We Have a Brand New Look!

Welcome, Scores and Odds fans and bettors!

First, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for the loyalty you’ve shown the Scores and Odds brand over the years. We’re extremely grateful for your support and we appreciate you.

Next, you may have realized the Scores and Odds website has a brand new look! We’re writing this page for you, our users and visitors, to explain why the site looks different, what has changed, and why we we decided to do this overhaul now.

New Features on Scores and Odds

The first thing you’ll notice about the new-look Scores and Odds is that we’ve made some additions. Many of the new features we’ve added are in direct response to the quickly-evolving landscape of legal wagering in the United States. With more states regulating and launching online sports betting, we decided it was time to begin covering this burgeoning market so Scores and Odds users are completely informed about the various new sportsbook options and where they are available.

You can check out our main hub for the legal online betting market by clicking here or on the link in the far right of the main navigation menu:

Online Sports Betting Example

Odds Comparison Pages

One of the new features we’re most excited about is our sports-specific odds comparison pages. These pages will compare the odds for totals, spreads and moneylines across the largest legal U.S. sportsbooks so our users can easily line shop and find the best value.

You can find the odds comparison page for each sport in the navigation menu under the sport tab:

Here’s an example of what the odds comparison tool looks like for a full list of games:

Odds Table Full

And here’s where the tool can come in handy, when there are distinctly different values between the sportsbooks for moneyline, total and spread:


You can even use the tool to take you directly to the online sportsbook that offers the best value by clicking the BET NOW button on the line you want to book:

Bet Now

Daily Odds Pages

For each sport, there is a homepage of sorts, which offers you an easy way to find the info that matters most to you, and to print the day’s schedule for each individual sport. These daily odds pages and schedules will always be the first link under the sport tab.

Here’s an example:

Daily Odds

Online Sportsbook Pages

As the legal U.S. betting market expands, more online sportsbooks will become available to bettors and fans in a wider range of locations. We want to ensure our users are up to speed about the best online sportsbooks and, more importantly, the best available bonuses and promo codes.

Our online sports betting area (referenced above) is already populated with a number of sportsbook pages, and we’ll continue to add more as they become available.

Here’s an example of what our DraftKings Sportsbook page looks like:


Other New Features

Some other new features you might find useful are:

But Where’s My Stuff?

We understand that change is sometimes difficult. But it doesn’t always have to be, and we’ve tried to keep Scores and Odds as useful and helpful as possible.

With that said, some of the tools and pages you’re used to using have changed a little bit. Here’s how:

Line Movements

The complete history of line movements for a given matchup can be found in GAME DETAILS:

Game Details

Once you click on game details, you can find the full history by selecting LINE MOVEMENTS:

Boxscores and Previews/Recaps

Boxscores, previews and recaps can now be found by clicking on MATCHUP:


Betting Trends/Statistical Analysis

For all your betting trends needs and to find out which side of the bet the money is coming in on, use the following URL:

If you’re looking more for statistical betting analysis, this is the URL you want:

These URLs can both be found in the site’s main navigation:

Betting Trends


This post is meant to be a living, breathing guide to the new website and we’ll add more information to it as time goes on. If you have any feedback about the new Scores and Odds, want to ask a question, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know!