Grant Neiffer Interviews the DraftKings Sports Betting Champion’s own Grant Neiffer took third place in the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship, turning a $5K bankroll into over $230K. But it was Tyler Smith who won the grand prize, walking away with almost $1.17 Million.

Grant and Tyler sat down to discuss their different strategies, what they bet and why, and how they kept their eyes on each others’ moves throughout the tournament.

Grant (geneiffer07) Neiffer has economics and accounting degrees from Azusa Pacific University and now turns his analytical skills toward picking winning bets for ScoresAndOdds Picks. His winning streaks through this baseball season have already become legendary in the sports betting community. Grant recently placed 3rd in the DraftKings National Sports Betting Championship, turning a $5000 bankroll into $234,000 in betting profits and prize money. He can frequently be found on GrindersLive shows and podcasts and producing written expert analysis for

Tyler Smith is a sports betting advisor and, along with his brother Micah, operates