revving their engines in the second half, where they would eventually cruise to victory. The Warriors were also taking outside shots at one of the highest rates in the NBA, thus it took a little bit of time to find their groove. The Warriors’ outside shooters — Curry specifically — would score more efficiently as games progressed and they found their rhythm

Other NBA Betting Trends show how a team may perform on the end of a back-to-back. A team with a large veteran presence might underperform when they play two nights in a row, either because of the fatigue factor or because their coach is more willing to put their star veteran players on a minutes restriction on the second night.

Our own sports betting experts like Notorious (Derek Farnsworth) use trends to make their daily Premium Picks. For totals, Noto likes to look at projected pace and defensive ratings. For spreads, he says “it’s more of a feel thing,” but primarily focuses on point differential, home/road splits, and if the teams are playing in a back-to-back.