Pittsburgh Steelers Player Props & Odds

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HOU Away team @ PIT Home team Fri 8/9 7:00pm ET
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There are no props listed for Pittsburgh Steelers in this game.

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Historical Props

PIT Away team @ BUF Home team Mon 1/15 5:30pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
PIT Away team @ BAL Home team Sat 1/6 5:30pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
PIT Away team @ SEA Home team Sun 12/31 5:05pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
CIN Away team @ PIT Home team Sat 12/23 5:30pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
PIT Away team @ IND Home team Sat 12/16 5:30pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
NE Away team @ PIT Home team Thu 12/7 9:15pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
ARI Away team @ PIT Home team Sun 12/3 2:00pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
PIT Away team @ CIN Home team Sun 11/26 2:00pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
PIT Away team @ CLE Home team Sun 11/19 2:00pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual
GB Away team @ PIT Home team Sun 11/12 2:00pm ET
Consensus Line Over Under Actual

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NFL Props Explained

NFL props have become increasingly popular among football bettors. "Prop" is short for "proposition," and these bets ask you to wager on specific occurrences or non-occurrences within a game, rather than the final outcome or score.

Unlike traditional bets where you're picking a winner, betting against the spread or on the point total, prop bets focus on a specific game statistic or particular player performance metric.

For our purposes, this is a player prop page so we're focused on a player's performance relative to his personal player props for his next game.

Why Bet on NFL Player Props?

The allure of prop bets is that they often bring an additional layer of engagement to the game-watching experience, but even better, they also present some of the biggest edges. In other words, NFL player props are often the most beatable lines you can find on sports betting apps.

NFL player props can range from something as straightforward as "Will Player X score a touchdown?" to more intricate scenarios like "How many yards will Quarterback Y throw for in the first quarter?"

There are hundreds if not thousands of player props available every week during this NFL season. These detailed propositions allow bettors to utilize their insights about teams, strategies, and individual player capabilities in a nuanced manner to make profitable wagers.

There's also breaking news, including impactful injury reports and weather forecasts, that can impact player usage and opportunity.

Our expert handicappers special in player props for his very season, and have consistent success doing so.

How to Bet on Player Props

At most sportsbooks, you can view player props by navigating the site menu. You can also usually view all of the player props from a specific game by clicking the team matchup on the homepage featuring upcoming games.

From there, you can click on what type of player props you're looking for — passing props, rushing props, receiving props, etc.

Next, find the player and statistic you want to bet on, click either over or under, and enter the amount you want to wager.

As for prop betting tips:

  • Shop various sportsbooks for the best player props. Save time by using the odds comparison tool at the top of this page.
  • Stay on top of important news regarding injuries and weather — both of which can impact game flow and player opportunities.
  • Sign up for SAO Premium to unlock the Prop Model, plus dozens of player prop picks every week from our expert handicappers.

Top NFL Player Prop Sites & Apps

So you're ready to start prop betting? You can see the current line and odds for each player prop at the top of this page. Additionally, below are our top NFL player prop betting sites and apps:

  • Fanatics Sportsbook: Fanatics is the newest sportsbook to launch in the U.S., and provides player props for every game. Check out the current Fanatics Sportsbook promo code.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: FanDuel has quickly become the most popular sports betting app in the U.S., in large part due to their excellent same-game parlay product which you can partake in by combining multiple player props from a single game. You can also use our FanDuel promo code to get access to some bonus bets.
  • bet365: bet365 has a rich history in the sports betting industry, and now provides a robust menu of player props to its U.S. customers. Sign up with our bet365 bonus code today.