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Available to bettors in New Jersey, Indiana, Iowa, Colorado and Illinois.
Verified 01/19/2021
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PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Code

Australia-based bookmaker PointsBet has been making significant waves in the U.S. online betting market since its 2019 debut in New Jersey. Featuring a top-tier mobile app equipped with a full complement of betting markets, plus exclusive features like PointsBetting, it is expected to contend for a top market share throughout the country.

This is your catch-all summary for all things PointsBet. Learn about bonuses, our PointsBet promo code SAOBONUS, state eligibility, registration, deposits, and more. We’ve got you covered.

PointsBet Promo Code

PointsBet currently offers the same bonus in each state that it operates. Using our PointsBet promo code will yield up to a $250 deposit bonus. The offer is tiered and the bonus amount depends on how much you deposit. All refunds will be awarded in the form of free bets. Here are the three bonus tiers:

Up to $250 Deposit Bonus, and a $25 Free Bonus Bet(This is a tiered deposit bonus: Deposit $50, Bet With $150, Deposit $150, Bet With $300, Deposit $250, Bet With $500) More detail

1.Deposit $50, Bet With $150

With our PointsBet promo code, if you deposit $50, you’ll instantly be able to bet with $150.

2. Deposit $150, Bet With $300

The exclusive PointsBet promo code yields the ability to bet with $300 total when you deposit $300.

3.Deposit $250, Bet With $500

If you deposit $250 using our PointsBet sportsbook promo code, you’ll instantly have $500 in your account to bet with.

PointsBet has added a few restrictions on who can access the bonus, so make sure if you live with family or friends that you’re not in violation. Mainly, it only permits one bonus per person, account, household, residence, address, internet connection (IP address), computer, mobile device, or payment method (credit card tied to a bank account).

  • Use Code: SAOBONUS
  • Innovative PointsBetting
  • NJ, CO, IL, IN and IA

Creating a PointsBet Account

Creating your PointsBet online sports betting account only takes a few seconds.

Funding and Withdrawing from a PointsBet Sportsbook Account

Once you’re logged-in, there’s a red ‘Deposit Now’ button in the top right corner of the sportsbook where you can easily fund your account. Accepted methods will be different in each state, but will generally have some overlap. Expect to see:

In states where PointsBet operates a retail sportsbook you can deposit and withdraw in person at the casino cage. You never have to worry about the security of your funds, if you need your money you can drive over and get it.

As mentioned above, available methods will be dependent on your location. The best way to see what’s available is to load up the PointsBet website, or the mobile app, and visit the cashier.

Betting Options on PointsBet Online Sportsbook

You’ve got an account. You’ve got money to wager. Now it’s time to get involved in the action. PointsBet highlights the most popular games to bet on under its ‘Featured’ tab. It will show you the spread, total, and moneyline options first. If you click directly on the event you’ll see a wealth of other options though, so be sure to look around until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

PointsBet uses a collapsible menu on the left side of the screen to display its betting markets. Once you’ve pinpointed the right bet(s), simply select it and you’ll see it appear on your slip. Add numerous wagers to take part in multi-bet options like parlays. When ready, hit the ‘PLACE BET’ button at the bottom of the betting slip to book it.


PointsBetting, the wager that gives the sportsbook its name, is a revolutionary way to bet on sports. While its a high risk option, it has the potential for massive payouts, truly delivering a high reward.

When PointsBetting you first declare the amount you want as your “stake”. For example, let’s say you’ve chosen $10. Each “unit” or point for the bet will then be worth $10. If the over/under for an NFL QB’s yardage was set at 300 yards, and you took the over, you would earn $10 for every yard that the QB throws for in excess of 300. If they end the game with 325 yards, you’d earn $10 (stake) x 25 yards (unit) = $250. 

Unfortunately it works in reverse, too. If the QB threw for just 275 yards, you would then be responsible for paying $250. PointsBetting offers the potential for big wins, and big losses… but rest assured bettors are engaged until the final whistle because every point, and every play counts.

Our exclusive PointsBet Promo Code SAOBONUS allows for a risk free PointsBetting wager worth up to $100. Don’t miss out.

