NBA Vegas Odds

511 PHOSuns40-16
512 MILBucks35-21
513 SASpurs27-28
514 INDPacers26-30
515 MEMGrizzlies29-26
516 DENNuggets36-20
Odds Comparison
MGM Caesars W. Hill Hilton Stations
u234.5 u233.5 u233.5 u234
-3 -3 -3 -3
u228 u228 u228
-5 -5 -5

NHL Vegas Odds

35 CARHurricanes29-14
36 TBLightning29-15
37 CBJBlue Jackets15-31
38 FLAPanthers28-17
39 DETRed Wings16-30
40 DALStars17-26
41 CHIBlackhawks21-24
42 NASPredators24-22
43 MINWild27-16
44 ARICoyotes20-25
45 OTTSenators15-30
46 CGYFlames19-25
47 MONCanadiens19-23
48 EDMOilers26-17
49 SJSharks18-26
50 VEGGolden Knights31-13
Odds Comparison
MGM Caesars W. Hill Hilton Stations
u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5
-115 -120 -120 -120 -125
o5.5 o5.5 o5.5 o5.5 o5.5
-235 -230 -230 -220 -240
u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5
-235 -230 -230 -230 -250
u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5 u5.5
-150 -140 -140 -135 -140
-150 -145 -145 -140 -145
o5.5 o5.5 o5.5 o5.5 o5.5
u6 u6 u6 u6 u6
-220 -210 -210 -205 -220
u6 u6 u6 u6 u6
-135 -130 -130 -125 -130

MLB Vegas Odds

951 STLCardinalsJ. Flaherty (R)
952 WSHNationalsJ. Ross (R)
953 SFGiantsK. Gausman (R)
954 PHIPhilliesC. Anderson (R)
955 MILBrewersB. Woodruff (R)
956 SDPadresJ. Musgrove (R)
957 CHWWhite SoxL. Giolito (R)
958 BOSRed SoxN. Eovaldi (R)
959 TBRaysJ. Fleming (L)
960 KCRoyalsD. Duffy (L)
961 TEXRangersK. Arihara (R)
962 LAAAngelsD. Bundy (R)
965 LADDodgersD. May (R)
966 SEAMarinersJ. Sheffield (L)
Odds Comparison
MGM Caesars W. Hill Hilton Stations
-125 -119 -119 -115 -115
o8 o8 o8 u8 o8
-110 -113 -113 -110 -110
o8.5 o8.5 o8.5 o8.5 o8.5
u7 u7 u7 u7 o7
-145 -148 -148 -150 -140
-120 -121 -121 -120 -110
o8 o8 o8 o8 o8
-215 -200 -200 -190 -200
o8 o8 o8 o8 o8

Las Vegas Odds Information

Want to win today? This page is a one-stop-shop for all serious and recreational sports bettors. Here we combine betting odds from Las Vegas sportsbooks for all major sports with valuable stats, betting trends, profitable angles and our best bets for today.

Have you ever wondered what side the public is betting and what side the sharps are on? With our betting trends, we’ll show you pivotal betting data aggregated from some of the most popular Las Vegas sportsbooks. The data includes betting percentages for each side of the point spread (or run-line/puck-line), moneyline, and total (also known as the Over/Under known. Find out how to read lines, visit our FAQ page, or if you’re interested in mobile wagering, visit our online sports betting section to find out where you can get the best available bonuses, promotions and free money.

This information will help you discover why a line is moving a particular direction as you determine whether you want to log in to online sports betting sites to lock in your bet now or wait for more line movement. Once you’re ready to bet on today’s games, head to our NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF or NCAAB odds comparison pages to find which legal US sportsbook has the best odds for your particular bet(s).

If you find multiple betting trends or profitable angles you like, maybe you can put our parlay calculator to use.

Important Sports Betting Terms

  • Side: The side is the Point Spread (a bet “against the spread”) or in baseball, the Run-Line, and in hockey, the Puck-Line.
  • Money: This is the “Moneyline” bet where sportsbooks adjust the price of the wager instead of using a point spread to handicap a sports matchup. Moneylines are more popular for MLB and NHL betting.
  • Total: The total is also known as the Over/Under, where the wager is based on the combined score for both teams, overtime and extra innings included.