Parlay IQ Picks: Drizzy’s Monday Night Football Single Game Parlay Betslip (KC vs. LV)

Our NFL betting expert is backing a same game parlay on FanDuel for tonight's game.
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NFL betting expert Andre Alford (drizzy26) uses the new ScoresAndOdds ParlayIQ tool to create a same game parlay for the Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Raiders.

Today’s AFC West clash will feature there Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders.

Kansas City will aim to keep momentum on its side, while the Raiders are essentially already in win-now mode after a very poor start to the 2022 campaign.

Let’s take a look at the same game parlay that our guy Andre is cooking up on FanDuel for Monday Night Football.

Free Monday Night Football SGP Picks: Chiefs vs. Raiders

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“I think he can definitely achieve that today, especially with Hunter Renfrow being back. Both these teams are easier to attack in the passing game, which is what I was focusing on here,” Drizzy said.

“He hasn’t gotten in the end zone yet, but I think he can definitely get some targets in that slot, get the yardage and achieve the goal today,” said Dre.

“Coming back from injury since the concussion he suffered a few weeks ago. I think Renfrow definitely gets over 43.5 – he had 10 targets in the last game that he played.”

“And then we have the one and only, Travis Kelce, to keep doing his thing and go over 72.5 receiving yards. He has Patty Mahomes as his quarterback and I think he hits this number today.”

“They’ll continue to assert their dominance in the AFC. This SGP is valued at +1566 via Parlay IQ, but if you log into FanDuel, it’s offered at +1848. Get your picks in before the value goes down and it’s too late.”