PointsBet Sportsbook Active States and General Information

PointsBet has its sights set on conquering the legal sports betting market within the United States. The first mobile PointsBet experience went live in New Jersey on February 27, 2019, as a skin on the Meadowlands Racetrack license. Since then both online and retail sportsbooks have debuted in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

State AvailablePromo CodeBonusRetail PartnerOnline Launch
New JerseySAOBONUSGET BONUSMeadowlands Racetrack (skin)Feb. 2019
IowaSAOBONUSGET BONUSCatfish Bend CasinoNov. 2019
IndianaSAOBONUSGET BONUSHollywood Casino LawrenceburgMar. 4, 2020
IllinoisSAOBONUSGET BONUSHawthorne Race CourseSep. 12, 2020
ColoradoSAOBONUSGET BONUSDouble Eagle Hotel and CasinoNov. 19, 2020
MichiganCOMING SOONGET BONUSNorthern Waters CasinoTBD

State-to-State Differences

While PointsBet offers a very similar sports betting product in each state that it operates, there are some small details that differ that we’ll summarize for you here.

New Jersey

PointsBet operates in New Jersey as a skin on the Meadowlands Racetrack gaming license, however, it is not the official brick-and-mortar sportsbook sponsor on site – that honor goes to FanDuel. This means that you cannot deposit to your PointsBet account in person, at the Meadowlands Racetrack. You can withdraw there, though.

In NJ you can’t wager on in-state college teams, or any college sports being held in the state. Unfortunately this includes any NCAA tournament action or college bowl games that are hosted within New Jersey.


Iowa initially launched with an in-person registration requirement, but as of January 1, 2021, that is a thing of the past. Remote registration is now available anywhere you can connect to the internet via your computer or mobile device.

In addition, Iowa does not permit in-game props on college sports, or any individual sports with participants under 18.


Similar to New Jersey, in the state of Illinois sportsbooks are not permitted to offer action on in-state college teams. Northwestern, the Illini, etc., won’t be found on betting sheets.

Hawthorne Race Course is PointsBet’s partner within the state, where a retail betting facility is also available.


Colorado does not have many restrictions on what you can bet on. Betting on drafts, award shows and all your favorite sports is fair game. The only restriction of note is that prop bets on college sports are not allowed in Colorado.

From Browser to App

PointsBet accepts online wagers through both browsers and its modern mobile app, and generally speaking there’s not much difference between the two. The mobile app has been optimized to work on a smaller screen, and offers a very similar, equally user-friendly experience. The Android app can be downloaded directly from the PointsBet website, while iOS users can find PointsBet right in the App store.

When running the PointsBet app you’ll be required to permit it access to the internal GPS chip on your device, so that it can confirm that you are physically located in a state with legal online sports betting. Similarly, browser-based bettors will have to install a plugin on their computer to serve the same function.

PointsBet Sportsbook FAQ

What is the PointsBet sportsbook welcome bonus?

Our exclusive PointsBet welcome bonus is a tiered offer up to $250. Deposit $50, bet with $150; deposit $150, bet with $300; or deposit $250, bet With $500.

What is our PointsBet promo code?
When registering, be sure to use our exclusive PointsBet promo code SAOBONUS to lock up the risk free bets.

Is PointsBet legal?

Yes! PointsBet only accepts bets in states that have legalized sports betting. PointsBet is a fully licensed operation.

Is my money safe on PointsBet?

Your money is 100% safe with PointsBet. Unlike offshore books that may raise questions, PointsBet has been vetted by the regulatory body in each state that it operates. Betting with PointsBet is no different than doing so at a casino on the strip in Las Vegas.

What kind of customer support is available?

PointsBet’s customer service is really easy to access. If using a browser, scroll to the bottom of your page and select either ‘Help’, ‘Email Us’ or ‘Live Chat’ from the list of options in the footer. Within the app the same options are available, you just need to call up the main menu and take a look below the available betting markets.

What options are available for those that suffer from gambling addiction?

Look for the ‘Responsible Gaming’ link at the bottom of the sportsbook homepage to pull up a full list of resources. From useful guidelines, to people you can speak with, to voluntary account closure. PointsBet is committed to keeping its bettors safe, and is ready and willing to assist.